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Emerson UH31-0100Lups power three single 10KVA long machine special offer of genuine channels

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Our company is a professional agent of UPS power supply, UPS power supply, Santak Sendon UPS, Emerson UPS, MGE power supply UPS power supply, apcups power supply, battery, and Panasonic Germany sunshine battery, battery, accumulator, union champion Hercules battery, storage battery, battery, OTP battery, Sendon battery, Seth Okerson, Jin Bo battery battery, MGE battery, storage battery, Santak battery, Shengyang DC battery. Sales Manager: Sales Manager Wang Tel: 010-5722176324 hour hotline: Thank you for your fax: 010-82627558 customer service Welcome the company's website? Matsushita Battery? DC battery? Seth battery standby time UPS How to consider? UPS can be divided into standard type and long-term type according to standby time. Standard UPS standby time is 5-15 minutes, long lasting type is 1-8 hours. If your device is cut off, only need to save and exit, the use of standard UPS; if your device is cut off, to run for a long time, it is necessary to select long-acting UPS. What is "standard type" and "long-acting" UPS? Standard UPS, refers to a single UPS has built-in small capacity battery (installed in the host chassis), after breaking the power supply time is short (only a few minutes under full load). The long-term UPS is equipped with a large capacity battery, with additional battery box installed on the UPS mainframe, the length of time of power supply from 0.5 hours to 8 hours, according to user needs and configuration. In other words, the standard UPS is the manufacturer has set a good discharge time of UPS; and the long-term UPS is selected by the customer discharge time UPS. How long is the backup time of TG500? (1) TG500 adopts authentic Panasonic 12V7AH battery section. When the TG500 with an ordinary PC computer, when the backup time is about 7 minutes, enough users according to the normal procedure exit shutdown, and protect the data will not be lost; (2), UPS continuous supply of length of time depends on the size of the load. Specific "discharge curve" can be seen in the product manual". What type of load is not suitable for UPS? Santak UPS does not recommend to connect pure inductive and capacitive load. Such as motors, air conditioners, copiers and so on. And it can not be connected with half wave rectifier load. What type of load is suitable for UPS? UPS is suitable for resistance capacitance (e.g. computer), resistive and micro inductive load. UPS power supply maintenance Note 1) the use of UPS environment should pay attention to good ventilation, conducive to heat dissipation, and keep the environment clean. 2) do not bring inductive load, such as laser printers, fluorescent lamps, air conditioning, etc., so as not to cause damage. 3) the output load of UPS should be controlled from 60% to 80%, and the reliability is the highest. 4) UPS carrying too light (such as 1000VA UPS band 50VA load) may cause deep discharge of the battery, will reduce the battery life, should be avoided as far as possible. 5) please clear the power of the load equipment, do not overload the use of UPS. 6) appropriate discharge, contribute to the activation of the battery, such as long-term stop electricity, every three months should be UPS with artificial broken electricity load discharge time, so you can extend the service life of the battery. 7) for most small UPS, go to work to open UPS, when starting to avoid starting with load, off duty should be closed UPS. The company perennial supply of UPS power supply (Santak, Emerson, MGE, APC (Santak) UPS battery battery, battery, car battery, car battery, battery sunshine, Dorset battery) company service tenet: customer first, reputation first, unity, pragmatic, innovation, integrity service. Due to the limited web resources, the information is not comprehensive, if you want to know more information, models and quotations, welcome to call! Note: the company provides technical support, if there are technical questions please add thank you for discussion! Sales Manager: Wei (MR) thank you telephone: Thank you for the company's battery; UPS uninterruptible power supply, EPS alarm system, DC screen inspection system, to meet the government organs, administrative units, justice, finance, insurance, taxation, securities, communications, transportation, electricity, radio and television, and the army, School of petroleum, chemical, medical, health, energy, manufacturing, construction, industrial and mining enterprises, the logistics industry needs.

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 Beijing Teng Hui Fuyuan science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.  In the spirit of high quality, high efficiency and development, with high quality products and intimate service as the concept, and publicly and responsibly to your company solemn commitment as follows:

  • Our company produced upsUninterruptible power supply standard machine three years warranty within the host battery warranty for one year, long-term warranty machine for three years, received telephone repair, half an hour to make technical service response,48Arrive at the scene within hours to solve technical problems.
  • Field training staff, so that they masterupsMaintenance and principle of uninterruptible power supply, and can solve common problems.
  • According to the relevant laws and regulations, the implementation of three packs of products.
  • After the warranty period, our company will continue to maintain contact with the user,Keep abreast of the after-sale information of our engineering products,In order to take corrective and preventive measures in time,Use the products of our company safely.
  • After the expiration of the warranty, the maintenance agreement can be renewed and only the cost of the product is charged. Respond to the phone call within half an hour after receiving the call, and give the corresponding solutions.48Within hours professional personnel with professional tools rushed to the scene to solve the fault.

10After the service period, there will be a questionnaire to customers, hope that Party A comments, help our company growing.

11All batteries purchased from our company12V-7/12V-17AH/12V-24AHEnjoy one year warranty,12V-38AH/12V-65AH/12V-100AH/12V-120AH/12-200AHThe battery is guaranteed for three years. The battery brand, Germany sunshine battery, car battery, battery, accumulator battery Seth, champion, Naipu battery,CSTKBattery.Okerson battery.AKSBattery,santak,liberty battery,Ohm battery and so on all enjoy three-year warranty.

24Hour service telephone:Welcome

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1 UPSInstructions for uninterrupted power supply installation.


  • UPSHost: prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" 3C3-20Kva(20KVA) UPS 1Backup time8hour
  • Spare battery:128block12V100AHBatteries(4group)For,20KVAload.
  • Battery rack (cabinet),3Sleeve, battery connection:1set, UPSHost matching1Set.


How much load is there in the computer room?W                


What kind of equipment does the computer room bring?                


Open spaceDon't take the air leakage protection function


Does the input and output line of the computer room come out?          


The input and output lines of the computer room25Square line.


Installation site, the main shipped to party a unit, by Party A responsible for the host location.


Size of battery cabinet:900X787X1205 Length, width, height and height

Can the computer room be enough?           ? Area covered


Bearing capacity, total weight of equipment in3000Is the floor of the machine room firm?           



Note:UPSUninterruptible power supplyNo air conditioningEquipment.


                   Commitment unit:Beijing Teng Hui Fuyuan science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.                                 Person in charge: Mr. Wang 



The sale needs communication, our customer service wholeheartedly for your service

Store customer service:Welcome

Shop Manager: Mr. Wang

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Transportation and packaging of products:
Because the UPS power belongs to the express provisions do not receive, so the logistics transportation; in order to avoid in the process of freight transportation pressure variant or other accidents, customized wooden box is recommended for all products, cost plus fee for specific:20Yuan.


Brand: Emerson UPS power

Model: UHA1R-0010

Product power: 0.9KW (kw)

Voltage input and output: single input single output

External battery voltage: 48V (DC)

Weight: 26kg (kg)

Size (LWH): 430*470*85MM (mm)

Application environment: small computer room

After sales service: three years warranty

Rotating display panel design, clear and concise operation, convenient maintenance, intelligent battery management function, super charging capacity, prolonging the service life of the battery, the server supports automatic shutdown function, provide a variety of monitoring ports, to meet the different monitoring requirements, provide a rich frame for selection, implementation of integrated distribution / convenient frame monitoring function

input parameter

Rectifier type IGBT rectifier

Rated voltage 220Vac single phase three wire

Input voltage confining pressure 120Vac~280Vac

Input frequency range 40Hz~70Hz

Input power factor >=0.99

Output parameter

Rated output power 1000VA/900W

Rated output voltage 230/230/240Vac (user adjustable)

Output frequency 50/60Hz+/-0.1Hz

Working mode Online

Sine wave of output waveform

Conversion time 0ms

Overload capacity 150%, 60s

Battery and running time

Battery free maintenance sealed lead acid battery

Target machine backup time >=4 minutes (full load)

Battery pack model U08-09C1-03 (up to 7 choices), 430W*470D*85H, 26Kg

Typical charge time of battery pack is 8 hours

Battery voltage 48V

System parameters and standards

Mounting mode / tower / tower compatibility

The efficiency of the whole machine is Upto90%

Electromagnetic compatibility ICE/EN/AS62040-22nded=CISRP22

Surge protection ICE/EN62040-2, meet ICE/EN61000-4-5

Protection type IP20

Communication and management

Interface port USB/ smart card slot (dry access card, /SIC card, /SNMP card, /RS485 card)

Control panel multifunctional lcd status management console.

Sound alarm, city power outage alarm 4 seconds: special low battery alarm once a second

Physical index

W 430.00 mm

D 470.00 mm

H 85.00 mm

Weight 26.00KG

Black color

Environmental Science

The working environment is 0-40 C

Working relative humidity 0-95%

The operating height is 0-3000 meters

Storage temperature -5-45 degrees C

Storage relative humidity 0-95%

Storage height is 0-15000 meters

The auditory noise was <50.00dB at the surface of the equipment 1m

Warranty standard, maintenance or replacement within 3 years


UPSCommunication field, medical equipment, safety system, etc.
Special statement:
Because manufacturers will have no advance notice to change the product packaging, origin or some accessories, we can ensure that customers receive the goods with our pictures, origin, appix.Make sure the goods are original! And to ensure that the same mainstream market at the same time new products. In addition, the specifications of the goods are based on the official website, if the official website is wrong or we did not update, please understand!

UPSMany pieces of power supply will be sent to the logistics, freight and shopkeepers negotiate, the actual freight please ask customer service

Please ask customer service before taking photos

 Pre purchase must be seen:

Buyers, because...UPSPower is a special goods transport process must be put upward pressure proof, waterproof and anti high temperature, anti inversion and other special requirements, so the shop in Taobao to sell all the battery, please contact customer service before the shoot. Reduce the misunderstanding due to delivery, thank you for your cooperation and understanding!!!

Buyers must read:

1The product is sent within 3 days after delivery, and shipped within 24 hours.

2All UPS power products are uniformCash on delivery is not acceptedPlease pro, Alipay payment or bank transfer, the implementation of payment and delivery.

3Because the product is special, many pieces will be sent to the logisticsNeed to take deliveryThe delivery of the logistics company will reach the buyer's city at the lowest price.

Be careful

Please be sure to open the parcel in front of express delivery personnel to see whether the goods are intact. Freight inspection at the time of delivery, please check face to face, if there are problems, please refuse, and promptly contact us. In this way, the postage will not be paid by the buyer, we will claim to the logistics company, and free retransmission to buyers. If the customer finds damage after receipt, we will no longer bear any responsibility.


UPS power supply, namely uninterruptible power supply. UPS (UninterruptiblePowerSystem/UninterruptiblePowerSupply), namely, uninterruptible power supply, the battery is (for maintenance free lead-acid batteries) connected with the host, the host through the inverter module circuit of the direct current into power system equipment. It is mainly used to provide stable and uninterrupted power supply for single computer, computer network system or other power electronic equipment. When the power input is normal, UPS electric voltage supplied to the load, the UPS is an AC power regulator, it is also the built-in battery; when the power interruption (outage), UPS immediately DC battery energy conversion method by zero switching inverter continue to supply 220V AC power to the load, the load to maintain normal working load and protection of software and hardware is not damaged. UPS devices usually provide protection against too large voltages and too low voltages.