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Holland DeTuinen garden natural calcium citrate 200mg60 anti osteoporosis

This product is purchased by CC mother in Holland exclusive store!! DeTuinen, a local brand in Holland, is the famous manufacturer of pure natural health products and skin care products in Holland. Maintain bone growth, supplement physical energy, maintain the excitability of nerve and muscle, and maintain gastrointestinal function. Bone active platinum provides an excellent source of calcium and Magesium's body. Calcium and magnesium are important minerals that maintain strong bones, teeth and muscles. Vitamin D contributes to the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

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DeTuinen, a local brand in Holland, is the famous manufacturer of pure natural health products and skin care products in Holland. DeTuinen means "garden" in Dutch, so Holland is commonly known as "flower"Garden shop. The biggest feature of the brand is the extraction of natural effective ingredients from organisms, mainly for a variety of health care products, essential oils, skin care products, food and so on, all sold goods in allIt's pure natural greenHealthcare! It's a household name in Holland! It has wide coverage, safe material, no chemical additives and no artificial colorVegetarian and flavoring agents. Fresh, natural, gentle and effective, the pursuit of natural health is the gardenProduct principle. To everyone's good, natural health care products is the motto of the garden shop.

This brand has only stores in Holland and the UK, which is the local brand of Holland.

Brand: DeTuinen (Holland Royal Garden)

Series: Vitamine multivitamin

Product Name:Calcium Citraat (natural calcium citrate)

Specifications: 60 Tablets / bottle

Net weight: 63 grams, each tablet containing 200mg

Function:Regulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism in the body, strengthen bones and teeth, replenish energy and prevent osteoporosis

Origin: Holland native

This garden shop recommended to grandma CC a suitable for the elderly of calcium.

 DeTuinen natural calcium citrate:

Calcium is the basic material for bone development, directly affects the height, but also has other important physiological functions in the body. These functions play an important role in maintaining the health of the body and ensuring the smooth development of the normal growth and development. Calcium can promote the activities of some enzymes in the body, regulate the activity of enzymes, participate in the activities of nerves and muscles, release neurotransmitters, and regulate the secretion of hormones. Blood coagulation, cell adhesion, and muscle contraction also require calcium. Calcium also plays an important role in regulating heart rhythm, reducing cardiovascular permeability, controlling inflammation and edema, and maintaining acid-base balance.
Daily supplementation of calcium is especially beneficial for women over 35 years of age.
Pure natural citrate calcium, lemon juice contains a large number of citric acid, citric acid and calcium ions into soluble complex, can alleviate the calcium ions to promote blood coagulation, can prevent and * * hypertension and myocardial infarction. So it can play a role in anticoagulation, but also help to absorb calcium in the body!
Calcium is the most abundant inorganic salt in human body
Calcium is one of the most abundant inorganic salts in the human body. The content of calcium in normal human body is 1200~1400 grams, accounting for about 1.5% to 2% of human body weight, 99% of which exist in bones and teeth. In addition, 1% of calcium is mostly ionic and exists in soft tissue, extracellular fluid and blood, and maintains dynamic equilibrium with bone calcium. Calcium in the body, on the one hand, constitutes bones and teeth, on the other hand can participate in a variety of physiological functions and metabolic processes, affecting the activities of various organs and tissues.
Calcium and magnesium, potassium and sodium in plasma to maintain a certain proportion, the nerves and muscles to maintain the normal reaction; calcium can regulate the heart beat, keep the heart continuous alternately systolic and diastolic; calcium can maintain muscle contraction and transmission of nerve impulses; calcium can stimulate platelet, prompted the wound blood clots in the body; there are many kinds of enzymes, activated calcium is needed, in order to show their activity.
Taking method:
5 times a day, 1 pills each time. Take it while you're eating.
Please don't take it too much.
Storage method
Please store it in a cool, ventilated and dry place.