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Brand new original 12v38ah20HR LC-P1238STups float type lead-acid battery Panasonic special

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Panasonic battery (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.
Founding date: October 18, 1994
General manager: Mori O
Capital: 1 billion 450 million yen
Investor: Panasonic industry
Panasonic (China) Co., Ltd.
Shenyang northeast battery Limited by Share Ltd
Covers an area of 62500 square meters
Employees: 1700 people (3 end of 2007)
Annual sales: 85 million 500 thousand (3 end of 2007)


Production capacity: 8 million 610 thousand (3 end of 2007)
With the trend of miniaturization, high performance and energy saving of electronic equipment industry, battery products shoulder the continuous innovation in this field to a considerable extent
Heavy responsibility. Matsushita Battery (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. (PSBS) is the only small and medium sized valve regulated lead-acid battery production base in Matsushita group. PSBS Adoption Day
The Panasonic Corp's production technology and equipment, and equipped with advanced detection system, the production of international advanced level of valve regulated lead-acid batteries. Products sold
The world's more than 50 countries and regions have won a wide range of credit.
The company operates in accordance with Matsushita's management philosophy, which meets the customers' desire and makes unremitting efforts for the development of the region and the prosperity of the society




Advanced production
All the important production equipments of the company are imported from Panasonic, and the quality of the production equipment is reliable and stable
The construction team debugging and installation, effectively ensure the uniformity and stability of product quality.
The company has the world's advanced level of lead strip production line and China's only positive and negative plate mesh production equipment.




Perfect warranty
The company attaches great importance to the quality of products, and actively through a variety of effective means to ensure product quality, in March 1998 to obtain ISO9002 international quality management system
Certification. All process standards adopt the Panasonic standard of Japan, and improve the quality consciousness and improvement of the employees through the total quality management activities (QC)
The quality of products actively promote quality related training, the department managers and important positions for training, assessment after the entry into the job.
The company has the world level battery testing equipment, effectively guarantee the quality of products, prevent the outflow of bad products, production of important processes have 100% checks
The testing equipment has the world's advanced battery laboratory, all computer networking testing, raw materials and in process analysis using ICP high-end analytical instruments.




Strict management
The company adheres to the management concept of "talent figurines ahead of creation" of Matsushita group, and attaches great importance to the reserve of technical power and the cultivation of talents.
All kinds of senior, intermediate and junior titles are more than 60.
Through the OJT, total quality management activities, proposals, challenges, training and other forms of talent development, effectively improve the personal ability, promote
The good development of the company.


Conditions of use and environment
1. charging current (float): 0.15CA
2. discharge current range: 0.05CA ~ 3CA
3. environmental temperature: 0 ~ 40 (suitable temperature is 25)
4. charging voltage: (recommended value of 12V battery)
Ambient temperatureCharging voltage (float)The end of discharge voltage (float)
25℃13.60  to  13.80V10.5V

Note: 1. when the float is used, the charging current is more than 0.15CA, please consult in advance with the company.
2.0.15CA=0.15 * battery capacity, 0.05CA and 3CA, and so on

Storage charging condition
The storage temperature range is -15 ~ 40 C, and the battery should be recharged regularly: the relationship between the period and temperature during the storage period is as follows:
Under 20 degrees: 9 months
Under 20~30 degrees: 6 months
Under 30~40 degrees: 3 months

Installation notes
(1) according to the direction of the principle of prohibition placed upright, inverted battery.
(2) do not give abnormal vibration and impact on the storage battery.
(3) attention should be paid to insulation during installation.
(4) do not install the machine into a closed structure.
(5) in the installation process, attention should be paid to maintain a certain spacing between the batteries, in order to ensure air circulation.
(6) please do not mix different types of batteries.
(7) don't let the battery contact with the organic solvent.

Precautions for use
(1) confirm the use conditions meet the specifications of the manufacturer.
(2) it must be charged after using for the first time or for a long time.
(3) UPS battery is used for standby use, if the frequent use of the battery (similar to recycling), will seriously affect the battery trickle
(4) check the battery regularly.
(5) if the groove deformation and leakage are found, please don't use it and replace it.
(6) if the wiring is not tight at the terminal, there is a risk of fire.
(7) it is suggested that if there is no power failure, the battery can be discharged once in 3~6 months. If the charging voltage or discharge characteristic of the battery is found to be abnormal, please
Replace this battery.
(8) when the battery capacity is less than 50% of the initial capacity, the battery should be replaced in time.
(9) pay attention to the charge state of the battery when the battery is replaced with the charged state of the battery used in the group!