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Exported to Europe and the United States gucci jewelry colorful pattern cotton long tassel ribbon hairband broadside head hoop card

Gucci brand tassel ribbon

discount 70% in 2018-07-16 to 2018-07-18
price: USD$ 22.40
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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[commodity]: gucci jewelry colorful patterns are exported to Europe and the United States cotton long tassel ribbon hairband broadside head hoop card

[Specification]: No. 1:The band width of about 33 mm in width of clothThe widest width is about 92 mmPiaodai ca. 640 mm width of about 90 mm

Paragraph 2:The band width of about 25 mm in width of clothThe widest width is about 50 mmPiaodai ca. 350 mm width of about 55 mm

Paragraph 5:The band width of about 35 mm in width of clothThe widest width is about 75 mmPiaodai ca. 440 mm width of about 55 mm

Paragraph 3-4:The band width of about 34 mm in width of clothThe widest width is about 36 mmThe streamer length of about 550 mm wide about 35 mm

[material]: surface: cotton clothInternal: acrylic hoop

Understanding of foreign trade jewelry MM must know, foreign trade jewelry is characterized byThe quality is good, the price is low, but there are some small flaws. Our jewelry is from the hands of foreign brand designers; and you are in the countryIt's almost impossible to buy in the market.Every baby we haveLimited quantityThere is a certain collection value; I shop jewelry are foreign big brands in China OEM, ODM factory production, raw materials are imported from abroad, absolutely do not harmful to the body material.It's definitely not the kind of street wear that's worn once!Jewelry from the manufacturers shipped without external packaging, transportation due to mutual extrusion, inevitably indentation, micro dirty, offset printing,Local small jump yarnAnd other issues, will not affect the use of. We must describe the flaws in the description. Some hair is a bit crooked, worn on the head is tilted. You buy a headband worn on the head to look good, not for nothing else in his hand to appreciate, you said right?

Foreign trade jewelry is not suitable for sesame big flaw can not accept, the pursuit of perfect MM. Although our goods are defective, the price is only a small fraction of the price of the counters,Please spend sensibly. If you do not need any defects of big brands, please go to the domestic and foreign counters to buy, thank you. No one will take your hair look at your hair has no flaws, as long as you are confident, have a taste of the beautiful woman, wearing a few yuan hair like wearing a few hundred yuan style. You and I are not perfect, the world is not perfect, why the pursuit of perfection everything? People become tolerant, happiness is more

Pictures taken in kind

 About our shop accessories

 Our jewelry for the domestic manufacturers of foreign orders, and foreign big name counters at the same time the factory, because the delay in delivery time or factory inspection time is not pass, and no export. Because foreign inspection standards are very strict, mostly sampling inspection, as long as the inspection of a certain number of unqualified products, the same batch of no problem products can not be exported, so it will be sold in the country.

Since there is a limited quantity of goods outside, it will not be sold out. Please take it directly when you choose it. No regret without regret.

About the picture of our store

All the treasures in the store are for usShooting in kindWe guarantee that when we process the picture, we will try to match the color of the picture to the object. But because of the difference between the resolution and brightness of the light and the personal display, perhaps the color of the picture that the individual buyer sees is slightly different from the object. Can not avoid, can not accept any chromatic aberration of friends, please carefully consider before shooting!

We try to take every detail of the product very carefully. If we don't make a clear explanation, you can ask us. Everyone's imagination is infinite, if you don't see the introduction, you can buy it by imagination, and it often leads to misunderstanding.So please read it carefully before you buy it. We don't accept itChromatic aberration""I didn't look at the specifications carefully or "I didn't think it was the same"! Therefore, the cause of the refund, exchange, the buyer responsible for round-trip freight.

About Delivery

Once the product is taken, it is regarded as an order. Please specify the address and telephone number, please timely payment (strongly recommended Alipay). If the goods are photographed within 3 days without payment, the transaction will be automatically closed, the store will continue to sell, not reserved for buyers.

Our shop promises to be yoursShipment within one working day after payment

About freight

We have used the freight template, according to the buyer's address to automatically generate freight within 1 kilograms.If you need to buy a lot of goods, please put it into the shopping cart to buy together and only show one postage. If you like one by one, take it. See your order, we will help you to revise the 1 copies of the freight (other goods freight can be modified into "0") when you refresh the total price of Alipay payment can be found correctly.

express(only to large and medium-sized city of Beijing, Tianjin) next to the general, about 4 days to rest. You can track, track, record, and send online

Express parcel before receipt must check the package outer packing is damaged, the goods are damaged. If there is a discrepancy, please don't sign it and contact us directly. As far as possible I inspection, if something is not available, please arrange a person for your inspection in advance. If the receiving address has the front desk, the guard, please tell them to inform you, don't sign for you. Because the goods after the receipt of the shortage or damage, the store will not be able to claim to express company, the loss caused by the buyers themselves.

About evaluation

After receipt of the confirmation payment, if you are satisfied with the goods received, and my service is also recognized, give me a "high praise": "if you are not satisfied with the goods received, I hope you will contact us before making an evaluation.". I will stand in your position and handle it properly until you are satisfied

Many buyers think that the evaluation is just no bonus, so a little uncomfortable, give a good evaluation. But the evaluation is to drop the rate of praise ah! It can also have bad effects on my store. I'm sorry that the goods we received are not very pleasing to you, although we've been trying to do it, we still have some oversight. Maybe there are lots and lots of reasons that make you disappointed, so please contact us. We hope that every buyer is satisfied, and do not want to cause any loss to you because of our negligence.If you are not satisfied with the goodsWe will exchange it for you,You don't need to send it to accept a bad rating to the seller.Is one of the comments can make your problem solved, make you satisfied? What can you tell me? If we can improve it, we will try to improve it. Don't be so unkind. Shopkeepers are just ordinary people. It's impossible not to make mistakes. When you care, efforts are being misunderstood and blamed when I think you will be very sad.

About returned goods

This shop to provide "service 7 days no reason to return. On receipt of the goods (the logistics delivery receipt time) after 7 days (if accurate time of receipt, the receipt time of 168 hours after 7 days; if only the time of receipt date, second days to the day after midnight since the computation time over 168 hours for 7 days) if you want to complete the transaction, we will provide return service

Consumer protection service "7 days no reason to return" service rules

The exchange of goods caused by the problems of the product itself:

The quality of the goods appears within 7 days after receipt of the goodsStore problems, we accept the exchange application. Please provide valid proof (such as defective merchandise, site photos) confirmed after sent within 3 days, the goods and accessories, gifts, packaging carton full back to the store intact. Please pay the express fee first, don't send the postage to the payment. After confirming the goods are intact, we will contact you to refund the full amount and send back the cost of the goods

Non commodity quality problems caused by returned goods:

Please reflect with us on receipt of the goods by 7 days, make return application, and send to 3 days, the goods and accessories, gifts, packaging carton full back to the store intact. (to ensure that the tag, packaging complete, does not affect the two sales)The return freight is charged by the buyers.

The back part of goods and other goods do not enjoy the original.Deduction must be deducted from the difference.
We will not be able to accept the return of the following:

The goods due to improper use, caused by man-made damage.

The commodity packing is not complete and accessories (including tags and packaging).

Has more than the prescribed time limit from the date of receipt of the.

Refund: upon receipt of your refund of goods, we will refund the program in accordance with Alipay active for your refund.