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Original authentic jiangbaisite ST steel screw / tap straight slot M10M12M14M16M18.

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The screw tap is used to process the internal thread of the installation hole of the steel wire spiral sleeve, also known as steel wire thread sleeve tap and ST tap. The size of the structure can be manufactured according to the aviation standard and national standard "fine handle machine and hand used silk vertebra" GB3464-83 and so on. It can be used or used by hand.

Selection of screw tap
(only 2 of these brands are available, and the rest are for reference only)
First, screw thread tap is applied to steel wire boltStraight slot tap for machining and installing internal thread of steel wire screw. This tap is very versatile, through-hole or blind hole, non-ferrous metal or ferrous metal can be used, the price is relatively cheap, but the poor, what can be done, nothing is the best. The cutting part can have 2, 4, 6 teeth, short cones are used for blind holes, and long cones are used for through holes.
Two. Screw thread tap used in steel wire screwSpiral groove tap for machining and installing internal thread of steel wire screw. This kind of tap is usually suitable for machining blind hole internal thread, and the chip is discharged backwards when machining. Spiral fluted taps and straight fluted taps is different, the trench straight slot taps into a line, and the spiral tap into a spiral type it is, at the time of the tapping, to increase its rotation of the spiral groove can easily cut chip discharge hole, so as to avoid cutting residue or blockage in the trench, and spinning cone broken, edge crack, so the spiral groove can increase the tap life, cutting out internal threads with high precision, the cutting speed is also fast straight slot taps. But it is not suitable for the blind hole processing of iron and other chips into fine materials.
Three, steel wire screw with extrusion TapsExtrusion tap for machining and installing internal thread of steel wire screw. This kind of tap is also called "no groove tap" or "no chip tap". It is more suitable for the processing of non-ferrous metal and low strength ferrous metal and other plastic materials. Different from the straight groove tap and spiral groove tap, it is the extrusion and deformation of metal to form internal thread. The thread hole produced by extruding tap has high tensile, shearing and high strength, and the surface roughness of the machined surface is better, but the extrusion tap requires a certain plasticity of the material to be machined. With the specifications of the processing screw holes, extrusion tap tap, prefabricated hole straight slot spiral tap smaller.
Four. Screw tapIt is more suitable for machining through hole thread, cutting forward discharge during machining. The solid core is larger in size, stronger in strength and larger in cutting force, so it is good for processing non-ferrous metal, stainless steel and ferrous metal.
Treatment method of screw tap tapping difficulty
(1) the drill is too small to the appropriate diameter of the drill for base material.
(2) drill wear caused serious bottom hole drilled into the conical, replaced with a new bit.
(3): bottom slanting bottom scrap.
(4) the selected tap is not suitable for the base material: the tap is suitable for the base material.
(5) direct use of forming cone: first tap tapping.
(6) tap wear: detection of steel wire Lo sets of special internal screw thread bottom hole plug, if not that we need to change with the new tap.
(7) when tapping, tap and bottom of heart: the operation is not correct, please correct operation.

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