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FKA alloy spiral reamer machine with tungsten steel cutter

FKA alloy the same edge reamer tolerance H7 specifications:

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Brand: FKA Product Name: integral alloy machine reamer

Main features: reamingRotary precision cutting tools with straight or spiral edges are used for reaming or repairing holes. Because of the small amount of cutting, the machining accuracy is usually higher than that of the drill bit. It can be operated manually or installed on the drilling machine

Specifications: 1.0- has more than 5.5

Precision tolerance: H7

Material: Alloy

Mainly used: through hole processing, blind hole processing

Suitable for processing materials: carbon steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron, stainless steel

Note: when the tool extension is long, it is easy to vibrate. Please adjust the speed according to the rigidity of machine tool.

Attention: our retail also shipped, Guangdong Province500 yuan package, outside the province 1000 yuan package mail,1 yuan from batch, support mixed batch of 1 batch; single product 1 batch!

In order to obtain better cutting surface and prolong tool life, it is necessary to use high precision, high rigidity and good dynamic balance tool holder.

1. before using this tool, please measure the tool deflection, the tool deflection accuracy is more than 0.01MM, please correct and then cut.
2. the shorter the length of the tool chuck, the longer the tool extension amount, please automatically cut the speed, feed speed or cutting amount.
3. if abnormal vibration or sound occurs during cutting, the spindle speed and cutting amount should be lowered to improve the situation.
4. steel cooling, spray or jet as the best way to make the high aluminum titanium to play the best effect. Non aqueous cutting fluids are recommended for stainless steel, titanium alloys, or heat resistant alloys.

5. cutting method according to the workpiece, machine, software effect, the above data for reference only, after the cutting condition is stable, then the feed speed up 30% ~ 50%.



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