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Beijing Kang Zhu thickening cupping Kang Zhu B type 12 tank vacuum cupping Kang Zhu

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The product is a total: [B2 6.5CMB3 2 tank 2 tank 6CMB4 tank 2 5CMB5 2 a 4.5CMB6 2 tank tank 3.5CM2.5CM 2] a connector of a large gun a brochure a map with a total point 8 12 head tank



Periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, cerebral thrombosis, cold, headache, waist leg disease, trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica, diarrhea, asthma, constipation and acute, chronic prostatitis and other diseases.


Sore throat, tinnitus, deafness, chronic rhinitis, toothache, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, pelvic inflammation, enuresis, anorexia, mosquito bites and other diseases.


1, beautiful and durable: material strong, beautiful and easy to use, collision resistance.
2, flexible and transparent: the tank is pale blue and transparent, the negative pressure in the pot can be adjusted, easy to observe the treatment area.
3, security: sealed jar is arc-shaped, smooth, rounded, and skin contact surface, good air tightness, not easy to fall off.
4, specifications: can be divided into seven types, suitable size, suitable for the use of parts of the human body.
5, convenient operation: no fire, no electricity, safe and reliable, easy to carry, learn.


1, according to the condition of selecting acupoint (acupuncture point selection reference conditions) as follows:
Ashi is the most obvious pain points (acupoints in the treatment of reference is not marked in the figure). For reference mark points in the figure points, located in the midline of the trunk of the human body, namely, Du two veins (see Figure two) points on the single point. Other points for symmetry. Only one side marked in the diagram, in the treatment of bilateral points shall be taken. Acupoints, acupoints treatment according to the reference listed in the points are divided into two groups, a group of daily rotation.
2, select the appropriate tank and comfortable position (which can be divided into sitting, supine, lateral and prone position, see Figure three.)
3, will be selected out at the top of the piston can mention, to ensure ventilation.
4, the negative pressure tank to the top of the piston ring gently muzzle, quick vertical lifting rod several times, to the skin in the cupping uplift, the patient can tolerate.
In 5, the site can not be directly cupping (such as the spine, waist) can use the connector (optional). Connector installation method: first connector at one end of the connecting rod head is connected with the standby front mouth of large bore, and the other end of the connecting rod head is connected with a negative pressure gun, making it one, and then there is a piston front mouth and cupping head together, then put the cupping in need of treatment of. With the 4 operation will be attached to the body surface and cupping.
6, the tank with the adsorption on the surface, the negative pressure around gently turn the back muzzle, press the tank with the piston of a gas leak.
7, at the end of treatment to mention the piston.
8, with the use of cupping after conventional disinfection, alcohol cotton to wipe. Can not be soaked, boiled or heat treatment.
9, when not pulling cupping, please check whether the plug sealed tank, vacuum gun and cupping connection is tight, vacuum gun and cupping is vertical, and the negative pressure gun to skin when pulling cupping pressure is too large.


1, cupping to choose the appropriate posture and muscle fullness, skin smooth, no hair parts, according to different specifications of the cupping site, select a tank, such as do cupping on uneven parts and hair parts, surface and cupping ring pad available in the mouth below, to prevent leakage or select the special cupping. (optional) dry skin, can make the skin moist after cupping.
2 patients in the initial treatment, should choose small and small with cupping, cupping, light stimulation.
3, can pull after do not move the position, in the use of multiple cupping therapy, cupping and cupping between should keep a certain distance, not too close arrangement.
4, high fever, coma, convulsions and other acute and critically ill patients should be diagnosed the illness so as not to delay the rescue time of treatment
5, from the tank after flushing, local itching can not scratch, after a few hours or a few days later, may dissipate.
6, from the tank after the local skin blisters, drops, hemorrhage, congestion and other phenomena are normal response to treatment. Can only scrape to prevent blisters, it naturally absorbed; bubble is large, often indicates serious illness. The water can be punctured with a sterile needle in bubble root, Ao to sterile gauze to prevent infection.
In 7 patients, mental tension, hunger, improper position, or excessive suction cupping, patients sometimes suddenly appear pale, nausea and vomiting, sweating, palpitation, cold limbs, thready pulse, even coma, cyanosis of the lips and nails, two incontinence, pulse fine for the vast phenomenon, this is dizzy tank immediately, from the tank, the patient supine, keep warm, light rest, drink warm boiling water or sugar could be recovered; or in the treatment if there is still no relief, can be considered with other treatment or adopt emergency measures.
8, after pulling on cupping, must ask the patient how you feel, if you have a fever, tight, chill out, warm and comfortable feeling all belong to the normal reaction. If the patient feels tight burning. May be hard suction pulling force is too large or here is not suitable for cupping, or to use a small cupping.
9, cupping, jar should keep indoor warm, avoid cold air, prevent.

Please knock pull followed N (blue) and S (red) pole arrangement: A, bipolar percussion: flat on the same side knock when pulling, according to the N.S.N.S interval, which is communicated between the bipolar magnetic field lines. B: Bipolar secretly method: in different directions around, and knock pull, should be in accordance with the body before N, after S; the medial N pole, S pole lateral method will be arranged to enable the cupping, viscera and meridian is completely vertical cutting magnetic field. In order to improve the curative effect.

The cupping India pigments reflect as follows:
1, the tank is printed black and dark: general said the insufficiency, the poor blood stasis phenomenon.
2, tank issued purple and accompanied by plaque: general said cold coagulation deposition disease.
3, tank seal was scattered in the purple spot, and a depth, said stagnation and blood stasis syndrome.
4, tank seal red and bright: general said Yin, two Qi deficiency or Yin Huo wang.
5, tank seal red and dark: said high blood lipids, and heat evil.
6, tank seal gray, touch and temperature, as cold or damp.
7, tank seal surface or skin itching: wind or eczema.
8, the inner wall of the tank of gas, said the site has moisture.
9, tank seal blisters, indicating the body moisture, if there is blood blisters, dampness heat toxin reaction.