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A high-end custom furniture of European American Mediterranean pirate ship creative bed bed wood children bed single bed

Characteristic! Solid wood! Environmental protection! Selection of high-end custom furniture Katie to you is not a life.

discount 70% in 2018-07-20 to 2018-07-22
price: USD$ 7616.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Katie high-end custom furniture! Solid wood! Pure handwork! Environmental protection paint! Color and size can be customized! If there are problems and needs, you can contact customer service! Sincerely for your service!
[number] Cartey34
[baby color] can be customized
[size] 900*1900mm (width * length)
[material] 1. material selection of high quality pine, auxiliary for the multilayer wood 2. special high quality hardware brand 3. green paint (in accordance with the national standard)
[custom cycle] 30-60 days (custom customized customer service)
[packaging cube] 1 cubes
[freight description] nationwide payment (different prices are different, consulting customer service)
[maintenance] prevent soaking. Avoid sun exposure
[installation method] 1. can be installed under the guidance of the master phone
2., such as buyers need door-to-door installation, the seller can contact the master installation, but the cost of self care;
Mr. He custom Corsair bed 900*1900, extension, size is 2500*1000mm (length * width), also a barrel collocation table. Under the bed there is no drawer, and the leather handle is decorative. If you like this handle, must say with the customer service, otherwise the default is not Oh
Mr. Yang customized pirate ship bed, according to the original custom made, the flag is painted shark, and sometimes hand-painted skull, if you need different, remember to say to our customer service.
Miss Lee customized 1500*2000mm mattress size, extension size customized 2500mm length, relatively not so three-dimensional, if the size of the home is enough, can be customized longer, will be more good-looking, especially the mattress size is relatively large.
Pirate boat bed display, size can be customized according to your needs, according to 1000*1900mm mattress, it is best to see the customized extension size: 2550*1100*900mm (length * width * height), if customized 1500*1900mm, extended customization 2600 will be more attractive. If you want to know more, please contact customer service.
Miss Shen custom pirate boat bed, as well as custom wardrobe and bedside table, the color is painted in accordance with the original paragraph.
Mr. Xie custom Corsair bed, with three drawers under the bed, but also with a Tuochuang, while the bow adds a rotating rudder.
Understand the custom made children's boat bed, and customize the wardrobe, desk, bedside table, chair, if you need to know, you can contact our customer service anytime
Although there are a lot of local shortage, but we make the effect map by hand, environmental protection, economic, affordable. Customer satisfaction is our biggest motivation.
[about all the high-end custom furniture furniture Katie Katie] high-end custom furniture no spot, all the furniture can be customized according to your needs color, size, design details and increase the hand painted, intended to measure the most favorite furniture for you to customize your personalized Home Furnishing! Our products are now doing, so from Pro orders to receive goods need a certain cycle (about 25-50 days, details of consulting customer service), please be patient. Katie high-end custom furniture, material selection of high-quality birch, Matsuki Tamesuke; green paint brand paint, wood paint, use other consulting service. Katie high-end custom furniture manufacturers direct sales, quality assurance, refused to counter-offer, pro understanding! The characteristics of customized furniture, our products do not support refund, replacement, mind careful pat, understand long live!
[] about the size of the product is customized according to the actual size of customers, but because of Internet sales, not come to measure size, so the seller only to ensure the products meet customer size, responsible for the customer's own wrong size error measure, all products will be provided according to customer size, combined with the sample of our furniture the similarity of products and production, samples can reach 90%-95%. If the parents do not grasp the size of the amount, it is recommended to find a professional master to help measure. Specific customization details and processes and other issues, please refer to customer service.
[color] product pictures are real pictures, but the shooting technology, light, display parameters and other factors, the real color and color photos received will be slightly different, the color of color in kind prevail, demanding buyer please take back the goods, color difference problem is not in scope, please contact customer service.
[freight and transport] because the distance between the road and the weight of different goods, so the freight is not the same, under the baby show that the freight is not the actual payment of the cost, the actual freight on the logistics receipt of freight based, can be prepaid or paid. According to the city's distance is different, in addition to weather, road traffic and other non resistance factors, the general situation in the 3-15 days after delivery arrived, please wait patiently. Shanghai City customized furniture can take delivery, but also door-to-door, the city door-to-door delivery costs 200-400 yuan / trip package door installation (regardless of single or whole set), the specific cost to see the distance from the decision.
  Warm tips: under normal circumstances, logistics can only go to your house downstairs, logistics company is not responsible for handling. Logistics costs are borne by buyers.
[a] acceptance of our goods are shipped only after careful scrutiny, please open the packaging receipt must be carefully check whether the goods damaged, if damaged, please refuse to sign, contact us immediately (seller), and take photos of the damaged position, we will assist relatives claim and logistics the company in the first time; if you do not carefully check and sign, logistics company refused to pay compensation, damage to the goods caused by logistics transportation will be borne entirely by Pro, logistics company and the seller will not bear any responsibility, will bring unnecessary losses to the pro. If the goods are not contacted within 48 hours after receiving the goods, the furniture received by the parents is intact.
[Payment] buyers take baby, payment to 50% accounts (online payment or bank remittance may) as deposit, the seller to the buyer after playing a single order confirmation, order confirmation after the start of production of furniture (Note: 24 hours before the order confirmation can be unconditional refund of the deposit, the buyer after confirmation of the order go back, without the return of the deposit). When the furniture is finished, the seller photographed the baby again and paid the remaining money. Seller delivery, baby delivery buyer receipt confirmation.
We will send you an order after confirmation, and then out to the factory production, when the receipt of the goods, and then pay the remaining 50% of the loan.
After sales, evaluation, if the parents in the receipt, installation and use of problems encountered, please feel free to contact us, we will be 24 hours to provide professional guidance for parents. Evaluation is very important for a store. If there is any dissatisfaction with the receipt of the goods, you can contact the customer service. After verification, it will give you a satisfactory answer and never shirk responsibility.