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Standard bed double bed bed bunk bed bed dormitory bed apartment portfolio

Homegrown, large congyou. Jiangsu 50 full package mail! (Xiangshan, Zhoushan, Chongming) all products can be customized, please refer to customer service for details. Due to the large goods postage can not be unified mark, our standard postage is not the actual freight, parents please understand!

discount 70% in 2018-07-23 to 2018-07-25
price: USD$ 266.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Product size: 900*2000*1700H

(customized for other sizes: 800*2000\\1000*2000\\1200*2000)

Main body: column with diameter 40*40 square tube, thickness 0.9mm (optional thickening), bed is 25*50mm steel plate, ladder is a diameter of 19mm round tube. Thickness can be selected according to their own needs. The surface of the bedstead adopts green powder electrostatic spraying, which has no harm to the human body and the surrounding environment, has no toxicity, no side effect, and has no peculiar smell when using.

Bed board: 15mm thick, wide 80mm fir board, durable

Load bearing: 90kg (optional reinforced bearing 150kg)

The foot of the bed is equipped with a protective cover to prevent noise and avoid scratching the floor. The bed foot and the bed sheet are fixed by screws, and the utility model has the advantages of high firmness, convenient installation, transportation, and suitability, and the upper and lower berths are provided with escalators, so that the upper and lower berths are convenient.

It can be used in schools, factories, companies, troops, and unit dormitories

Material: high quality carbon steel pipe

Technology: national high standard plastic spray and welding technology.

Spraying: first use phosphating technology rust removal, degreasing, and then make the plastic powder at 300 degrees Celsius above the high temperature baking, attached to the steel pipe surface. The main function is to make the plastic powder on the surface of the steel pipe not easy to fall off, prolong the service life of the product, and improve the performance to price ratio.

Welding: we use the new type of carbon dioxide gas shielded welding instead of the traditional welding. The advantage is that the weld is more smooth, smooth, strong resistance to weak.




1, our products are in kind shooting, if because of photography or display reasons, the product color in accordance with the object. Never compare with what you imagine. Thank you! If the buyer requests the refund after the order, he will pay 30% of the liquidated damages, so please make sure that the buyer will buy the order again.
Delivery time: 2, furniture has a certain production cycle, delivery 3-5 working days to the general situation; if there is out of stock we will contact you in time.
3, transportation: because the furniture is bulky goods can not pass the post office or express delivery, only through professional logistics company delivery. Goods to mention (logistics generally only to prefecture level city, less than district / county / county level city / town / village, please pay attention to the buyer). In order to facilitate your delivery, we will arrange your nearest logistics company according to your address, and take your valid ID when picking up the goods! If you need to deliver the goods, the local freight will charge a certain delivery fee. (only downstairs, not responsible for moving upstairs, this point must pay attention to OH)

4, transport time: according to the distance between the different, the time is not exactly the same, usually 2-7 working days arrival. In addition, because we can not control the logistics company, occasionally due to weather, road conditions and other factors causing delay in goods, buyers are also required to give more understanding!
5, sign: our products are carefully checked before shipment, please buyers best face inspection, in order to protect your rights, please carefully check before sign (please check carefully, especially the outer packing wear or scratch, must be unpacking, the transport process caused by the damage of goods without a careful check, direct sign, freight company refused to pay compensation, will bring unnecessary losses to you) inspection and found the missing parts or found to be damaged. Please refuse to sign and contact us immediately,Return logistics company we will free re delivery, please be sure to carefully check the unpacking!

6, invoice: commodity prices are tax free prices, if you need to invoice (17% VAT invoice), please add 10% tax points, such as when the purchase does not explain the invoice, the invoice is not required invoice, thank you.

7, return: buy any of our products, after receiving the goods found quality problems (non-human, no use) need to return, confirmed that we accept unconditionally refund (change) goods, and responsible for the related costs;
8, installation: furniture is unified, no installation drawings. It's not difficult to install or install it after you receive it. If you encounter problems in the receipt, installation and use, please feel free to contact us, we can provide technical guidance at any time, where the purchase of furniture stores enjoy a one-year warranty (non-human factors), three years replacement. After the purchase of the parents, such as the problem will not be installed or logistics attitude to our bad comments, we firmly complain in the end. So parents think carefully before they buy. After buying, we agree to the terms of the shop. Please forgive me!

9. this shop is strongly recommended to use the Alipay deal. It can directly save remittance fee. Thank you for your cooperation!

(the following is not enjoy on approval service)
1. babies don't like it. Please choose carefully before buying
2. color difference. Because of the camera effect and each display has a certain color difference (display brand, brightness, contrast adjustment settings, etc.), it is difficult for the seller to achieve no color difference. So please do not accept any color difference friends carefully buy. Hope that buyers can understand.
3. specifications inappropriate, and imagine the difference. (please recommend good size, can be in the actual room about the test, more intuitive)
4. commodity shell scraping (we shipped after inspection is appropriate to send, scraping is generally the problem of logistics on the way, when the sign, marked abnormal sign, the two freight can be borne by the logistics company, the replacement of the appropriate cost of fee)
5. lack of accessories packaging (missing, we will immediately Reissue)
6. original fittings man-made damage

7. any non-standard customized products, once the order payment, our shop will arrange production in the first time, after ordering, our shop is not responsible for returns.


[about evaluation]
We always regard each evaluation as life, and if there is any dissatisfaction with the buyers, or we do not good enough place, please give us, we will try our best to deal with your problem. So please do not casually in the absence of consultation, understanding, discuss the agreement, give us comments or comments (because the middle or bad ratings are affecting credit. Permanent records exist!). If this happens, be regarded as malicious evaluation, and pull into the blacklist, furniture sales credit accumulated unlike small products quickly, so we have always regarded each evaluation as important as life, when you are dissatisfied, can you please give us a little more time to explain and solve at the same time, please have patience because, regardless of size, there is always a solution, please believe that we will give you a satisfactory treatment results. Please do not without explanation, to discuss the case that we are not in the comments or bad review, online transactions, we need each other, is a little more patience and to understand, or malicious given the difference in assessment we will be considered as a waiver of all customer service service, at the same time we will complain to Taobao!
Please read carefully to avoid unnecessary trouble. Thank you very much!