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38*38 square PVC soft rubber jacket coat sleeve table chair set square plug leather antiskid foot

The coat for the product dimension is your inner diameter, the outer diameter of pipes such as your pipe outer diameter is 38*38mm, then buy "38*38" specification, coat! If you have any questions please contact the owner, thank you!

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Minimum Order Quantity:30
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Name: square foot cover, coat

Material: PVC soft rubber / rubber

Soft PVCThe new material forming good toughness, no cracking, do tensile testing, good gloss, workmanship high-grade appearance, anti-aging, low odor.

rubberThickened slightly thickened, wear non slip, soft rubber smell.

Color: Black(scheduled other colors please contact customer service)

Unit: mm mm


For example: the coat is refers to the inner diameter, the outer diameter of pipes, so you only need to measure the outer diameter of the tube is good to buy the corresponding jacket can be oh

Note: This product will be purchased in accordance with the product label tube diameter, inner diameter is equal to the outer diameter of pipes!

FreeProvide 2-4 samplesThe trial, the freight charges

(online payment default freight express, or to pay SF)

A variety of products to buy diagram as follows:


1) shot, all specifications are single links and pictures!

(2) due to product size, showing freight one kilogram of freight, consulting service is overweight, overweight need to fill. The freight, freight can be modified to take, please rest assured!

(3) the product is applicable to stainless steel tubes of iron pipe, galvanized pipe, square steel, copper and so on, such as the plastic hose without consulting whether it is appropriate to shoot, thank you, such as buyers for other purposes, please communicate with the owner to order!


(4) product labeling specifications is equal to the diameter steel pipe, please purchase in accordance with the pipe diameter


The mainPlastic plug (plug plug plug Fang Saiyuan arc round plug plug plug side hemisphere OVAL DIAMOND screw hole plug rubber plug)

Rubber foot PVC coat (external coat sleeve round rubber feet sleeve triangle set)

Plastic hardware adjustable pads (various styles of various specifications can be adjusted foot wheel round plug plug)

Other furniture accessories | (U type pipe gasket duckbill suction cup nail gasket handrail house lizard shaped accessories, furniture accessories)

The circular plug (outer diameter) mm
The diameter of 101214161920222528303235384042454748505860707476
Round hole plug (drilling screw holes)
5 6 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 19 20 22 25 30
Rectangular plug (diameter) mm
10*20、10*30、10*40、10*50、13*26、13*38、15*30、15*50、20*30、20*40、20*50、20*60、25*38、25*40、25*50、30*40、30*50、30*60、30*70、30*80、40*60、40*80、20*100 30*100 40*100 50*100、60*100 45*75 25*75 15*25
The pipe plug (Affirmativeexternal diameter)mm
10*10、13*13、15*15、16*16、18*18、19*19、20*20、22*22、23*23 25*25、28*28 30*30、32*32、35*35、38*38、40*40、45*45、50*50、60*60、75*75、80*80、100*100 70*70 90*90
Elliptic / Olive shaped plugexternal diameter)mm
15*30 20*40 16*34 25*50 30*60
Tube / pipe plug round nutexternal diameter)mm
20*2025*2530*3038*3840*4050*50 round 19*M625*M832*M850*M820*40*M825*50*M830*60*M8
All kinds of ABS plastic adjustable feetexternal diameter)mm
Round 25 adjustable 25*25 30*30 adjustable adjustable adjustable 32 round 38*38 round 38 adjustable adjustable adjustable 40 40*40 round round 50 adjustable adjustable adjustable 50*50 60*60 adjustable adjustable adjustable 60 round 76 round
Square coat(diameter mm)
20*20 22*22 25*25 30*30 35*35 38*38 40*40 45*45 50*50 60*60 15*30 20*40 25*50 20*30 25*38 30*50 10*30 30*60 40*60 10*30 40*80

Round tube (diameter mm). 6MM 8MM 10MM 12MM 16MM 19MM 22MM 25MM 28MM 30MM 32MM 35mm 38MM 40mm 42mm 45mm 47/48MM 50/51MM 60MM 63MM

Triangle set25*25 30*30 35*35 40*40 50*50


The shelves are conventional multi volume, with constantly updated products, our factory will issue more new products, such as not specified in specifications, please enter the store left view, or contact customer service to the pro link!

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