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discount 70% in 2018-10-16 to 2018-10-18
price: USD$ 2.66
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:4
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Metal type:According to the word of metal material and process classification, including stainless steel mirror, stainless steel wire drawing stainless steel word word, word, word, stainless steel flat spherical stainless steel, stainless steel spray paint word word, word, stainless steel solid stainless steel plating, stainless steel foil, word word word, Seiko stainless steel titanium and titanium ball surface plane word word, Seiko titanium, plane Tongzi, spherical Tongzi, word, word, antique copper copper aluminum characters, tin paint word.

LED luminous words:

Metal luminous characters mainly LED as light source, including LED back light source luminous characters, LED stainless steel edge positive acrylic luminous characters, LED punching shine

The word LED, Aluminum Alloy luminous characters, LED luminous characters, LED stainless steel metal paint jy-c317 acrylic plastic light.
Indicator system class:
The classification indicator system according to the use, including residential signs, parking lot entrance signs, signs, business signs, street signs, campus signs, floor signs, door signs, guide signs traffic signs, safety exit signs, park signs, flowers, cards etc. indication sign.

[size description]

All our baby will be according to the size of the price, (Note: any text in the 1 meters below the size according to the size of the characters in the text size calculation, 1 meters above the calculated by square, example: 50 cm word is 0.5 meters multiplied by the unit price of a word is the word that the price of 120 cm, 1.2 meters. It is calculated according to the square, 1.2 meters *1.2 meters =1.44 square is a word unit price multiplied by the price, such as special shape graphics can send pictures here or contact me directly, immediately introduce to you!)

Buyers must read

1. customers can freely determine the font size, color, material, etc.;
2. above the shop price is the reference price is only for the purpose of publication is not for the customer needs to offer, offer actual customers need to provide the materials used, the size and number of the specific price, the specific price can contact us online customer service or call 13862506765 consulting quotes;
3. if the parents were confirmed, please send us the vector design good (Format: cdr/ai/cda), the best mark size, material, color and other characteristics on the map, so easy to make mistakes; if the parents have no vector, some simple words, we can help the Pro Free design;
4. parents must sign after acceptance. If the buyer received the goods found in the product packaging is damaged, damaged please refuse to return directly. After receipt of buyer, seller for the loss of logistics, including but not limited to loss, fracture, lack of parts, the seller will not bear any responsibility and obligation;
5. Is very important for our evaluation each friend. Therefore, you are not satisfied and problems after the receipt of goods, please contact the Secretary for me to communicate, so that we understand the situation. I was the Secretary for the integrity of the business attaches great importance to business reputation, we will solve the problem perfectly logical and reasonable to.
[freight description]
1. on the choice of courier: heavy things we issued a unified logistics, safe and cheap. The lighter things we send SF express. Is the specific logistics or courier, or according to the pro choice. If parents choose other logistics or courier, online contact customer service details;
About 2. of freight bear: this shop all shipping costs are borne by the buyer. We chose the seller, because the cost is unpredictable. This shop all the brands, words are now making the weight with the amount of material, pro choice, and the weight of the transport box. placeWe choose to pay for reunification.
[installation instructions]
The 1. floor tile in the word we provide installation word release, marking pen foot position. Draw a good foot position, the word will be attached to the release position, the word draft must put Oh, feet do mark places with a pistol drill hole (pistol drill diameter than the back foot typing one) and then take the word draft, advertising word fixed up the hole fixed position with AB glue or silica gel;
2. advertising words power line, ANN (polar) and white ash (line + pole) are respectively connected to the main road (two) power supply is directly connected to the 220V at all, LED light source will burn;
3. reference transformer interface, the household power line 220V power to the US transformer, N, C two interface;
4. transformer green light, positive and negative advertising words LED (polar) very white and grey line (+ pole) were marked at the interface of the corresponding access transformer + corresponding to the. LED positive and negative regulation of the single word until all of the LED are so bright;
The 5. cover the first step down the main character of the panel and the bottom panel, acrylic, screws, surrounded by a transparent silicone seal, the word is installed well.




Ordering Information 




1.The price for the estimated price, not price as the transaction price, please contact customer service

2. according to the customer's samples and drawings, and LOGO brand and product styles related to property rights and privacy issues, we can sign a confidentiality agreement

3. can provide packing according to customer demand, or according to the mode of transportation we suggest packing

4. sampling time for 5-6 days, to accept the order proofing costs, proofing fee all or part of the return

5. first order prepaid 40% residual payment before delivery after shipment, but also through the Alibaba Alipay deal






Reasons for choosing Bai Hui 


1. integrity certification enterprises, Taobao field certification

2.10 years experience in metal products processing, we not only the pursuit of the perfect product quality, but also pay attention to the product price

3. product design from 3D effect diagram - proofing - product quality control packaging customer service service of a complete set of service processes

4. we provide product service for famous brands







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