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Refrigerator refrigerant opening valve, small bottle Freon open valve, universal opener, universal bottle opener

discount 70% in 2018-10-21 to 2018-10-23
price: USD$ 5.60
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:2
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Refrigerator refrigerant open valve, small bottle Freon open valve universal open valve universalBottle openerPlease read the following terms carefully and know and agree to take it again

[material pictures]

We guarantee that the goods and pictures exactly the same, baby description of the real, there is no false, you receive, that you see, please rest assured to buy. Sometimes the purchase batch is not the same, single is available. Understanding.

[delivery mode]

The general day before 5:30 in the afternoon, the payment day can be shipped, the amount of goods to the next day, orders 3 days after delivery. The store send tact, Shen Tong, Tong express, not to send the postal EMS EMS, according to the general situation of delivery, tact, in the pass, Shen Tong cheap but slow and expensive but fast SF, buyers can choose their own, do not say the default hair tact, Shen Tong, Tong, rhyme random. Express less than please inform us (default postage is one kilogram within one kilogram, according to the actual weight).

[after sale service]

New products (except compressor), according to the time of negotiation between the two sides of the warranty, any product issued by our shop, have been carefully tested. The customer service service fee, the warranty period both sides bear their own freight; warranty, shipping by the buyers themselves. In addition, we sell all the new microwave transformers, magnetron. Vacuum cleaner motor. The refrigerator air conditioning four valve solenoid valve is not warranty, does not guarantee not to return, please carefully take, thank you for your cooperation so as not to fast. The warranty is only to the buyer, the assessment is not warranty. In the shelf life, non-human damage can be free exchange, freight each bear. No reason to return, freight back and forth are buyers.

Please buyers carefully read baby description, do not buy wrong. If there is no clear place, you can send pictures to us, we can analyze and judge with you, but the final decision is in the buyer. If you buy something wrong, you can exchange it, or you can return it. But only returned goods, courier freight back and forth by the buyer responsible. The specific time is in contact within 24 hours after receipt of the goods, and will return the goods within 96 hours, overdue will not be accepted (replacement must remain the same appearance, secretly open, broken, internal damage can not enjoy such as burning customer service service).

[special reminder]

Please specify the detailed delivery address so that the courier can deliver it accurately. In addition, the telephone you provide is also very important, please ensure that effective and smooth! At present, the work of domestic express varies greatly, so we can not effectively guarantee the delivery time of express! We can only guarantee delivery within the stipulated time, can not guarantee the specific arrival time, if the arrival time is relatively high, please contact us before purchase confirmation! There is a certain risk of shopping mail transport damage, the buyer has the obligation in the express delivery service you need face when the courier unpacking check the goods complete after the receipt, in case of lack, so please do not sign rupture! The first time to contact us, to negotiate with the courier company, such as after receipt of goods lost, reflect the damage situation, we are unable to express the claim, so we will not be responsible for!

1, baby size may be due to the sample and human factors slightly error, please understand!

2, buyers friends, because accessories product varieties, large flow, strong seasonal, plus stock manufacturers and so on, out of stock is normal. Buyers friends at the time of purchase to the seller please inquire whether there is stock, the two sides took again after a conversation. So as to avoid unnecessary unnecessary trouble for you, thank you!

3, parts and components is a professional products, there are certain technical content, may exist in a variety of brands and packaging suffix, may lead to differences in parameters and performance, if you are not sure, you can find people who understand the customer service or maintenance personnel to see, or send pictures to us recognize, if buyers "master maintenance opinionated" and lead to buy components error, this shop will not provide return service! Please do not compare the quality of the fittings with the original parts. This comparison is meaningless.

4: electronic products due to the manufacturer of the batch, supply of different reasons, may you buy the picture of the baby and the real baby you received is different, but we ensure that you receive the baby can achieve the same effect! If you don't believe the baby's quality, or if you find the maintenance staff said it was defective, so please leave a heart, the main profit from customer service maintenance accessories, they only charge the cost of installation and they are not willing to, no matter how good we give you the accessories, they will say not good. If the thickness of receipt of goods has any objection, please contact us for consultation, not just poor evaluation or in the comments, it can not solve any problems, we pay attention to every order, thank you!

5, as everyone knows, accessories industry is a small profit industry, so we do not accept the bargaining, please understand!

6, the freight charges according to the standard is Yuantong Express standard, such as Yuantong express delivery to your not the place of receipt please inform us (to express individual additional freight), there is no special reason, do not accept mail, not agreed in consultation with the seller, the seller has the right to refuse delivery.

7, after you photographed, please pay attention to your Taobao on the recipient, collection address, contact phone is detailed, in order to send you. Before receipt, please check whether the package is damaged, and unpack the goods to check, if there is a problem, please refuse to sign! If you sign a friend, please tell your friend inspection, your sign (sign on behalf) on behalf of the goods arrived in good order, the store does not assume any subsequent responsibility! Photographed and paid on behalf of your default acceptance of the above terms!!!

Please receive the goods must be the surface of the courier (courier has been marked), unpacking inspection quantity and broken damage situation. If you have any questions, please contact us so that we can solve the problem. After signing, we don't care about the quantity and the damage. Thank You for Your Cooperation。。。。