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Australia purchasing Swisse citric acid calcium + vitamin D150 capsules of adult pregnant women old calcium

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Product Name: Swisse calcium + vitamin D
Origin: Australia
Product specifications: 150 large packaging

Each piece contains:
333.33 mg of calcium (1.58 grams of calcium citrate)
Vitamin D3333UI (8.3 MCG)

No added lactose, gluten, soy, eggs, artificial colors and flavours. It's also good for vegetarians.

Product details
Swisse calcium + vitamin D tablets are used in high quality raw materials to help you effectively supplement calcium and keep bones and teeth healthy. Swisse calcium + vitamin D tablet uses high-quality calcium source: calcium citrate, and natural vitamin D3, increase the absorption of calcium. It also contains Bioperine, a unique standardized extract of black pepper. As the age increases, the requirement for calcium also increases. In addition, different stages of life
For example, menopause, pregnancy and breast feeding also increase the calcium requirement. Swisse calcium + vitamin D can supplement the deficiency of calcium in diet and prevent osteoporosis. It is also safe for pregnant women and lactating women, and can be taken safely.
Wheat bran, lactose, egg, yeast, salt and soybean are not added in this product. No artificial colors and flavors.

Long term adherence to Swissei calcium + vitamin D tablets can be:
Promoting bone growth and development in adolescents
- prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, fracture, backache, cramps, rickets, hypertension, dental caries, dysmenorrhea, insomnia, palpitation, emotional instability and other symptoms, suitable for the elderly, women before and after menopause
The mediation of cardiac rhythm helps maintain normal blood coagulation, mediates the functioning of nutrients, and helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function
- prevention of hypertension, coronary heart disease, tumor and other diseases caused by calcium deficiency
Prevention of rickets in children and adults osteomalacia and osteoporosis, especially for the elderly bone loss caused by the back leg cramps, aches and pains are obviously improved.
Usage and dosage:
Calcium supplements for adults, 2-3 tablets a day, taken with meals or taken immediately after meals. Or take it according to your personal nutritionist's advice.

[product description]
Calcium is a necessary nutrient for human bones, teeth growth, health care, and rehabilitation. This mineral plays an important role in the healthy development of bones. The lack of calcium leads to osteoporosis. Therefore, calcium supplementation is very important. Minerals in our body account for about 5% of the body weight, and calcium accounts for about 2% of the body weight. Most of the calcium in the body is located in the skeleton and teeth, accounting for about 99%, and the remaining 1% are distributed in the blood, the intercellular fluid and soft tissue. This product not only supplements calcium, but also contains vitamin D and vitamin K. Vitamin D can help calcium to absorb better. Because in our daily lives will be the sun, the sun will lead to the loss of calcium, so vitamin D supplements will help better the absorption of calcium. Vitamin K also plays an important role in improving the effectiveness of calcium.

[Ca2 + function and deficiency]
The calcium in *99% is distributed in bones and teeth, and it's bone growth before 20 years of age. There are two peaks of growth: before 1 years of age (calcium deficiency in children will cause stunting and stunted development. Late, late, such as teething toddler chicken) and 12 to 14 years of age (growth pain, short stature). After 20 years of age, bone is still increasing. At 35 to 40 years old, bone mineral density reached its peak value. After 40 years of age, bone calcium loss gradually (for the elderly will accelerate the loss of bone calcium, resulting in short stature, osteoporosis and bone hyperplasia).
The distribution of calcium in *1% is in the blood, the intercellular fluid and the soft tissue. Maintaining the concentration of serum calcium plays an important role in maintaining normal human life activities. The body has a mechanism to maintain the concentration of blood calcium. There are two sources of calcium through the gastrointestinal absorption of calcium and bone calcium (calcium bone is a large warehouse, when insufficient calcium intake, the use of warehouse emergency) it all through the parathyroid glands secrete calcitonin and calcium was reduced up regulated.
* calcium deficiency can reduce the elasticity and toughness of soft tissues. The defect of skin elasticity is loose, aging; lack of elasticity of the lens of the eye, easy myopia, presbyopia; lack of vascular elasticity and is easy to harden.
* reduce the excitability of nerve cells, so calcium is a natural sedative. Calcium deficiency can lead to neuropathic migraine (10%--20% of female), irritability and insomnia. The baby can cause night terrors, night crying, night sweats. Calcium deficiency can cause ADHD in children.
* enhancing the conduction function of the nervous system.
Calcium contributes to the production and release of neurotransmitters.
* maintain normal excitability of the muscular nerve.
If the serum calcium increased, the excitability of muscle and nerve could be inhibited; when the blood calcium was lower than 70mg/L, the excitability of nerve muscle increased and convulsion occurred. Irritable bowel syndrome, dysmenorrhea in girls, calcium deficiency is an important reason.
* decrease the permeability of cells and capillaries. Calcium deficiency can lead to allergies, edema and so on.
* promote the activities of enzymes in the body. The secretion of glandular cells is weakened when calcium deficiency occurs. Calcium or enzyme activator?.
* maintain acid-base balance.
* participate in the coagulation process of blood. Coagulation of blood is a complex process, in which one step is: prothrombin - active thrombin, which requires calcium to activate.