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Household electric corn threshing machine, small corn thresher, corn thresher processing machine not rotten copper core

The factory directly sells the high efficiency thickening small household electric corn threshing machine processing machine, including the motor not rotten copper core

discount 70% in 2018-10-17 to 2018-10-19
price: USD$ 488.60
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Attention: corn threshing machine must be dried corn, oh, cloth drying directly affect the threshing effect of kazakhstan! The size of corn doesn't matter

Power supply: single phase electricity (home 220V)

Speed: 2200 RPM / min.

Production efficiency: 1000 kg / hour

Electric power: 1.1-2.2 kW /220V

Weight: 19 kg

Size: 57*25*63cm

Packing size: 85*27*27cm

First, use and characteristics

The corn threshing machine is a small new threshing machine, suitable for rural household corn thresher cutting rod machine, save time for the majority of farmers and friends, reducing the amount of labor, this machine is compact and reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, stable and reliable performance, simple and safe operation, low energy consumption, high efficiency, complete removal of corn bone. The net rate is high.

Three. Main structure and principle
   The roller is driven by the motor through the belt, and the corn rod enters into the relative roll with the threshing roll machine, and then the corn grain is separated from the cylinder by friction

Four, safe use and maintenance
Check whether the motor direction is consistent with the direction of the thresher before use, check whether the fasteners are loose or not.
2, before the use of the machine according to the instructions provided for adjustment and maintenance, check the key positions of the fastener is tightened, rotating parts have no friction, stuck, collision and so on. And then find the electrical installation check circuit, knife switch, connected to the power supply and the ground, to ensure safe use of electricity.
3, after the power supply, idling for 1-2 minutes, check whether the machine is running properly, whether the steering arrow pointing direction. All normal rear can feed. The number of materials to be uniform, once the stuffy car should first stop feeding, if the sound can not be restored, immediately cut off the power supply, remove the obstacles
4, the machine should choose smooth, spacious and ventilated work place, and equipped with reliable fire protection equipment
5, according to the provisions on the reasonable selection of motor nameplate raking machine, to improve spindle speed. No removal of protective device parts
6, under the age of 16 teenagers or fails to grasp the rules of use shall not grilled machine on the feeding operation
7, no drunk operators, sick fatigue start-up operation, no hand feeding protective cover (inlet) in feeding operations, or the use of iron or wooden feeding in the feeding port, illegal operators appear the consequences.
8, forbid overload work, should install overload protection device when necessary
9, the work found abnormal situation should immediately stop inspection, strictly prohibit the operation of the machine troubleshooting
10, the bearing part should be cleaned once a year, and add dry oil (lithium grease) bearing damage, emergency replacement

Four,Troubleshooting partymethod

1, the threshing is not clean: adjust the angle of the pipe cutter blade.

2, corn bar card machine:Belt is too loose: good belt tightness

Equipped with less motor power: the replacement of electric power larger

The outer diameter of the corn rod is very large: the threshing cover is disassembled, and the gasket is added on the screw rod of the support rod before and after the threshing pipe, and the debugging can be done