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Japan Daiso Dachuang puff cleaning agent cleaning agent spot sponge brush

When Puff, brush with a period of time will breed bacteria, dirt will be generated on the toilet cover 2 times! And puff, brush and direct contact with the skin. Washing powder puff, cosmetic brush becomes very important. Cleaning agent, cheap, good use of life push. Wash the puff, puff soaked, and then put it in detergent powder puff, puff knead several times, wash out like new.

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price: USD$ 10.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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All the goods in the store can be sent directly or individually

The goods are shipped separately, the goods are sent to Tangshan, and then issued by Tangshan.It's a long time to make a single delivery,

The procurement cycle is about 7-15 days. Please be careful and take your hair carefully!

In the process of mailing, the commodity packaging inevitably has extrusion and breakage phenomenon, all please mind the parents carefully pat.

Sell goods, no quality problems, do not refund. The shop is directly purchased from Japan, so it does not accept everything for individuals

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Attention: product capacity issues

This cleaning solution is only 3/4 bottles,But absolute 80ML is enough,

The bottle is bigger. It's a bottle with more than 100ML.

The weight of detergent and bottle is about 95g. After MM received the product

Don't think it's too small!


Japan Daiso Dachuang puff cleaning agent / cosmetic brush cleaning agent

The price is 1 bottles

Origin: Japan       gauge    Lattice:80ml  

Packaging: no box, no plastic package,Japanese Tags

Shelf life: 3 years

The new package is in the picture below



Be careful】:

1) this cleaning liquid is only 3/4 bottles, but the absolute 80ML is enough, the bottle is relatively large, is more than 100ML bottles, this question can go to Hongkong JUSCO to see after confirmation! The weight of the detergent and bottle is about 95g, as long as the weight is enough. This powder detergent smelling chemicals taste, if not love the taste of friends do not suggest to buy

2) there are traditional Chinese Taiwan import labels behind the bottle, Taiwan used the Republic of China annals, for example, the 99 year is our 2010, and so on, the suspect MM does not recommend to buy. Little Di disdain selling fakes, not to answer the question of true and false.

Don't worry, a tank of 80ML will be too small, usually cleaned once a week, a bottle may be used for half a year!

This product has won several awards in Japan COSME beauty beauty tools nominations and awards ~

How good it is, I think we all know, not long winded small Dido ~ home essential beauty tools!!!

Japan Dachuang puff sponge cleaning liquid, can be used for make-up sponge puff, daily cleaning makeup brush

Ingredients: natural vegetable oil, emulsifier and surfactant...Etc.. Fragrance free, colorless!

Usage method:

1. of the first wet puff
2. with the powder detergent or liquid soap wipe several puff
The 3. puff dipped in water, hand to squeeze the bubble, repeatedly for three to four times
4. water washing powder
The 5. is placed on a paper towel or dry towel to dry end of cable.

Beauty tips:

Puff half did not washed raw bacteria is 2 times the toilet
Puff experts not washed in the use of the first half of the inspection found that covered yeasts and molds, Escherichia coli, the number of bacteria even more than on a rag, even the toilet is 2 times of bacteria. The average woman to go out before, before work most will rub powder, but the rub, leaving beautiful makeup and 4, only 50 thousand of bacteria in the beauty of the face, so that makeup and beauty are bacterial makeup. General MM found that after her use of cosmetics, face redness itching or irritation, but her problem was hidden in a puff or sponge.

This is just a sample data, but experts and the toilet cover cloth, puff on the bacteria is actually 2 times 1.5 times, wipes the toilet. The experts found that puff up all the add powder box or bag, inside this moist warm is most suitable for a large number of bacteria breeding, so advise the beauty of women, often change the makeup of bacteria or puff, a face, a pro boyfriend, ah! Eat at least 10 thousand bacteria.In fact, not half a year, as long as there is a puff used, put two or three days, when we pick up the smell, it will smell an indistinct moisture taste (very disgusting ~_~), which represents the bacteria has been ready to, so be sure to regularly clean out the bacteria will not "puff makeup"!

The following excerpt from Xiao Man blog, homework paste, for reference only

To continue washing washing powder puff Xinrusihui wash more healthy, so clever my tender is the new peach blossoming more
What's this called?!
Heart to heart, hair fall Phoenix as chicken.
Have a big hand about a puff special lotion, a good use of 80ml, whirlwind tears, cheap to tears biao!
This brand is really a sincere baby, just like the young man of Alishan
From the eyebrow raincoat to the big hit mascara, and from time to time on the cosme list, there is a kind of big medicine, is said to cure constipation is very good.

The cleaning liquid puff I remember a small Japanese one hundred yuan shop can buy TB, almost more than 10 dollars can be received
The price of a real Chinese cabbage, a Chinese cabbage in the village, is the price!
Not only is the number one wash puff, wash brush is a big man, not as delicate as a playboy said: I have only one main.
So the present status of the great invention proves that no one can casually attack"!

Two kinds of lotion Dachuang and MAC are suitable for washing washing brush, suitable for small difference is MAC, is often used to draw various color makeup brush, every day just to take two minutes to have a new brush with every day
Great for big wash, especially larger brush, such as foundation brush and loose brush, if you don't like to wash regularly, with big creation, walk quartet!
Both of them worked very quickly and OK overnight. (of course, I could do a bit faster in winter), and I didn't feel any damage to the bristles
No matter the brush or the head, the washing is as good as ever, fluffy and soft. No matter the looks or the sense of use, it doesn't make any difference to the new ones

In particular, the cleaning power of the great invention is absolutely impossible!
I used cleansing oil early on, wash the FP loose powder puff, got that call a laborious, rush isn't rub rotten, first hand acid......Not to mention using shampoo that is pretty unprofessional to wash the brush ~!

Now, I used a big wound, the hand is not sour, waist pain, wash one breath 5 do not breathe!
Gently rub, water splash, fast clean, perfect as new!

Dachuang, let you fall in love with the feeling of washing powder!




Purchasing knowledge


You are welcome to shop, you are good, shop opened soon, there are places to take care of, please understand!


About baby


The owner promised that all the goods in this shop were purchased from japan. Store goods on shelves, there is a friend in need to contact the owner to consult, support reservations. It is worth mentioning that, in the resource rich network mall, the same commodity price difference is very big. Different purchasing channels and different quality are the reasons that affect the price difference. We know that it's almost impossible to buy goods of high quality at a low price without any profit, and nobody will sell it. Since the choice of purchasing, how much is the pursuit of commodity quality. The store in order to ensure the quality of goods, all imported goods are formal channels (supermarkets, drug stores, appliance stores) to purchase. Regular supermarkets or counters, in addition to the price of the product itself, but also additional consumption tax, the price is naturally smaller than the general shop, a little higher. In the price and quality, we consider quality first, then consider the price, to ensure that the quality of goods to everyone.




Due to the difference of display, there may be more or less color difference. When we're dealing with pictures, we try to get close to the real color of the baby. But some color differences are hard to avoid. Hope the parents understand!


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The shop has just started, there is no ability to a large stockpile, only a portion of the goods is in stock, so the non spot sale of goods is the buyer orders immediately after the buy in Japan, and then back home as soon as possible. Spot goods from domestic express to buyers hands.

In the process of mailing, the commodity packaging inevitably has extrusion and breakage phenomenon, all please mind the parents carefully pat.



About freight


We use two mailing modes.


1, the first is the use of mail, that is, many buyers together orders, and then sent back to the country, and then in the domestic mail to the hands of buyers. The cost of mailing includes the postage paid from Japan to China and the domestic courier fee. The advantage of spelling mail is that you share the freight, you can save the buyer's freight. The shortage of mail is that the delivery time is longer and the uncertainty is relatively large, so buyers should consider whether to mail or not.


The 2 and the second are direct mail. The advantage of direct mail is that EMS international express is sent to your home directly, convenient and quick, and the time is short. The shortage of direct mail is that the postage is more expensive, such as halfway through customs duties, please also deal with the buyers themselves. Japanese direct mail charges are settled in RMB according to the actual price in japan. About 110RMB/KG.


On customs duties


From the goods sent by Japan to the Customs after the country may encounter, check out the box, etc.. It is stipulated by the customs that the parcel with tax amount of less than 50 yuan shall be exempted from tax for individual postal articles. If the purchased goods are checked in transit and exceed the stipulated duty-free price, the corresponding tariff should be paid in accordance with the customs regulations. Hope that the parents can understand and cooperate. The standards for collecting customs duties vary from place to place, so please consult the local customs. If you have questions, you can call the national hotline: 12360 consultation.


About returned goods


1, because of the special nature of purchasing itself, in terms of refund exchange is different from other commodities. If the buyer wants to return the order, we should contact us in time. If the goods haven't been purchased, we can apply for refund. If the goods have been purchased or purchased, they will not be refunded.

2, all purchasing goods before the shop will be checked before, not because of any personal reasons, such as not like, do not look good and other reasons returned, no quality problems, our shop does not refund.


3, any international package has the possibility of delayed package due to uncontrollable reasons. Once the payment is made, the product is not returned because of delayed package. Please assess your own risk tolerance, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes.