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Air conditioner, fluorine pipe, apron, refrigerant pipe, gasket, rubber pad, white high quality R410R22 and liquid pipe cushion thimble

discount 70% in 2018-10-19 to 2018-10-21
price: USD$ 0.35
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:25
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Thank you very much for your reminder:
R410 has two sizes and sizes are different.
Respectively: R410 adapter and R410 dedicated pipe these two kinds.

The diameter of 1:R410 adapter is larger than that of R22 stopper. 2:The caliber ratio of R410 special tube R22Rubber plugA little bit smaller.

Customers buy according to their own needs

Shopping instructions:

 Receipt invoice:

(1) all the products sold on shelves are free of postage and tax

(2) the receipt is free. If you need to start a receipt with a chapter, please contact with the online customer service (Wang Wang), otherwiseOur default is not open, the receipt is not related to the warranty (after the warranty transaction time and product fragile label), the receipt is only for the convenience of the company / unit financial purchase voucher

(3) if you want to open a sales invoice, you need to add 6% fee, please contact with the online customer service

 Default express:

(1) this center defaultsYun express, express expressIf you need other express, please contact with the online customer service for approval, make the postman to play a separate list (backstage machine to send express, do not accept without consultation, privately leave a message to change express)

(2) please contact customer service for expedited items, and recommend SF express. For example, super volume or over weight parts, postage, please contact with customer service

(3), delivery speed, we can only guarantee the normal circumstances every evening before 7 a time beyond the next day delivery, SF Express branch day morning and afternoon. But all express are not 100% guarantee when bound to the user's hand. Can say about the schedule under normal circumstances, the express is the third party the company is not open, you can I around. If necessary, we will follow up with user express.

 Inspection requirements:

All goods, when arriving, please express the acceptance of the surface, check the number and type is accurate, whether the express process of pressure loss parts, if the above situation, please contact us in time

otherwiseAs soon as the express is signed, it is deemed to be of correct type and quantity, and the appearance is not damaged!

 We promise:

(1) all the products sold. The circuit parts are homogeneous for half a year, and the warranty period is free replacement (attention is not maintenance). Piping parts / injection molding parts (including filter nets) / other consumables are used in one place, which will inevitably affect the two sales, so it is not within the scope of warranty!

(2) support Taobao official seven day exchange rules without charge machine, original packaging without loss, without affecting the two sale, return postage user responsible (and need to return the original package)

(3), all new parts do not support the free trial, so please on machine fault diagnosis accurately before purchase, if the purchase of fault type, fault location error, non quality problems, try to use wire inserting machine to produce traces (i.e., disassemble into a second-hand pieces) can not be sent back again when the new sales (similar, we send block disassemble parts when new to you, you also do not accept?), only when the scrap processing, serious this situation does not support return. Or share the scrap loss generated by deducting the product price of 30%, if you have comments, please do not shoot.

(4) recommend no maintenance experience users, please do not shoot, after all, the maintenance of air-conditioning is a technical activity. Wrong judgment. Buy wrong model, to the buyer is also a loss. Air conditioning accessories are best judged in the correct. By the maintenance master to shoot. Thank you ~!