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Golden warrior UPS power ST10KS/8000W golden warrior 10KVAUPS host, 3 hours battery pack

discount 70% in 2018-10-18 to 2018-10-20
price: USD$ 17780.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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ST10KS10KVA/8000W online UPS power supply 10KVA delay 3 hours package

Manufacturer:Foshan City Xinguang Wang Rui Power Equipment Co. Ltd. 

Configuration list:

(1) Jin WushiST10KS Main engine one

(2) 32 12V65AH batteries

(3) A16 battery cabinet 2

(4) price details: 6470+620*32+430*2=27170 yuan

Applicable scope:

The actual load power 10KVA 8000W external 12V65AH battery 32 power can be used for 8000W equipment using delayed more than 3 hours (output wave, 0 pure Xuan switching time)

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DSP digital control technology+Zero conversion time + environmental safety = perfect power supply

 AdvancedDSP digital control technology

To achieve precise digital operation control, UPS performance is higher, product performance is more stable, quality is more reliable.
Green environmental protection
This product conforms to the national electronic information products pollution control management measures, the product under normal use will not cause harm to the environment and the human body.
Active input power factor correction (PFC)
Active power factor correction using digital control technology, the high input power factor is more than 0.99, to avoid the grid environment pollution, saving energy and reduce the costs of the system.
Zero handover
When the electricity is abnormal, the UPS is transferred to the battery,The switching time of the UPS power supply mode is zeroEffectively ensure the safety and reliability of load operation.
Wide input voltage and frequency range
Input voltage range (90V-285V), input frequency range (40Hz-60Hz). Even in the power environment is very bad areas can also work steadily in the city power supply mode, can reduce the number of battery discharge, extend its service life.
Achieve perfect power output
After filtering, voltage regulator to achieve perfect sine wave power, stable output 220V.
Frequency adaptive system
Can be set into a fixed 50Hz or 60Hz system. Or automatically identify and adapt to the 50Hz/60Hz power supply system to meetRequirements for different power systems.
Large screen blue background LCD+LED display
Double display is rich in content, simple operation, more obvious reliability and humanization; operation panel with switch protection device, avoid mistakeThe operation is safer and more reliable because of the misoperation caused by touching or mistake pressing.
It can be used with generators

The input voltage and frequency range is wide, which can effectively isolate the bad power generated by the generator, and provide a pure, safe and stable power supply for the load.


UPS shopping guide

Question one: Why buy a UPS uninterruptible power supply?
The computer system can be guaranteed to continue working for a period of time after the blackout, so that the user can save it urgently, so that you can not affect the work due to power outages
Or missing data.
Question two: what's the function of UPS UPS?
1. is emergency use, to prevent the sudden power failure and affect the normal work, causing damage to the computer;
2. is to eliminate the power supply surge, instantaneous high voltage, instantaneous low voltage, wire noise and frequency offset and other "power pollution", improve the quality of power supply
Quantity, providing high quality power supply for computer system.
Question three: UPS is divided into two categories: backup type and online type according to their working principle
Backup UPS is our most commonly used, it has the automatic voltage regulator, power failure protection and other basic and most important functions of UPS, although the general
There is about 10ms conversion time, the inverter output AC is square wave rather than sine wave, but because the structure is simple and cheap, reliable
It is widely used in microcomputers, peripherals, POS machines and other fields;
The on-line UPS structure is complex, but the performance is perfect, can solve all the power problems, its remarkable characteristic is can continue zero interrupt to output pure
The net sine wave alternating current can solve all the power problems, such as spikes, surges, frequency drift, etc., because of the large investment, it is usually used
In critical environments such as critical equipment and network centers.
Question four: what is the length of the UPS standby?
It is decided by UPS's energy storage device, and now UPS usually uses fully sealed maintenance free lead-acid batteries as energy storage devices
The size of the number of ah (AH) "this index, which means the discharge in accordance with the provisions of the current time. Batteries with the same voltage,
When a large number of large capacity; the same number of ampere hour battery, voltage high voltage and large capacity, usually with said battery capacity ah,
Such as 12V/7AH, 12V/24AH, 12V/65AH, 12V/100AH.
Backup UPS built-in 7AH battery, its standby time is fixed; online UPS has built-in 7AH battery standard model, also has the external distribution
The long-term model of large capacity battery, the user can determine the standby time according to the need to determine the capacity of a large battery.
Battery is an important part of UPS, which occupies a large proportion of the value, and its quality is directly related to the normal use of UPS,
It should be carefully chosen to ensure the quality of the battery is genuine.
Question five: what kind of UPS should I be equipped with?
According to the situation of the equipment, the power environment and the purpose of power protection, the appropriate UPS can be selected, for example, the built-in switching power supply
The small power equipment can generally use the backup UPS, and the on-line or interactive UPS should be chosen when the power consumption is bad
The equipment that allows intermittent time or sine wave alternating current requires only on-line UPS.
Question six: how much power should I equip with UPS?
We must first determine your equipment is much power in general, ordinary PC or IPC power at about 200W, with computer in 300W
The server is between 400 and 600W, and the power values of other devices can refer to the instructions of the device.
Secondly, it should be understood that the rated power of UPS has two methods: apparent power (unit VA) and actual output power (unit W)
There is a difference between the work power and the output power. The conversion relationship between the two is: apparent power * power factor = actual output power
The backup power factor is 0.6, and the online power factor is generally 0.8.
When the equipment is equipped with UPS, the actual output power of UPS should be matched, and some dealers will intentionally or unintentionally confuse (VA) and (W)
The difference should be brought to the attention of the user.
Question seven: what are the precautions for using UPS?
The use of 1.UPS environment should pay attention to good ventilation, conducive to heat dissipation, and keep the environment clean.
2. do not bring inductive load, such as currency counter, fluorescent lamp, air conditioning, etc., so as not to cause damage.
The output load of 3.UPS is controlled at about 60%, and the reliability is the highest.
4.UPS carrying too light (such as 1000VA UPS band 100VA load) may cause deep discharge of the battery, and will reduce the service life of the battery
Try to avoid.
5. proper discharge is helpful to the activation of the battery, such as the long-term non-stop power supply, every three months should be artificially cut off the city electricity with UPS load discharge once,
This will extend the life of the battery.
6. for most small UPS, go to work to open UPS, boot to avoid starting with load, work should be closed UPS; for network room UPS, by the network
Most networks work 24 hours, so UPS has to run around the clock.
7.UPS discharge should be charged in time to avoid damage to the battery due to excessive self discharge.

After sales guarantee

National joint guarantee,UPS power host warranty for three years; external battery 24AH above warranty for three years, 24AH below the warranty for one year. The warranty is guaranteed by the serial number of the machine, without the receipt of invoices and receipts. Please feel free to buy.