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Antique furniture hinge, pure copper hinge, dark hinge, cabinet hinge, square hinge, bookcase hinge

discount 70% in 2018-10-16 to 2018-10-18
price: USD$ 1.26
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:7
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Material: pure copper /yellowcopperOptional(whiteCopper)

Specifications;2.5cm*2.4cn (1.8 yuan)

3.8cm*2.5cm (3 yuan)

5.2cm*3.5cm (3.8 yuan)

6.3cm*3.3cm (4.2 yuan)

7.6cm*4.2cm (5.8 yuan)


(5.8 yuan large 1.5mm)

Any size or patternThe thickness can be customized(in kind)

Custom patterns: (Hi / BatPlum chrysanthemum, flowers rich, Fukulu Zuki, four seasons garden landscape, peace, and other options)

Description: any size size patterns can be customized.

Zhongshan Wu Fang copper is a professional production and processing of Ming and Qing Dynasties classical furniture brass fittings. Top cabinet, cabinet, drawer handle, door handle, hinge, door, ring, lion head, hook, wrap angle, copper, copper lock, crafts etc.. The style is original and the variety is more. Price concessions, quality assurance. Welcome new and old customers to sample order

The messageGuys!  What color or size do you need?Contact the customer service instructions (or modify the freight)!  Thank you for your understanding! directPhotographed in accordance with the color and size of the line shipped oh!

Mobile phone: 13531777659 ladies

     13924901007 Mr. Zhang

          To buyers

Genuine guarantee:All the products sold in this shop are made by our own manufacturers---Wu Fang classical furniture copper fittings factoryProduction. Each shipment will be carried outThe two inspectionThere is a shipping record. Please buyers buy at ease!


Quality commitment:We promise to sell all the products,If quality problems are found, we will issue or return them. Antique products are a lot of traditional handicrafts, semi handmade, manual sense, a strong sense of hardness. Reflects the style and characteristics of antique accessories. Antique products are not as refined and smooth as modern hardware, and they are in the process of productionInevitably there will be casting marks or process traces(such as casting marks, scratches, sand holes, drilling and cutting error, uneven coloring), is the normal situation does not belong to the traditional process, nor the quality

If you have not touched the traditional antique products, please contact the customer service in advance.


Process size:For size, there will be a slight error due to manual measurement,Taking the actual product size as the standard.The price of the store contains the copper parts in the main drawing. If you don't know how many pieces of copper are needed, you can contact the customer service.

Product material:All the products of our store are made of materialsThe copper (or copper)In the description of baby, there are notesThe rotating shaft of the hinge is made of iron copper plating, because the soft copper is easy to deformThe nail is made of pure copper, and the nail foot is iron.


Product color:Our products is brass (Pao Guang) by a special process. Antique colors also seem to have been specially treated, so don't worry about fading. However, the ancient black in its often touched place, after a long time of friction, there will be a mellow bronze color through, so that more charm. Black and bronze, baby will be a little bit after receiving itFloating colors on topIt's a bit dirty. It's impossible to avoid it. When you receive the goods, use itWipe with cotton or sponge. Do not use water, because there is a layer of protective oil on copper pieces, customers can not be cautious to buy!

             Antique copper pieces are hand dyed, the color of each batch of products may have a little bit of error, which is a normal phenomenon, not a quality problem. Bronze products,The color level, the possibility of relatively large differenceBut after a period of time, the color will be the same.


Shooting in kind:The pictures of the commodities are all in this shopSelf timerNo stealing map. Please feel free to buy! The difference of color difference and brightness between each computer monitor and the monitorIt's unavoidable to have a little color differencePlease buyers understand.


Delivery time:The product is photographed after payment48Delivery within hoursIn case of special circumstances, we will contact you. In addition, the order shall be agreed upon by both parties. (holidays, delivery times, shop announcements). Our commodity measurement shows that the actual inventory, due to online, offline sales at the same time, inventory changes,Please consult the customer service before shootingIn case of shortage, we will inform you in the first time.


Installation method:Our products are made up ofCopper nail and screw,UNeedle typeA variety of installation methods. The installation method of copper nail and screw is very simple, and even if you are not a carpenter, you can install it very beautifully.UThe installation method of needle type is also very simple, as long as the corresponding in the door or drawer and other places to lay the hole, put on the same parts like hairpin needle through hole separately on the reverse side, and then folded into the wood to knock. The screws and nails that we deliver are all standard sizes,If you don't know how long it's going to take, you can contact customer service.


Cooperative logistics:We defaultEMS expressIf you don't know where you can go, or you don't want to use it, please do soFirst timeLeave a note, or contact customer service instructions.No message buyers, express less than the cost incurred by the buyers themselves(express fee according to the actual charge of each courier company). After shipment, you can log in to Taobao and track the logistics distribution in the purchased baby.


Packaging acceptance:There are many accessories in our products, which are easy to be lost during transportation or installation. Buyers must be sureReceipt after verification. If you find problems, you can reject them. After receipt, we will agree with the buyer that the goods are intact and intact.


Return goods exchange:We promiseSeven days no reason to return. From the date of your receipt, within seven days,Without affecting the second saleWe can apply for refund to us. The actual expenses incurred by you are to be borne by you.If the product quality problem, (please provide photos to prove), the replacement or return of the freight borne by us. When returned,Please do not choose to payOtherwise, we will reject it. If you have any questions, you can contact the customer service or call13531777659.Thank you for your understanding.


The message:This shop is both a shop owner, a customer service provider, and a shipping clerkTo serve you sincerely! We hope that you can enjoy the perfect quality service in this shop, and we can satisfy you under the reasonable requirement. Since you are buying traditional Chinese style of such products, I believe you must be a quality, moral, respect for your service personality. Thank you very much for your support!