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A black magic eizi multifunctional handheld vibration massage instrument grease machine household massager

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Name: Magic / Devil massage massage instrument

Principle:Mechanical power by force stability rhyme, according to different parts of the body to adjust the different speed of systemic or local massage, can have a mechanical vibration to stimulate female hormone secretion, dredge the ovary, uterus to restore elasticity, increase sexual function.


1, mechanical hand control design

2, soft leather elastic massage head, comfortable


1, Tongmai Huoxue, dredge the meridians, ovarian maintenance.

2, to accelerate blood circulation, accelerate uterine contraction.

3, enhance sexual desire, endocrine regulation

4, the elimination of fatigue nerves

This product is a strength of two gears.


1, the use of massage before, please check the power line, switch and machine parts are in good condition, each part of the machine can not be loose. 2, confirm the switch in the OFF position (off).
3, is inserted into the power socket, first check the power supply socket is intact, can be used.
4, put the machine on the neck, hands clasped the appliance handle, or with a special bandage, close to the body, first with weak file massage for a few minutes, and then choose according to need: massage.
5, massage the abdomen, should be clockwise massage, hands a little pressure, the massage effect is better.
6, four only to cushion massager cutin is hard, can be used for acupoint massage.
7, the massager upside down on the carpet, light feet resting on the massage cushion, can be used for foot massage.
In 8, the need for slimming cream with effective weight loss site, and then covered with plastic film (film), continuous massage for 20 - 30 minutes, daily 1 - 2 times, for 15 - 30 days, can achieve the effect of partial weight loss. The long-term use can prevent rebound.
9 to the human body, abdomen, pubic symphysis part of "weak file" massage, can regulate the endocrine, comfortable.
Handle 10, machine operator on hand can also play the role of massage, such as strongly felt discomfort, soft fabric can be wound on the handle, or wear gloves, to weaken the felt.
11, because of long time massage, accelerate blood circulation, or underwear on the fiber of the skin, may cause itching, please do not use hands, only need to remake the skin several times, itching will disappear, 2 - 3 days later will meet.
12, the end of the massage, will switch to the "OFF" (off) position, the power line plug from the power socket.

Let the fat movement, let you from exercising hard, through scientific proof of identification

Abdominal fat = 10 minutes jogging for 2 hours; hip fat 10 minutes = jogging for 90 minutes

Leg fat = 10 minutes jogging 1 hours 10 minutes of exercise waist waist fat = 3800

According to the summary of the [user] massage effect:

1, endocrine regulation. Through the massage of the lower abdomen, pubic symphysis, celiac and pelvic contraction intense exercise, promote the secretion of ovarian hormones. The female estrogen deficiency caused by various symptoms (spots, pigmentation, wrinkles, acne, oily skin, aging, mood swings, upset, insomnia, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, sexual dysfunction, and can effectively prevent and improve. Users reflect: bad, mild uterine fibroids, dysmenorrhea has good curative effect on uterus.

2, help digestion, relieve constipation. In the air around the umbilical long, can strengthen the intestinal peristalsis, help digestion, effective contact constipation.

3, breast. With the breast cream used for a month, can make the double peak, was increased, especially for nursing after breast ptosis, middle-aged women, can effectively improve the 2-3cm.

4, the fast shock fat diet. With the ointment, only 30 minutes a day (1 sites) for 14 consecutive days. The local (abdomen, thigh, calf, back, buttocks) especially slimming effect. The general abdomen reduced 4-6cm, the best to reach 13cm. Recently, there are people creatively for face, surprisingly good results. Long-term use, can effectively prevent the rebound, especially suitable for household.

5, meridians, relax the muscles. The fatigue caused by pain, frostbite, hemorrhoids and other diseases in addition to machine. Hemorrhoids need 10-15 days, sitting in the massage machine for half an hour a day.

6, lower blood pressure. A customer in use 2 times a day, every half an hour later, the head of peripheral vascular expansion, decreased blood pressure in hypertensive patients. Massage gently on the top of the head, the hair, hair is very helpful.

7, foot massage. The machine can be inverted, foot care, special effect.

8, hypertrophy of the prostate. The male due to hypertrophy of the prostate caused by dysuria, urinary retention, use 10 minutes to relieve.

Instrument parameters:

Size: 24.5*12.5*21.5CM

Weight: 3.5KGPower: 60W

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