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Taiwan Dabao TOSG lengthened Ti extrusion screw tap machine tap M1.2M2M2.5M3M4M5M6M8M10

Surface treatment: application of titanium material: alloy steel, carbon steel, zinc plate, iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials of Taiwan Dabao TOSG lengthened Ti extrusion screw tap machine tap extension 80L100L150L

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The following is a detailed description of baby:

Extrusionscrewtap / Ti / extrusionscrewtap oxidation extrusion Taps

Surface treatment: TiN (titanium dioxide treatment)? General purpose? Material wide? Longer than uncoated tool life 3 to 8 times? Faster than uncoated tool feed speed
Product material: HSSECo8% (high speed steel containing cobalt) material characteristics: suitable for cutting temperature rise need to soften the situation. The addition of cobalt in steel provides the ability to maintain its "thermal hardness". High thermal hardness can be used to process difficult materials, such as nickel base, titanium and high alloy steel.
Product features: 1.: effective tapping depth is less than 3.5 * D (D tap diameter) 2. extrusion cone: 2 x P (tap guiding teeth for 2 teeth) geometry: single oil tank +3

3. taps can be processed materials: high performance pan electrolytic chips, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper / aluminum alloy are applicable, especially in the processing of stainless steel thread, the number of other brands of commonly used acidification treatment series of products 3-4 times

P pointed, food paid 4 mountains!
B flat head, food paid 2 mountains!
Applicable material: copper, iron, aluminum, iron 1215 iron 1214 car, environmental protection, Nippon Steel and other materials processing!
Extrusion tap is the use of metal plastic deformation principle and internal thread processing of a new type of thread cutting tools, thread extrusion extrusion Taps is a chipless machining process, especially suitable for low strength, good plasticity and copper alloy Aluminum Alloy, can also be used for stainless steel and low carbon steel, low hardness, large plastic materials tapping, long life. The thread surface of the thread extruded by extruding tap is high, the metal fiber of the thread is not broken, and a cold layer is formed on the surface, which can improve the strength and wear resistance of the thread. It fundamentally solves the problem of chip removal in tapping, because of no chips, more conducive to the assembly of threads. Remarkable improvement in performance
Extrusion tapping overview of extrusion tapping refers to the machining of internal threads without chips. The extrusion tap for extrusion tapping is a tool with inlet taper and polygonal cross section. This tool has multiple functions, suitable for processing almost all different thread underport.
Extrusion Taps (NRT) extrusion Taps and cutting different point without cutting discharge as its characteristics of teeth, and the internal thread processing surface pressure created beautiful appearance. Smooth. Material wire continuous no cutting, thread strength increased by about 30%, the precision is stable, because of the extrusion screw tap core diameter is large, therefore endurance torsion strength, long life is not easy to break the wire tapping. Materials with great extensibility. Iron plate, copper plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate and tube processing.

The following is a detailed description of baby:

TOSG extrusion wire tapping


Material: HSS-E (high speed steel containing cobalt)

System: metric

Tooth type: long tooth type

Surface treatment: Ti

Application materials: alloy steel, carbon steel, zinc plate, iron plate, copper plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate and other materials

Other instructions: RH-P of which RH4 is the precision (tolerance) of this product, P represents the product is sharp point, usually suitable for through hole attack, B represents the product is flat head, usually suitable for blind hole attack.

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