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The United States Kirkland Syria calcium citrate and calcium magnesium zinc Calcium +D+K calcium 500mg250 particle

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 [name] English:Kirkland Calcium Citrate with 500mg of Calcium, Vitamin D3, Magnesium & Zinc


[method] taking:everyday2Capsules with meals

[origin] products:U.S.A

[main ingredients]:each2The particle content of calcium-500mgVitamin.D3800I.U.,VitaminB6-10mgZinc.-10mg,magnesium-80mgCopper.-1mgMn.-1mgB.-1mg 

In general, organic acid calcium salt than inorganic acid salt with high bioavailability;

Citric acid calcium absorption rate than calcium carbonate in calcareous;

Has nothing to do with the level of gastric acid calcium absorption of calcium citrate, so the biological utilization rate is very high;

The absorption of calcium in the past that single ion absorption, is a form of calcium citrate complex absorption mechanism;

Different calcium citrate and calcium source, it is only a limited effect of other minerals, including iron, absorption;

Calcium salt of citric acid can promote the absorption of zinc. 

Use of calcium citrate not only because of its high absorption rate, but also because it is based on the absorption mechanism of calcium citrate complexes to form of other minerals, including iron, to absorb the impact of co.. So the selection of calcium citrate as calcium fortifier, calcium influence iron absorption can be smoothly done or easily solved the problem


 To promote healthy bones and teeth, reduce the risk for osteoporosis, muscle contraction.

1.This product is specially added vitaminDandB6Zinc and copper, magnesium and boron. For daily calcium, physical fitness, maintain the vitality, the price is low, more easily absorbed. The preferred calcium, no!

2.The main effect of calcium citrate:The metabolism of calcium and the structure of the human body, and is the ionization soluble structure, higher absorption rate. It can promote healthy bones and teeth, reduce the risk for osteoporosis, muscle contraction.

3.Add magnesium:

The pivotal role of magnesium in the body is in the process of The new supersedes the old., all human growth process, as an important material, bone cells, RNA, DNA, heart and biofilm formation. The body there are hundreds of different enzymes need magnesium. Magnesium and calcium supplement, can effectively prevent and improve osteoporosis, strengthen bones and teeth, not involved in calcium magnesium, its effect is poor. Magnesium helps blood circulation and relieve nerves, maintain normal muscle(Including myocardial)And neural activity. Magnesium can also prevent the formation of liver, gallbladder, kidney stones in the body, and to reduce the chance of soft tissue calcification.

Magnesium is generated in the control switch when the crisis of bone calcium into the blood.Magnesium; can relax vascular system, is an important ion to maintain cardiac contraction, can reduce blood pressure, reduce**The rate of sudden death patients. 

Magnesium can diastolic gallbladder sphincter, increase bile, the gallbladder emptying easily, and to ensure that the bile emulsified dietary fat, fat and fat soluble vitamins absorbed by human body. Magnesium absorbed slowly in the intestinal tract, can promote intestinal moisture retention and increase stool volume, improve constipation.

Human protein synthesis cannot do without magnesium,DNAThe transcription and translation also cannot do without magnesium, it can activate a variety of enzymes involved in the metabolism of nutrient substances three.

4.Add zinc:

Zinc is a trace element in the human body, the content and daily intake requirements are minimal, but the development and generation function, germ cells can play a pivotal role in the body, so it isThe spark of lifeandHarmonious marriageCalled. 

The body's normal zinc content for2-3G. Most organizations have a very small amount of zinc distribution, the content of liver, muscle and bone in high. Zinc is the main component in dozens of enzymes. Zinc also related to brain development and intelligence. An American University found that smart, learning a good young people, the body volume zinc were higher than the dull. Zinc also promote lymphocyte proliferation and activity of the role in maintaining normal epithelial and mucosal tissues, against bacteria, viruses, promote wound healing, reduce acne and other skin lesions, and correction of taste failure and so on are magical.

Talk about the absorption of calcium:

Calcium deficiency can cause the following symptoms: vital teeth, tooth decay, children's growth is slow, muscle cramps, brittle nails, palpitations, nervous tension, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, insomnia, hand leg numbness, rickets, osteoporosis, fracture, and accelerated skin aging etc..

The biggest problem is the use of calcium absorption rate difference.,Low utilization rate. Research shows that the calcium absorption rate is higher for organic calcium, such as calcium citrate, calcium metabolism due to structure of the human body and the like, and?Grab a cystineThe fan benzyl Mao TerrierabsorbChapter 2 fine foldYun wants to travel iridium tiplivingHong, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, boron, to accelerate calcium absorption and utilization. 

Excessive use of inorganic calcium carbonate can increase the risk of kidney stones,The opposite is,Citric acid calcium can reduce urinary oxalate,The content of calcium phosphate,In order to prevent kidney stone crystal formation.

[suitable crowd]

1.The immediate family in patients with osteoporosis, ever use of hormone**The disease, lack of regular exercise of people.

2.Calcium deficiency groups (Yaosuanbeiteng, leg cramps, hyperosteogeny, lumbar disc herniation, spinal disease, scapulohumeral periarthritis, numbness, severe hair loss, premature tooth or tooth root loosening, spinal stenosis, height loss, age-related muscle atrophy).

3.Calcium does not contain sucrose ingredient, and contains a variety of valuable elements, very beneficial coordination for patients with diabetes mellitus;

4.Calcium can significantly promote the proliferation and development of bone cells, increase bone thickness and fracture toughness, especially on bone fracture healing and significant effect, shorten the healing time of bone fracture.

Storage method:At room temperature, light, moisture, placed out of the reach of children.