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Storage battery BT-12M10AC (12V10Ah/20hr) UPS fire master battery of Taiwan Dorset battery

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Rated voltage: 12V
Rated capacity (20HR): 10Ah
Shape size: length: 151 + 2mm width: 98 + 1mm high: 95 + 1mm total height: 99 + 2mm
Reference weight: about 3.68Kg (8.11lbs)

Actual capacity of different discharge rates
20 hour rate: 12Ah
10 hour rate: 11.4Ah
5 hour rate: 10.1Ah
1 hour rate: 7.2Ah
15 minute rate: 5Ah
The relationship between capacity and temperature (20 hour rate)
At 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit) resistance when fully charged: about 19m.
Charging method (constant pressure)
Cycle: the maximum charge current is 3A
The charging voltage of 14.5-15.0V/12V77 degrees F (25 C)
Charging temperature compensation voltage -24mV/ DEG C
Float: maximum charge current is 3A
The charging voltage of 13.6-13.8V/12V77 degrees F (25 C)
Charging temperature compensation voltage -18mV/ DEG C

Product features:

You float design service life of 8 years;

Adopts lead calcium aluminum alloy;

Adopts gas recombination technology, do not have to use water during;

To high-quality raw materials, strict process control, to ensure that the self discharge of small;

It at 25 degrees Celsius, the state of the fully charged battery charging for 48 hours at 0.1 degrees, no leakage, no deformation and appearance.

In order to master the battery, the following should be regularly carried out on the battery




1, the connection between the battery and the battery and DC power supply is loose, corrosion, damage and other phenomena, repair if necessary.

2, the battery is damaged, leakage and other abnormal phenomena, if necessary, replace.

3. Whether the charging voltage and discharge capacity of each battery are within the normal range, and charge and discharge cycle test of the battery is necessary.

Precautions for using batteries:

1, different capacity, different performance, different manufacturers, different levels of new and old batteries can not be mixed.

2, installation, use and maintenance process, should use insulation tools, and with insulation gloves, in order to prevent electric shock and short circuit.

3, when the battery is abnormal, should be handled by professional personnel or contact with manufacturers, prohibit unauthorized disassembly and maintenance.

4. The product should be charged on the special charging system, and the DC output voltage fluctuation of the charging system should be no more than one percent of the positive and negative voltage.

5, prohibit the use of gasoline, diluent and other organic solvents to clean the battery, otherwise it will damage the battery shell.
6: too long overcharge (overcharge) will shorten battery life. Long time over charging (not sufficient) will affect load work or lead to abnormal voltage. The best use of constant voltage current limiter charger. Do not charge in parallel, otherwise shorten the battery life. When charging, the positive (red) and negative (black) charging clamps of the charger must be matched with the battery, and never reverse connection. After filling, turn off the power switch, then the battery clip.

Matters needing attention:

Keep away from fire

Prohibition of gravity impact and improper handling

Forbid to short-circuit the positive and negative terminals

Non technical personnel are prohibited from disassembling or reassembling batteries

If due to improper operation caused cell rupture, sulfuric acid spilled on clothing, immediately rinse with water use; if contact with skin, eyes and other body parts, should immediately wash with water and immediately rushed to the hospital

Battery should be charged immediately after use

When batteries are not in use for a long time, please keep them in a cool place


1. is short, is strictly prohibited in the battery positive and negative terminals directly connected to any conductor, and determine the instrument such as wrenches are coated with an insulator;.

2., the battery can not be used with other types of batteries (such as nickel cadmium batteries, etc.), so as to avoid explosion and other risks.


1. charging according to the company's charging methods, other ways may cause leakage and other abnormal conditions, dangerous events.

2. the battery should not be installed in the humid area, so as to avoid the danger of terminal corrosion or electric shock.

3. check the battery, please wear gloves, so as to avoid electric shock.

4. when connecting the battery, please confirm that the positive and negative sequence is correct.

5. do not directly connect the battery as a general power supply, so as to avoid the occurrence of leakage and other risks.

6. keep away from fire.

7. do not disassemble the battery, it will cause fire, leakage and other risks.

8. before contact or maintenance of the battery, please confirm the release of the body's static electricity, and use a wet cloth to wipe, so as not to cause sparks caused by static electricity and dangerous.

9. battery must be replaced in order to avoid leakage or fire.

10. if the skin or eye inadvertently contact with sulfuric acid, please rinse with a large amount of water after medical treatment.

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