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LE1 insulation jacket, 316, 304 target flowmeter f-lined DN15-500

LE1 series capacitive target flowmeter is based on the traditional target type flowmeter, with new capacitance force induction flowmeter developed into the development of new sensors and microelectronic technology, it has both characteristics of vortex flowmeter and orifice plate, no moving parts, but also has high sensitivity, and phase volume flowmeter comparable accuracy, wide measuring range.

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Flange type pipe clamp / nominal pressure 4Mpa following precision 1.0%FS precision 0.5%FS. Insert the nominal pressure below 4Mpa precision 1.5%FS precision 1.0%FS
One, overview
LE1 series capacitive target flowmeter is based on the traditional target type flowmeter, with new capacitance force developed into the development of new sensors, the microelectronics technology
Induction type flowmeter, it has both characteristics of vortex flowmeter and orifice plate, no moving parts, but also has high sensitivity, and the volumetric flowmeter is comparable to the accuracy of the,
Wide measuring range. The anti overload capacitive force transducer structure, efficient chip level is the key of the new product to realize high precision and high stability,
In addition to its unique anti-interference performance in flow measurement of impurities, can replace the conventional flow measurement, especially in high viscosity, easy to medium, dirty condensate blockage and high temperature,
It has good adaptability in low temperature conditions, corrosion and other flow measurement difficult, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, food and other fields.
The suitable diameter range: Phi 10~ Phi 2000 to more;
The suitable temperature range: -196 ~ C~500 ~ C;
The application of high / low pressure: 0~42MPa;
The application of various medium: gas, liquid (including high viscosity liquid and slurry), steam;
- suitable for low velocity medium, which can measure the minimum flow rate is 0.08m/s.
Two, the principle and characteristics of
1, structure
LE1 series capacitive target flowmeter is mainly composed of a measuring tube (shell), capacitance model
Force sensor, flow resistance, flow display and output part.
2, work principle
When the medium in the measuring tube flow, because of its own energy through a flow resistance (target) and the differential pressure, and the flow resistance of a force, the size of the force
Flow rate is proportional to the square, its mathematical expression is as follows:
Type: F force - flow resistance by (kg)
Cd - object drag coefficient
A - flow resistance of the measuring tube axial projection area (mm2)
P: under the condition of medium density (kg/m3)
V - medium in the measuring tube of the average flow rate (m/s)
Flow resistance (target) to accept the force F, by rigid connection transfer (rod) to the capacitive force sensor, capacitive force sensor produces a voltage signal output:
V - voltage capacitive force sensor output (mV), K - F - proportional constant flow resistance (target) by force (kg)
Thus, the voltage signal by pre amplification, AD conversion and computer processing, you can get the instantaneous flow and cumulative amount accordingly.

Asphalt, heavy oil, liquid paraffin, liquid sulfur, residual oil, crude oil, edible oil, and heating medium measurement transmission.

Diameter: DN15 ~ DN500mm
Nominal pressure: 0.6 ~ 42MPa
Working temperature: +80 to 500 DEG C
Accuracy: + 1 to + 2.5%FS
Range: 1:5
Shell: 304 stainless steel (or according to user requirements to provide consultation)
Power supply: built-in 3.6VDC lithium battery (two for one, without signal output); for 24VDC (with signal output)
Output signal: 4 ~ 20mA two-wire pulse; 0 ~ 1000HZ; Hart communication; RS232/RS485 (or according to user requirements to provide consultation)
Protection grade: IP65; IP67
Explosion proof mark: ExiallCT4 flameproof intrinsically safe; ExdllCT4
Meter display: cumulative flow; transient flow; working temperature; pressure conditions (temperature and pressure compensation type only); rod full-scale percentage; fault detection
Flange: GB (GB/T) series (HG Series); chemical machinery; (JB/T) series; also provide countries flange standard according to customer requirements

The instrument in the design of movable parts, double sandwich structure, good insulation effect
Can choose a variety of anti-corrosion and high temperature materials (such as Hastelloy, titanium etc.)
The machine can be made and sealed without dead (welding), no leakage, high pressure resistant 42MPa
Instrument equipped with self checking program, fault phenomenon at a glance
The sensor is not contacted with measured medium, there is no abrasion of parts and components, the use of safe and reliable
And in the dry calibration method, which uses weight hanging weight method. Single key operation can complete the calibration
With a variety of mounting options, such as the choice of online plug-in, low installation cost
With the integration of temperature and pressure compensation, direct output or quality standard
With optional small signal removal, non-linear correction, filtering time can be selected
And can accurately measure the flow of gas and liquid, under the condition of high temperature of 500 degrees
And accurate measurement, the accuracy can reach 1%
- good repeatability, generally 0.05 ~ 0.08%, rapid measurement
Pressure loss is small, only 1/2 P standard orifice around
Anti interference ability is specially strong, anti impurity
And according to the actual need replacement baffles (target) and change the flow range.
- low power battery field display, online reading indication, the display screen can be read at the same time the instantaneous and cumulative flow rate and percentage bar chart
And the installation is simple and convenient, easy to maintain
Many remote can output in the form of various parameters
Anti - shock resistance, within a certain range of measurable pulsating flow