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Hollow bolt, bolt, hollow screw, welding head, articulated joint, M12X1.25 joint, buckle pipe head

4. flow valve: throttle valve, electromagnetic flow valve, speed control valve, electromagnetic speed regulating valve, mechanical throttle valve, special valve for machine tool

discount 70% in 2018-09-24 to 2018-09-26
price: USD$ 2.80
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:4
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1., because the company is a physical store and shop sales together, inventory can not be estimated, please be in urgent need of product parents, the best contact with the store after the order, so as not to delay the pro time. In general, we will order goods on the same day or the next day, and in case of shortage, we will contact the parents in time. Thank you for your supportDue to the large number of specifications, please be sure to contact the customer service before ordering. Orders are not ordered at any time. Thank you for your cooperation

2.. Please select the type you need according to the instructions. Another company is processing all kinds of high pressure tubing, metal hose.

Make all kinds of pneumatic hydraulic fittings, oil cylinder and system

3. pictures are for reference only. Don't use pictures to determine objects.Products in baby details about the introduction, but not all baby details are so detailed, if the product inadvertently understand the customer, it is recommended to consult customer service, we are shipped according to the title, thank you for your support! If you have any questions about the product after the purchase, please contact customer service, we will give the parents a satisfactory answer. Please do not randomly comment, credit is the survival of the basic store, thank you for your support, thank you!

About 4. express, normally we send rhyme or due to the weight of different Debon express, generally adopts the method of Duotuishaobu, we received many pro, express also received many of our mutual understanding and support, please. You can also send SF or Debon express, SF and Germany are to pay and pay the same price. Please contact directly with the customer.



5. system is generally required to be made, not allowed to retreat or change, but please understand. Thank you for your support.

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1. - any problems as encountered in the purchase, please contact us for negotiation. For those unreasonable demands, pick the buyers please pass my puerile, can not afford to toss oh. Of course I hope every Pro Zhang bought in this shop during the open happy heart, so the owner will be very happy. Sometimes the owner will be very verbose, while introducing our products, please ask the relevant aspects of parents understanding and support, the owner does not want buyers to buy the wrong things or buy back a useless thing.


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Fuzhou Rongxin automation equipment Co. Ltd is a professional production and sales of hydraulic pneumatic products, dedicated to the hydraulic components, hydraulic system and pneumatic control system research and development, design, manufacturing and maintenance, to provide professional services for oil, metallurgy, machine, rubber, machinery, ships, ports, packing, tunnel, military, pharmaceutical and cars, energy, chemical, textile, paper industry, light industry and other industries.

Main products:
1. hydraulic pump: piston pump, gear pump, medium and low pressure variable vane pump, medium and low pressure quantitative vane pump
2. pressure valve: relief valve, pressure reducing valve, sequence valve, back pressure valve, unloading valve
3. directional valve: electromagnetic directional valve, electro-hydraulic reversing valve, manual reversing valve, one-way valve, hydraulic control check valve and liquid filled valve
4. flow valve: throttle valve, electromagnetic flow valve, speed control valve, electromagnetic speed regulating valve, mechanical throttle valve, special valve for machine tool
5. superposed valves: relief valve, pressure reducing valve, electronic control pressure reducing valve, counterbalance valve, pilot type counterbalance valve, electromagnetic flow valve, one-way throttle valve, throttle valve, check valve and buffer valve
6. hydraulic motor: hydraulic motor, motor pump group
7. hydraulic unit: hydraulic system, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder
8. proportional valve: electro hydraulic proportional pilot relief valve, electro hydraulic proportional relief valve, electro-hydraulic proportional overflow speed regulating valve
9. cartridge valve: logic valve, embedded relief valve, pilot scale load relief valve, check valve
10. hydraulic accessories: high pressure hose, Teflon tube, vibration proof pressure gauge, electric contact pressure gauge, pressure relay, cooler, air filter, oil filter, oil filter, oil level gauge, pressure switches, coupling, pump rack
11. pneumatic components: all kinds of air cylinder, gas source processing parts, solenoid valve, water valve, steam valve, anti-corrosion valve, automatic drain, manual reversing valve, mechanical valve, air pressure hose, high pressure pipe, all kinds of pneumatic joints, cylinder accessories
12. professional custom-made a variety of non-standard cylinders, high pressure tubing, metal hose, hydraulic welding, clamping, expansion, excessive joint Fujian, pneumatic connectors and other accessories.

The company specializes in hydraulic assembly, can be customized according to customer requirements.
If not available, please contact us! For more detailed specifications and information, please contact us. )

Note: 1, because of the price fluctuation, the final price, please contact with my company and then negotiate.

2, other types of products are welcome to contact inquiry price delivery.

I read before purchase:

* delivery, delivery and postage: according to the distance of the city, the gap between postage lot, please buyers to purchase before consulting with the company because the courier company delivery postage occasionally delays, hope that the buyer in case of the matter can be more understanding. Thank you!

Special announcement: we do not welcome buyers who are too critical to arrive. Our company guarantees shipment as soon as possible! To ensure accurate time of arrival, because the courier company and post office of our company is unable to arrange the delivery (courier company courier service quality, weather (high speed uneven in quality) road caused by heavy snow fog) and traffic (traffic control, flight delays and steam Che Dusai), these are beyond your my control range. Please understand each other! Thank you

Delivery instructions: the company insisted on the delivery of goods on the same day without special reasons, but sometimes it is inevitable to encounter "out of stock", "time is too late" and other reasons, resulting in delays, please also understand! We'll contact you in time.

Arrival tips:

1, the arrival of the courier generally contact you by telephone, our goods and packaging in the absence of heavy fall, heavy pressure is not damaged, please try to be as soon as possible before the courier face open inspection, if found the problem, please do not sign.

2, if the courier's attitude is not good or not sent to your home, ask you to come downstairs to take, but also please forgive, understand, don't care.

3, the express company belongs to the third party, you and I can not control the accuracy of its arrival time, please understand more!

4, because most of the courier company Saturday and Sunday send a piece is not normal, plus some customers to stay at the address of the company and the customer weekend rest, so our Saturday may be sent together on Sunday. I let you shopping for success, please pay attention to the commodity function before the purchase confirmation, without confirmation, there will not be responsible for the discrepancies, each product has its own advantages and disadvantages, the choice of goods please know enough to buy goods, and network related suggestions have seen real evaluation information, as the actual need to decide to buy! If the debate is not responsible for, please understand!

- your "yes" should include customer service quality service. If you buy goods problems please contact us. We determined the cause of the problem. In order to update and improve. We will take the "customer first" purpose to solve!

That we do not accept 'Kanjie' meager profits is our survival, basic security and commodity quality customer service!

The sign for the parcel, please when the postman (sending pieces of staff) face, specifications and quantity of goods unpacking inspection, if in doubt, please contact us first. To avoid unnecessary trouble, thank you for your cooperation!

You need to know the warranty:

The quality standard by the company for the new products are original products, such as the type I error due to the purchase is not responsible for the return, the company sold products from the date of shipment to enjoy half of the quality assurance, according to the standard of original quality, product problems in the warranty period, must be confirmed by the production factory inspection, supplier to solve, because the storage, use, poor maintenance caused the decline in the quality of products, should not claim it; if there are objections, please do not buy! Looking forward to cooperation with you, and hope to develop together with you, please advise and contact...... Finally, I wish you a happy shopping!