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304 stainless steel horizontal non negative pressure steady flow tank, horizontal negative pressure tank 1600*28004.m, no water stop

Vacuum suppressor and no water stop. 304 stainless steel, 8 nickel, the price is higher than the ordinary stainless steel, good quality, more corrosion resistance, more secure for domestic water supply. With hygienic license, safe and reliable. This product is the conventional size of the industry, with special size can provide drawings, customized according to requirements. This is a customized paragraph

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Non negative pressure steady flow tank (horizontal)

Specification (diameter * height mm): 1600*2800

Total volume (M3): 4.5

Material: stainless steel


First, product overview:

1. stainless steel non negative pressure steady flow tank: equipment investment without the construction of the pool or tank, also do not need to set up a large pressure tank, save a lot of investment, but also because it can make full use of tap water pressure water supply pipe network in order to reduce the pump selection, reduce equipment investment
2. sanitary non polluting water supply system from tap water pipe network to user faucet is totally enclosed structure. Pollutants will not enter the system, the water body is not directly contact with the air, the filter parts are made of food grade stainless steel, there is no two chance of pollution, environmental protection and sanitation.
3. remarkable energy saving equipment directly connected with the tap water pipe network pressure superposed on the basis of a water supply tap water factory on the required pressure, how much worse, how much make up, can make full use of the residual pressure of the water pipe network, low peak period, do not even need to run equipment, energy saving effect is remarkable, and the traditional water supply equipment than. Such as 30%-90%
4. saving water resources without cleaning regularly, not wasting water resources and human resources. Maintenance cost.
5., small area, no need to build a reservoir or water tank, do not need to configure large pressure tank, greatly saving the system area, can save land to improve the real estate utilization rate, in line with national land conservation requirements
6. the bottom of the operation cost is smaller because of the selection of the pressure pump, and the water supply can be connected by multiple pumps. The water supply is directly supplied by the water directly in the city with low water peak, and the equipment does not need to start the pump. Therefore, the energy consumption is very low during the operation of the equipment, and the operation cost is reduced.
7. the water supply will not stop when the water supply is insufficient, the new generation of pipe network superposed pressure (non negative pressure) water supply equipment developed by our company adopts advanced computer fuzzy control principle, and the normal water supply can be guaranteed when the water supply is insufficient
8. easy to install equipment to the scene, only need to connect the water pipe, the construction cycle is short, according to the installation simple
9. management and maintenance simple for equipment, there is a public water supply pipe and user network directly interlinked, when the power failure, although the pressure pump stops working, but the water supply plant water supply pressure can still maintain water supply
10. water supply pump with good performance, good pipe network pressure superposed water supply device for automatic control of variable speed power crisis, automatic shutdown device, automatic call boot, after clap can lie detection, diagnosis and alarm reminding device management and maintenance is extremely simple. Since there is no pollution, there is no need for trouble cleaning.
11. stainless steel non negative pressure steady flow tank: water supply pump with good performance, good equipment adopts multistage stainless steel pressure pump, pump casing, impeller and the main parts are made of food grade stainless steel stamping or casting wit, smooth circulation, high efficiency and energy saving, and smooth running, low noise, good performance of whole machine, is surrounded by green the ideal energy-saving water supply equipment.

Two. Main features:

1. stainless steel without negative pressure steady flow tank: do not produce negative pressure, rather than produce negative pressure, and then eliminate it.
2. water pump and pipeline are all stainless steel materials, clean tap water in the closed pipeline directly pressurized home, eradicate the two pollution, let users use "assured water"".
3. the pipe network pressure is superposed and utilized, the two pressure head is small, saving energy and saving electricity effect is remarkable.
4. without building cisterns and water tanks, the area is small and the cost of civil construction is saved.
5. fully automated design, fully automatic operation, unattended. When there is a power failure, there is pressure supply in the pipe network, but not in the whole area. When the working water pump fails, the standby pump is put into operation automatically.

Three. Application range:

1. new residential areas or buildings and other domestic water
2. the water supply mode of water tank and water tank has been built for the reconstruction of water pollution
3. production and living water for industrial and mining enterprises
4. city water supply system long-distance water supply intermediate pressure station, regional water supply network pressurization station, high position centralized water supply pressure station.

China's urban water supply Ordinance stipulates that to prevent the impact of water on the surrounding residents, the pump is not allowed to install directly on the municipal pipe network. In order to solve the water supply equipment can be connected in series in the municipal pipe network does not generate negative pressure, and does not affect other users of water, adding the non negative pressure steady flow tank between the water pump inlet and the municipal pipe network, the negative pressure is not generated between the pump and the municipal pipe network, also can make full use of the original pressure of municipal pipe network.



Ordering instructions

First, please try to select the pump flow and lift head to tell us, and we can help you choose the product (detailed parameters).

Two. If the model of our company has been selected by the design unit, please order directly to us according to the type of product.

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Six, packaging: water pump for wooden box packaging, control cabinet for carton packaging.