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Genuine 24 cans of thickened cupping vacuum cupping household B2424 plastic vacuum tank 24 tank Kang Zhu

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Model: B1*24 (Paperback thickening)

Vacuum gun: 1 handles

Tank: 24 (size: 1 tank, 4 7.5cm, 2 tank, 4 6.5cm, 3 tank, 4 6cm, 4 tank, 4 5cm, 5 tank, 4 4.5cm, 6 tank, 2 3.5cm, 7 tank, 2 2.5cm)

Connector: 1

Directions: 1 copies

Now no CD and 24 cans of Kang Zhu Gua Sha's book

Cupping therapy is an important part of Chinese medicine in China. It has a long history in china. It is loved by people because of its simple equipment and convenient operation.


Li Kang Zhu cupping is in Chinese medicine, Qi and Blood Meridian under the guidance of the principle, through the local stimulation acupoints on human body, the conduction function of meridian and bidirectional regulation, to support healthy, get rid of the body of wind, cold, wet, heat and other pathogenic factors to pass blood, dredging meridians and achieve the purpose of fitness.



Characteristics of cupping apparatus:
Beijing Kang Zhu cupping, won the national patent as early as 1995, absorbs the advantages of traditional tank, the use of high-tech means to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional cupping, cupping Chinese old and young. The main features of cupping is the transparent Kang Zhu, the negative pressure in the pot can be adjusted according to the patient's physical condition and disease, easy to observe the changes of skin in the tank, in order to control the cupping time, cupping, compared to the traditional sense of the consistent effect, but the use of more security, no burns of the good, the operation is simple, easily broken, it can be used in hospital, and more widely applicable to the family.

[usage and dosage]:
- 1, according to the condition of selecting acupoints;
- 2, select the appropriate tank and comfortable position;
- 3, will be selected out at the top of tank piston to mention, to ensure ventilation;
- 4, the negative pressure tank top piston ring gently muzzle County, quickly pulling rod vertical to the tank several times, the skin uplift, patients can tolerate.
- 5, in not directly cupping the site (such as the spine, waist) can use the connector. Connector installation method: first connector at one end of the connecting rod head is connected with the standby front mouth of large bore, and the other end of the connecting rod head is connected with a negative pressure gun, make one end, then there is a front mouth and tank piston head together, then the tank on the treatment site, with 4 operating tank adsorption on the surface.
- 6 tank, with adsorption on the surface, the negative pressure around gently turn the back muzzle, a flick of the tank with the piston to prevent air leakage.
- 7, cupping can be divided as follows: 1, 2, cupping method; Cupping; 3, cupping method;
The end of 8, early treatment, to mention the piston.
- 9, treatment: pull once every day, children's day five adults and seven days for a course. Interval three days, continue the next course of treatment.
- 10, tank out after use, routine disinfection, alcohol cotton wipe. Not soaked, boiled or treated with high temperature.

- 11, when not pulling cupping, please check whether the tank black rubber plug seal, vacuum gun and tank connection is too tight, negative pressure gun and tank gun and tank pressure is vertical, but when the pressure is too large or not in the skin.