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3240 epoxy board, insulating resin board, electrical board, glass fiber board, size can be cut zero processing, high temperature resistance

3240 epoxy bar: introduced with high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and has good machinability, heat resistance grade is B class. 3240 epoxy rod introduction, suitable for motor, electrical insulation components, and can be used in the wet ring and transformer oil.

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Professional management:Bakelite rod rubber wood rod epoxy epoxy board bakelite cardboard sheet

Epoxy bar color: light yellow

Epoxy rod specification: diameter 8-300mm length: 1 meters

Specification of epoxy plate: thickness 0.3mm-100mm, width 1 meters * length 2 meters

The above plates can be cut and processed

The above size error is normal.Such as: diameter200mmActual202mmperhaps198mmActual size of plate1020mm*2020mmOr smaller, above is a normal phenomenon


Rubber sticks are also calledPhenolic laminated paper stick.Product of paper and cotton paper as reinforcing material with excellent quality and bleaching of wood, petrochemical raw materials of high purity, the total synthesis of the reaction of phenolic resin made from a resin adhesive for manufacturing do. In the plastics industry, also known as bakelite. The common use of wood flour as filler of phenolic plastics. Mainly to the wood powder as filler pfnr, commonly known as bakelite powder or powder. Plastic products by bakelite powder or powder by pressing a, called bakelite products or bakelite products. A hard material made of rubber and a large amount of sulphur, used as insulating materials for electrical appliances, and for other daily necessities.

Bakelite basic introduction:Phenolic plastics phenolicplasticsPlastics based on phenolic resin. English Name: Phenol-FormaldehydeAbbreviation: PF

Bakelite performance:Is a kind of thermosetting plastic brittle and hard, commonly known as bakelite. High mechanical strength, tough wear resistance, dimensional stability, corrosion resistance, excellent electrical insulation performance. Room temperature electrical performance, good machining performance, the proportion of 1.45, warping degree is less than or equal to 3 per thousand, with electrical, mechanical and processing properties of excellent.

The application of bakelite:High performance mechanical and electrical equipment and insulation structure parts. Mechanical strength is good, mainly used in ICT, ITE fixture insulation parts processing, testing fixture, silicone rubber key mold, fixture board, mold splint, table grinding pad, packaging machine, comb and so on.

Temperature tolerance (continuous) degree
C140Temperature tolerance (short-time) 180 degreeC
Water absorption
%<1.5Linear thermal expansion coefficientKx10
Thermal conductivityCombustibility
UL94) 94HB

Vertical flexural strengthMPa120Vertical compressive strengthMPa250

tensile strengthMPa100impact strengthkJ/m
Adhesion strength
N3600Insulation resistance after immersion1.0*10
Vertical layer electrical strength
KV/m12.1Parallel layer breakdown voltageKV
Relative dielectric constant
1MHz/50Hz)5.5/-Volume resistancexcmSurface resistance Omega

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Imported engineering plasticsMC901Nylon rod, plate imported POM stick, plate imported polyethylene rod, plate imported polypropylene rod, plate imported PVC rod, plate imported PEEK rod, plate imported PA6/PA66 nylon rod, plate and so on

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