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Burr trimming knife chamfer coppertube burr CH-209A Aluminum Alloy stainless steel pipe cutter

Aluminum alloy material, more durable.

discount 70% in 2018-09-22 to 2018-09-24
price: USD$ 147.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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important clause:As most of our products are overweight, our freight standard is not overweight price, such as pro pats overweight goods, please pay the freight. Thank You for Your Cooperation! Prefix=ons= "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office""

Please read the following terms carefully and know and agree to take it again

[material pictures]

We guarantee that the goods and pictures exactly the same, baby description of the real, there is no false, you receive, that you see, please rest assured to buy. If you have any questions, please contact us by telephone.

[delivery time]

Normally, parentsAt 2:00 in the afternoonBefore the day of payment delivery, such as the case to store inventory, special case manufacturers cannot supply within 2 days, the shop will be delayed or refund or phone buyers want to discuss

[delivery mode]

This shop is in default of express delivery, Shentong, such as your area, Shentong express pass to delivery or not satisfied, please be sure to tell you where to choose customer service satisfaction or express (general. TACT) freight is 1-2 yuan on the original basis, general2-5dayThe goods can be delivered to the door (some longer in the remote area).Shen Tong. Zhong TongIf the express goods are in1Kg.withInternal standard chargeThe excess weight should be charged according to the actual charging standard. There are other requirements that can be dealt with by both parties before negotiation.
[after sale service]

We attach great importance to every transaction with your receipt of the goods, please don't rush to sign, when the surface delivery personnel unpacking inspection after the receipt confirmation. Such as the discovery of commodity packaging cartons have been open or find the goods distribution error or serious damage to the goods, after receipt of the goods may refuse to sign, and contact us directly, to ensure that your interests, please contact again reflect the loss of the goods, the number of discrepancies, the appearance of serious damage to such problems will not be able to handle this shop.

Please buyers carefully read baby description, do not buy wrong. If there is no clear place, you can send pictures to us, we can analyze and judge with you, but the final decision is in the buyer. If you buy something wrong, you can exchange it, or you can return it. But only refund the goods, courier fees should be responsible for the buyer. The exact time is after receipt of the goods24hourInternal connection, and in96hourWill return the goods, overdue will not be accepted (replacement must remain the same appearance, secretly broke apart. The internal burned damage can not enjoy the service, customer service).
[special reminder]
Please specify the detailed delivery address so that the courier can deliver it accurately. In addition, the telephone you provide is also very important, please ensure that effective and smooth! At present, the work of domestic express varies greatly, so we can not effectively guarantee the delivery time of express! We can only guarantee delivery within the stipulated time, can not guarantee the specific arrival time, if the arrival time is relatively high, please contact us before purchase confirmation! Express delivery can be limited.
[payment methods]

All goods can be passed directlyAlipay"Credit card"Payment is equivalent to payment after receipt of goods, absolutely guarantee your shopping safety. No Alipay friends can also through the courier company cod (Guangdong province) or bank transfer.

important clause:We understand very well that we hope to receive the goods as soon as possible.But we can't control the speed and service attitude of the express company,Please understand and forgive each other,Don't keep asking us. It is recommended to seize the time in your hands, if you are in urgent need of arrival, please choose SF ExpressEMSExpress。

We can not confirm the arrival time, please friends, please wait patiently, if it is urgent, please call the courier company to rush the goods, express single number inThe treasure that has been boughtThe logistics status can be viewed,Telephone can be sent to express company online inquiryTact;EMSPlease hit it directly11185queryyunda EMS express

Buyers must read

Instructions for receiving goods

1.After receiving the delivery, please open the package to confirm the baby and then sign the way to avoid the pink of perfection, baby damage or exchanged goods, express to shirk responsibility, damage your interests. If the courier does not allow the first inspection after the receipt, may require courier cooperative inspection, be signed immediately after to open inspection, if found the baby does not match or damaged, immediately returned to the courier, indicating the damage of the goods, we will find the courier company claims, and immediately send you new. If you sign again to reflect the damage to the goods, because the responsibility is not clear, will not guarantee your interests, please pay attention to the goods must pay attention!

2.The collection, sign: for by your family, property, security, communication, signed on behalf of the buyer, please pay special attention to, if others to sign after the occurrence of the above phenomenon, we also are not responsible for the return, please contact in advance the goods after inspection or notify you by you personally check the goods receipt!

The collection or to express a single sign of human subject; also please sign your signature with block letters, if the express delivery end sign?Stick songYuProtectswimSave feedGuillotine?
Although we have repeatedly stressed the need to pay attention to when receiving the goods, but still can not guarantee because of negligence, did not check the goods receipt, discovered after receipt of the damage to the goods, the consignee does not find a courier company for logic, the consigner wrangling, in case of the situation, can refer to the "Alipay" dispute settlement rules processing.

[evaluation score]

Our shop refused to comment,,Strive for the best quality and the last perfect,We attach great importance to your evaluation and store score,Each of your shop score and receiving evaluation condenses the heart of the shopkeeper,It's the strength that supports the owner's progress,But for Taobao some casual, intentional, malicious Amoy friends,In our way of doing things,The store will remain in the right.

[after sale]

Despite our best efforts, to ensure that the baby is able to send out a new baby for normal use, but can not guarantee one hundred percent no mistake, cannot guarantee no damage during transportation, in case of errors, we can ensure that goods and returns one hundred percent, but return shipping by the buyer. Would you like to buy things at the local mall, if you want to return, the mall will not give you the same fare reimbursement. Although the probability of returning goods is less than 3/1000, but prior instructions are good for both buyers and sellers.

Shipping instructions: this store marked freight are Guangdong province freight, mail refers to general cargo; please take goods before the best to contact us for consultation fee. Friends from other provincesTake this baby1Kg at start priceAfter more than one kilogram8Yuan.

To ensure the credibility of this shop only to earn profit in the goods, customers do not earn profits in multi fee collection. If the problem is caused by the overcharged customers, we can make up for the second purchases.