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Japan DAISO is a direct mail purchasing puff makeup brush cleaning agent cleaning agent 80ml

discount 70% in 2018-09-20 to 2018-09-22
price: USD$ 11.20
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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[shop introduction]

Shopkeepers have been in Japan for 10 years and are still living in japan. All the goods in the store are purchased by the buyer, the owner to the counter to buy, to ensure absolutely fresh. And then send it directly to all buyers from Japan without any transshipment. Please feel free to buy.


[commodity introduction]


Natural vegetable oils, emulsifiers, surfactants, etc.. Fragrance free, colorless!

Before I saw women, I had the greatest collection of words.. If the first half will not wash puff than the toilet at home is dirty two times!
Essential makeup every day MM need to use the powder puff, sponges, they will be above the billions of bacteria multiply,
With the mixed powder makeup, face sebum, sweat, your puff is a bacteria breeding base.
A big puff cleaner is a good helper puff clean.
The washing material as the main body, can make puff after washing at the contact face.
Sterilization, deodorization, fragrance free, no coloring. Wash clean and do not hurt or puff brush when dry, clean as new,
General puff or cosmetic brush for a long time, the above bacteria will be very much, so the cleaning agent can be said to be good oh ~ essential makeup crowd
A very good puff with special cleaning agent, can be used for make-up sponge puff, daily cleaning brush out, cheap and easy to use, cost-effective!

Basically, the summer about one or two weeks once. It's good to be good every week, but it's too lazy to do it once a week for 2 weeks! Because the summer bacteria frequently, winter is almost 3-4 weekly.

Usage method

Cleaning and maintenance:
The wet sponge puff or dry wet puff, should be washed once every two days;
Cotton and wool surface layer of powder flutter, can be washed twice a month.

1. of the first wet puff.
2. with the powder detergent wipe several puff.
The 3. puff dipped in water, squeeze out a hand bubble, repeated 3 to 4 times.
4. water washing powder.
5. place it on a towel or towel. Drain the water





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Buy with the other treasures of the store, and mail together, just repeat the heavy freight, so you save money more convenient, freight details please consult the owner.

From Taobao to buyers to send the first international parcel to now, each invoice and receipt I finished the whole guarantee, roughly every 20 lists binding a book, list together, probably can have nearly 20cm height. I appreciate every buyer in Taobao, thank you for your care and love, and thank you for your support. A few years ago, the receipts have been yellow, but I will still keep them as good memories in the future.

Please read the shopping guide carefully before shopping.After you understand and agree to the following terms,Buy again.

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Cosmetic effectThe effect of any commodity is varied from person to person, if you do not appear after using the desired effect, the shop does not assume any responsibility, do not accept return goods exchange. This shop only guarantees the product is the original genuine goods.