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South Korea imported Guokuan type parallel manipulator gripper gripper AF316-25-RS

discount 70% in 2018-09-24 to 2018-09-26
price: USD$ 1582.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Company production and salesAIR FINGER,Sliding cylinderSlide CylinderRotating cylinderRotary CulinderAnd other special air pressure cylinder types up to hundreds, in the automated production project, the role and use is very extensive. And these are factory automationfactory automationThe importance of the necessary spare parts in the equipment, and the importance of the role in the production process has been widely recognized.

First, the gas claw series:

1AFF117Air claw (TKC) AFF117-80  AFF117-63   AFF117-50 JRT  AFF117-40   AFF117-30 AFF117-25 AFF117-20  AFF117-16

2AF101Pneumatic claw  AF101-10N   AF101-12   

3AF02Pneumatic clawAF02-16   AF02-20    AF02-30   AF02-40    AF02-63  

4AF03Pneumatic clawAF02-20    AF02-30      AF02-40  

5AF04PPneumatic clawAF04P-12N  AF04P-16        AF04P-20    

6、AF105PPneumatic claw AF105P-8  AF105P-10 AF105P-16

7、AF06Pneumatic claw AF06-30 AF06-40

8、AF10Pneumatic clawAF10-20 AF10-30 AF10-40 AF10-50

9、AF13Pneumatic clawAF13-20 AF13-30 AF13-40 AF13-50 AF13-63 AF13-80 AF13-100

10、AF13CPneumatic claw AF13C-20 AF13C-30 AF13C-40 AF13C-50

11、AF14Pneumatic claw  AF14-20  AF14-30 

12、AF15Pneumatic claw AF15-12  AF15-16  AF15-20

13、AF316Pneumatic clawAF316-16  AF316-20  AF316-25 

14、AF17Pneumatic clawAF17-25  AF17-40

15AF117Pneumatic claw  AF117-16  AF117-20  AF117-25  AF117-30  AF117-40  AF117-50  AF117-63  AF117-80

16、AF19Pneumatic clawAF19-10

17、AF24Pneumatic clawAF24-12N  AF24-16N  AF24-20  AF24-30  AF24-40  

18、AF26Pneumatic clawAF26-16  AF26-20  AF26-25  AF26-30  AF26-40  AF26-50  AF26-63  AF26-80  AF26-100

19、AF28DPneumatic claw  AF28D-10   AF28D-14   AF28D-16   AF28D-20   AF28D-30  

20、AF30 Pneumatic clawAF30-20  AF30-25  AF30-30  AF30-40  AF30-50  AF30-63  AF30-90  AF30-125

21、AF40Pneumatic clawAF40-40   

22、AF46Pneumatic clawAF46-30  AF46-40  AF46-55  AF46-75   AF46-95  AF46-125  AF46-160N  

23、AF56NPneumatic clawAF56N-20B  AF56N-25B  AF56N-32B  AF56N-40B  AF56N-50B  AF56N-63B  AF56N-80B  AF56N-100B

24、AF30SPPneumatic clawAF30SP-30  AF30SP-40  AF30SP-50 

25、AF30DPPneumatic claw AF30DP-25  AF30DP-30  AF30DP-40  AF30DP-50

26、AF46DPPneumatic claw AF46DP-40  AF46DP-50  AF46DP-75

27、MF16Pneumatic clawMF16-S MF16-M  MF16-L

Linear transfer unit:


Two, roller cylinder:


Three. Sliding cylinder

1RH sliding cylinder () RH20RH30RH40RH50RH63RH80

2RHC sliding cylinder () RHC30RHC40RHC50RHC63RHC80

3RHW sliding cylinder () RHW20RHW30RHW40RHW50RHW63RHW80

4RHS sliding cylinder () RHS30RHS40RHS50RHS63RHS80

5NO sliding cylinder () NO12NO16NO20NO25NO30NO40

6NF sliding cylinder () NF16NF20NF25NF30

7NT sliding cylinder () NT12NT16NT20NT25NT30NT40

7JC sliding cylinder () JC12JC15JC20JC25JC30

8JO sliding cylinder () JO12JO16JO20JO25JO30

9NE sliding cylinder () NE16NE20NE25NE30

10DG sliding cylinder () DG16DG20DG25DG30

11TL sliding cylinder () TL20TL30TL40TL50

12GC sliding cylinder () GC20GC30GC40GC50

13SC sliding cylinder () SC20SC30SC40

14LMT sliding cylinder () LMT12LMT16LMT20LMT25

15MPC sliding cylinder () MPC06MPC10

Four, rotary cylinder:

1SRJ rotary cylinder () SRJ16SRJ20SRJ25SRJ30SRJ40

2SDRJ rotary cylinder () SDRJ16SDRJ20SDRJ25SDRJ30SDRJ40SDRJ50SDRJ63

3RJC rotary cylinder () RJC40RJC63RJC80

4RHU rotary cylinder () RHU20RHU34RHU40RHU40N

5RTU rotary cylinder () RTU25RTU40RTU50

6MSRJ rotary cylinder () MSRJ20MSRJ25MSRJ30

7SSU rotary cylinder () SSU20SSU30SSU40SSU50

Five. General cylinder

1JSC general cylinder () JSC32JSC40JSC50JSC63JSC80JSC100

2JSCW general cylinder () JSCW32JSCW40JSCW50JSCW63JSCW80JSCW100

3JRC general cylinder () JRC20JRC25JRC32JRC40

4JRCW general cylinder () JRCW20JRCW25JRCW32JRCW40

5JSQ general cylinder () JSQ12JSQ16JSQ20JSQ25JSQ32JSQ40JSQ50JSQ63JSQ80JSQ100JSQ125


7JRCM general cylinder () JRCM20JRCM25JRCM32JRCM40

8JRCMW general cylinder () JRCMW20JRCMW25JRCMW32JRCMW40

9JGR general cylinder () JGR12JGR16JGR20JGR25JGR32

10JSTD general cylinder () JSTD50JSTD63JSTD80

11JSTR general cylinder () JSTR50JSTR63JSTR80

12JSTLV general cylinder () JSTLV50JSTLV63JSTLV80

13JSTLH general cylinder () JSTLH32JSTLH50

Six, special cylinder

1JPP special cylinder () JPP11-30JPP50

2RSS/RSD special cylinder () RSD12RSS20RSD20

3RK special cylinder () RK10RK16

4RTJ special cylinder () RTJ50RTJ70S

Seven, tool automatic replacement device:

1JTCR tool automatic replacement device () JTCR40JTCR80JTCR150

2JTCS tool automatic replacement device () JTCS90  JTCS180

Eight, sensor / shock absorber

1JSA/JSM shock absorber () JSA1210JSA1210CJSA1410JSA1410CJSA1612JSA1612CJSA2015JSA2015C

2SENSORS sensor () JRTLJRT-02JRT-34JRT-13R

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