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Beautiful water purifier filter JR1098TJR1099TJR1097TJR1199T desktop purifier filter element

In order to solve the problem of high hardness and easy scaling in some areas, the softening resin filter replacement method is adopted for temporary treatment, so as to remove calcium and magnesium ions in the water, reduce the hardness of water quality and reduce the scale

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Suitable model:

JR1097TJR1098TJR1099TJR1199TWJR1199T and many other desktop drinking machines

Filter element configuration:

The softening resin filter core is one, the rear active carbon filter element is one, the ultra filtration membrane filter element one, altogether three.

Filter element function:

Softening resin filter: reduce the hardness of water quality, reduce the scale effect
After the activated carbon filter: can effectively improve the water quality taste, make the water sweet and delicious, etc.
Ultra filtration membrane filter element: filtration accuracy up to 0.01 microns, can remove all kinds of bacteria, viruses, rust, colloid, organic matter and other impurities in water

Filter replacement time:

Normal use, the use of standard municipal tap water, can be replaced at the following time

Softening resin filter: generally used for 6-8 months to replace

Ultrafiltration membrane filter: generally used for 12-16 months to replace

After the activated carbon filter: generally use 6-8 months to replace

JR1097T type factory configuration is not ultrafiltration, is composed of 1 pre carbon +1 - silver loaded activated carbon +1 post silver loaded activated carbon composition; but JR1097T can also be upgraded to JR1099T, JR1098T type filter, the filtering effect is better (active carbon adsorption effect, adsorption odor generally improve the taste. Can be replaced with ultrafiltration membrane, filtering accuracy of 0.01 microns, can remove a variety of bacteria, viruses, rust, colloid, organic matter)

Filter element replacement must be washed with water before use, use in regular three months cycle cleaning once! The life of the filter element is related to the use of water quality, water consumption, cleaning and maintenance of the filter core and the use environment. The water quality has the greatest influence on the filter core, and the poor water quality can make the filter element lose its function ahead of time.
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