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Solid wood bed tatami platform / custom / table and tatami bed custom log Dalian pure wood platform

Pure solid wood platform customization (Dcsmcb Dalian factory shop), raw materials 100% use pure solid wood, formaldehyde free, no odor, can be used after installation, very healthy and environmental protection! Free delivery and installation costs in Dalian, other provinces and other areas need to add the default shipping, logistics, including installation manuals giving assembly tools.

discount 70% in 2018-07-19 to 2018-07-21
price: USD$ 665.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Product type: pure solid wood customized platform

Raw material: Pine

Color: pine wood

Size: 35cm (the height of figure size is used directly, without the tatami mat)

Finish: Germany Biotherm green vegetable oil 9430 (no smell of formaldehyde free)

Craft: solid wood furniture frame combination mode / no floor

Origin: Dalian, China

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About products and prices

Solid wood platform has large storage space and can replace beds. According to the unit or customized requirements, can give full play to the indoor space, and pure solid wood quality is reliable, healthy and environmental protection! ~

This shop is a direct selling shop in the factory. The raw materials are made of pure solid wood, and the finish is used in germany,No formaldehyde and other harmful substances, no peculiar smell. You can use it after installation. Convenient and environmental protection!

Wood platform per square metre (including the edge surface charging fees)Pine 850 yuan / square meters, 1280 yuan / square meters of imported Japanese cypress cover thickness 2.5cm, vertical plate 1.8cm. Within height of 40cm. On the platform floor: if the floor under the floor there is no need to add the floor, if you need to add floor, add 100 yuan per square meter. If you need a lift, add 400 yuan. There are no additional charges. The quoted price includes measurement, design, manufacture and installation.

Note: the solid wood platform, raw material 100% use pure solid wood, no free paint board, particle board and other plate use.

About the custom-built method of solid wood platform (Dalian):

Buyers need to provide the size of the required platform, contact online customer service or telephone consultation, we will be based on your actual situation to provide some reasonable suggestions and quotations, such as confirmation after production, need to order, factory arrangement door scale. Free style renderings are available if necessary.

About the door measuring ruler (Dalian): Factory door-to-door measurement of the amount required to receive 30%-50% deposit, the date of delivery will be marked on the receipt, or in Taobao orders, contact customer service booking time. Temporary metering service is not available in other provinces or other areas.

About the custom-built method of solid wood platform (other provinces and other areas)

Buyers need to provide housing size and required platform size, contact online customer service, we will be based on your actual situation to provide some reasonable suggestions and quotations, such as confirmation of production, orders and contact customer service. We will provide a layout map of style effects. Until the two sides confirmed after the production period, usually 25-30 days, our cooperation logistics, will give you door-to-door (to your downstairs), after receipt of the goods by supporting the installation instructions for assembly, non professionals can fully competent.


Other provinces and other areas temporarily only custom wood floor, wood is due to customized products, please confirm the size of orders, confirm the production after not receiving a refund, the default Debang logistics, Yunda logistics (except for Dalian area to other areas and freight), the shop can be door-to-door logistics cooperation.

The difference between solid wood and solid wood particle board and blockboard:

The so-called boarde1grade: the middle is some broken and Zamu powdered objects.The artificial boards made of these materials under the action of high temperature and pressure.In fact, not solid wood, and poor quality particulate board formaldehyde exceeded serious, taste. Blockboard and its similar, as far as possible to choose pure wood, formaldehyde free, tasteless, very healthy and environmentally friendly, and durable.The overall effect is more beautiful, there are grades. And has promised, in our custom made solid wood platform can enjoy lifelong maintenance.

About paint and paint formaldehyde exceeding standard question:

This shop does not recommend you in the custom class products use too much paint, paint more or less have a certain formaldehyde, so this shop to use to Germany BiEuropeBiohouse®Environmentally friendly woody vegetable oil, comparable to paint,

Compared with traditional paint, formaldehyde free, odorless, and comply with EU safety standards. And can be used after installation ~!

After the single order, we provide you with size layout drawings and effect pictures, as shown in the following picture:


All pictures are taken by ourselves. Please don't steal pictures of our store in the same trade. Be reporting prize! -