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Japan YAMAWA titanium fine tooth tip tap tap M6X0.5M8X0.75M10X1M12X1.25

discount 70% in 2018-09-22 to 2018-09-24
price: USD$ 61.60
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The following is a detailed description of baby:

It is mainly used for thread cutting of various through hole materials. The end wire tapping has the same straight groove as the general hand tapping, but there is a specially designed spiral groove at the front of the cutting part to rotate the pushing chip out of the hole. Because the tip wire has the function of rotating the chip, it can not only keep the groove clean and reduce the resistance during cutting, but also avoid the damage caused by chip jam. Therefore, the end wire tapping can be used to cut the high precision thread faster than the ordinary hand tapping.
The characteristics of TiN coating are:
* improve the surface hardness and wear resistance increase
* reduce friction coefficient
* anti bonding
* improve heat resistance
These characteristics can completely achieve the purpose of the surface treatment of cutting tools mentioned in this section. Surface nitriding treatment has also been shown to improve the surface hardness of the tool, but the film hardness of TiN is higher. For 2000HV, almost 3 times the hardness of the high speed steel. Compared with other nitrides and carbides, the thermal conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient of TiN are close to that of high speed steel, so the adhesion strength of HSS is higher than that of hss.
The friction coefficient of TiN coating to nickel is only 50% of that of high speed steel to nickel.
3-3 scope of application
The advantages of TiN coating, silk attack have nitriding and oxidation of both therefore, good performance of soft material and hard material has the broad applicability of the general structure, rolling steel, stainless steel and easy to produce adhesion, high hardness, the tool wear large quenched and tempered steel, alloy structural steel, cutting the effect of alloy tool steel has good.
3-4 cutting performance
In order to investigate the relationship between the TiN coating and the tap life, will be part of the cutting edge inclination angle without any surface treatment, the oxidation of TiN coating, three processing hardening stainless steel SUS630. The cutting material is easy to produce bonding, while the hardness is high (45HRC), requiring the tool has good resistance to adhesion and wear resistance.
The test shows that the lifetime of wire attack is 3 times that of oxidation treatment without oxidation, and the TiN coating is 3 times of that of oxidation treatment. In the case of processing SS400 steel, the life of TiN coated wire is 3 times as long as that of the oxidized wire.

Although the cutting performance of wire tapping depends mainly on its shape, material and heat treatment, surface treatment is also an effective way to improve the wire tapping performance, especially the material with strong affinity as stainless steel, the surface treatment of cutting tools is indispensable

Brand: YAMAWA titanium wire tapping apex


Material: HSS-E (high speed steel containing cobalt)

Standard: metric / us

Eat in: 5 teeth

Surface treatment: Ti

Precision class: YAMAWAP class

Application materials: stainless steel, low carbon steel, high carbon steel, alloy steel, bronze, copper, aluminum, magnesium alloy, stainless steel and so on

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