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Factory direct creative painting of children on the bed of the Mediterranean pine wood furniture American double bed mother STRATONS

This product is yameiju wood furniture limited brands, the company independent research and development, design and production, to ensure that all products of environmental protection, full custom solid wood odor environmental protection paint, more in line with the needs of children's psychological development. This is a sudden mother bed, there are stairs, stairs, with Tuochuang, practical and convenient, so that you can receive good finishing, a multifunctional bed, love friends, please contact customer service, we welcome you! Refueling for a happy life!

discount 70% in 2018-07-15 to 2018-07-17
price: USD$ 5796.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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[mattress size]: 190*120

[epitaxy size]: long204cm, width 122cm, bed board 35, no mattress


[color]:Picture Yancolour(Color can be customized)

[price statement]:Because of the size of the bed, the price variespleaseAgree with the customer service price, default price to

The price shall prevail, which do not pack cloth, mattresses, jewelry and the like,

[material]: pine, birch and auxiliary materials

[paint description]: all paint in this shop will be used; Hongkong lacquer treasure ring

Paint, please buy it.


[size description]: all the beds in this shop are the inner diameter of the mattress

Custom, extension dimensions, please contact the customer service will be detailed answer for you


[shop characteristics]: all furniture styles, colors, before you order, can be based on you

The demand change, can also increase the one you love with hand-painted designs, fonts, Chinese English squiggles can Oh, and let us together with you to complete your furniture.

[customizing cycle]:The normal custom cycle is calculated from your payment day to 25 days to 35 days, if you needTo be expedited, please negotiate with customer service in advance, so as not to delay your delivery time, you are welcome to book ahead of timeYou can enjoy the preferential price,,,

Custom process:To customize your furniture, you first need to identify with the owner the following: style, color, hand

Painting style, price, deliveryAnd shipping costs, and then you can take the baby


[payment methods]:


[first]: Alipay full payment, the owner will be sent to you to confirm the details of furniture, then

Order to workFactory made. To be confirmed after you receive the furniture, Alipay lending.


[Second] customers in Shanghai can pay 50% of the total amount of furniture (online payment or silver payment)

That's okPlay moneyCan be as a deposit, the owner sent orders for you to confirm. Then orders to the factory to do, to send

goodsDoor orCustomer pays again when picking up the goods.


[postage note]: all the furniture in our country is delivered to the downstairs by the logistics, not responsible for handling and installationShanghai customers add 300 yuan package delivery package installation, the surrounding city equipped with vehicle furniture can be installed, nonlocalIf there is a special case of buyers in the city, please consult with the customer service when ordering, and all the expenses will be paid by Mai JiachengBear.Because the furniture can not express mail, too expensive, so the shop all the furniture onlySuppliesFlow mode, onlineplaceExpress charge refers to the professional packaging cost of one or a set of furniture,

matterCurrent freightIt's paidbodyIt is calculated by the total volume and distance (including the provincial freight and the city)

Internal deliveryFee, Shanghai DowntowndoThe furniture can be delivered by itself or delivered to the door

200-300 yuan /Trip (regardless of one-piece or integral)Set),Look at the distance

Warm tips:Please read the details before customizing the furniture, and then confirm with the shop customer service

Price, style, color, hand painted style, delivery cost and payment method.

A full set of golden autumn hand-painted furniture debut, all solid wood Seiko do fine, all adopt a healthy ring

Paul paintAnd latex, furniture corner unified streamline radian design, let hand-painted furniture unique art wind

Here you areThe room adds one of the most beautiful scenery, the golden autumn series furniture is mainly log coffee


[description] the size of this paragraph can be changed according to your needs, color customized, also carved

changeA handworkPainted patterns

[1] the shop according to different styles of furniture, the materials chosen New Zealand imported Zhangsong, pine, birch, willow Eucalyptus or elmWood, drawer side plate for fir, paint for Hongkong lacquer treasurebrandEnvironmental friendly paint

[2] all customized furniture can be changed according to your needs. Size, style, details and

increaseplushandWork together to complete the personalized home only belong to you

[3] we guarantee the quality of our furniture, but refuse to counter-offer. Thank you

[4] normal custom cycle is 25-30 days, but due to the current orders more, please book ahead of schedule

[5] furniture customized consultation, the following ways to contact me, at any time look forward to your visit


Tel: 18701949072Shanghai customers look at the quality of furniture samples, or designers need to communicate and customize face to face, there are more style choice, Order Booking half day ahead of schedule. Reservation telephone 18701949072, (Monday to Sunday 6:00-24:00), look forward to your visit

[confirmation receipt]: Furniture belongs to bulk goods, occupation of circulating funds, please buyers receive baby timely

Help confirm the receipt and evaluation.

Friendship tips]: customized furniture to pay about 50% of the deposit [account payment], after the confirmation of the receipt, orders only to the factory production, into the production process, the deposit is not refundable(this shop has paid the guarantee money, joined the consumer protection plan, please rest assured shopping)Balance before shipment, payment to Alipay, after receiving confirmation of loan, mind please take a pro. Foreign logistics, logistics fees are paid.



Our designer expects you to come to order all day

Order contact customer service: Mr. Li

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