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Lighting lamp desktop magnifier lamp LT-86C5 times Lanbo

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1. Index


Input voltage: 220VAC
Lamp tube specification: 22W fluorescent tube ring

Lens diameter:127mm
Light pipe matching22WThe long life ring fluorescent lamp, the angle can be adjusted at will. A unique wide range of observation and operating space. An electronic energy-saving lamp shadowless light, stable and reliable, without the shadow of light flicker without using advanced electronic ballast, energy saving and photometric suitability, power factor up to0.96Above, all current harmonic distortion is less than40%. Fully conformedIECInternational standards. Strong live arm design. The quality is excellent and the price ratio is very high.

Two. Characteristics

High quality magnifying mirror working light, long time will not be hot, the most suitable for the use of precision electronics. The spring bracket can be fixed at any point, depending on what you need for the working environment. Please keep away from the strong light so as not to happen accidentally.
The fluorescent lamp light for three primary colors, no light flicker, can protect eyesight, amplifying and lighting combination, make more clear, more nuanced, choose magnification according to different requirements, the structure design of desktop, bending type support rod, the user can according to the needs of a wide range of adjustable viewing angle and position of the whole. (Note: adjust the support rod, support rod and support hook to ensure that the table lamp is stable to meet the needs of the user. )

Three. Scope of application

Electronic engineer of minor components, circuit board components intensive observation and inspection, chemical engineering, printing industry, stamp collecting, animal and plant specimens, development of jewelry industry, reading, or reading the elderly medical staff, beauticians and other needs of the lighting, to enlarge the work

Q: what is the difference between optical lens optical lenses and ordinary magnified lenses.

Answer: for the manufacture of optical instruments or mechanical system of lenses, mirrors, prisms, windows and other glass materials. Including colorless optical glass (usually referred to as optical glass), colored glass, radiation resistant optical glass, radiation proof glass and quartz glass. The optical glass is transparent, the height of the chemistry and Physics (structure and properties) on the high homogeneity, with specific and accurate optical constants. It can be divided into silicate, borate, phosphate, fluoride and sulfur compounds. The magnifying lens is colored magnifying lens, the biggest difference in optical lens is (ordinary movie playback and 3D movie playing). The difference between optical lenses is whether they are made of resin or optical glass. The difference between the 2 is also large. The optical lenses sold in our shop are made of quartz glass optical lenses, highly transparent and made of non resin.

Question: the multiplier of the magnifying glass is the actual multiplier.

Answer: magnifier magnification = (Jiao Ju) x (1/ object from the Jiao Ju distance) because Jiao Ju positioning of different magnifying effect is often different, so the actual multiples of the magnifying glass often said is not the actual definition multiples that can reach (1 original products define 1 cm above the magnifying glass it changed to 10 times the effect of reach). But the clarity of the microscope 10X20 stereoscopic microscope can achieve the effect you need. Multiple comparison of non virtual image and real image of the.