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Taiwan valve, a new type of explosion proof valve

The new pressure reducing valve is mainly sold in Taiwan, Hongkong, the outlet pressure is 5.0KP, solved the problem of the past 2.8KP customer reaction small firepower. Explosion proof switch with watch band solves the problem that a lot of gas bottles don't go into the roof. The explosion-proof function is that when the gas pipe is disengaged or burst, or the mouse bites the pipe, the pressure valve is shut off for the first time to protect the safety of your whole life and the whole life. Explosion proof pressure valve before use, first open the gas cylinder, then press the explosion-proof switch.

discount 70% in 2018-09-22 to 2018-09-24
price: USD$ 31.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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2 pieces of stainless steel pipe clip and 2 pressure reducing valve aprons are purchased

Three characteristics of Hung Hung pressure reducing valve:

One) 100% bottle empty power to achieve O waste

General valve ordinary can not run out of a bottle of confidence, so we usually cook when no gas, but shake the bottle or some, then take charge is really too wasted. And we can help you put the valve will all run out of a bottle of bottle bottom, save a few dollars a year can help you save a lot of gas fee. So buy a good pressure reducing valve has such advantages, such a good thing, why do we not?It.

Two) stable air pressure performance

According to the authority investigation, now the market has 80% of gas pressure reducing valve is not qualified, gently did not use for a long time on the bad, not too much pressure is too small pressure, instability of the flame, there is no decompression situation, using these things is really responsible for you. And our explosion-proof valve is ISO9001 through the quality and safety certification products, production license number XK21-006-00052. The gas pressure 5.0KP is about twice as much as that of the 2.8KP fire relief valve. The flow 1.2m3/h has stable pressure performance and high safety performance. It is suitable for all brands of household water heaters and gas stoves.

Three) explosion-proof, leak proof, high safety performance

This is the ronics explosion-proof pressure valve is the most valuable place, perhaps for many people the word explosion is very strange, is when the gas pipe aging caused by loose or give a mouse chewed up the gas pipe explosion or gas pipe, the valve to turn off the gas for the first time, don't let the gas leakage, and protect your home safety. So, for your and your family's safety, please use the genuine crown LPG decompression valve, the use of explosion-proof switch is opened the gas bottle first, then press the explosion-proof switch can be used.