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The color fixing of the plastic parts of the plastic parts of the motorcycle parts of the thousand steed

discount 70% in 2018-09-18 to 2018-09-20
price: USD$ 7.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:2
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 Our store is located in the town of mould -- Huangyan, Zhejiang, with its unique geographical advantages. It will provide you with high quality and low price goods, and all sources must be sold directly, please feel free to buy it.

 Reminder:Please feel free to finish the description
Solemn statement
The variety of the accessories is complex and the price can not be marked out one by one.
Please ask for a good price and the necessary accessories before you go shopping. Make sure that the price and freight are paid by the customer service staff before paying the price. All the babies are physical objects. The picture is for reference only. Otherwise, they cannot deliver, dear, please forgive me.

Buy accessories: please carefully read the following terms and conditions, so as to avoid unnecessary losses caused by the mismatch is not
Order parts process
Before fixing the parts, you must first see the lettering on the back of the plastic shell. If the back of the plastic shell is not engraved, you can look at it in a change. Plastic shells are usually carved on the back of a plastic shell (Chinese characters, symbols, English letters and telephone numbers, etc.) that can be matched with plastic parts. The lettering is ABS is a paint piece, PP is the meaning of black material.Here is a sketch of the inscription
1: behind each fitting factory is engraved with the manufacturers and models are as follows:

2: the tail box and the side board can be connected to open the rear end box.
3: open the front and the panel to look at the back of the word

Purchase must read
1: sold products
This shop sellsNot the whole carIt is the outer shell (including the outer plastic parts and the lamps and lanterns, "SuiteNo mirrors, tails, cushions, bumpers, instruments, pads, rear shelves, etc.), the customer needs to explain in addition to the seller to order. Note: {Conjoined tail box
2: model brand
The car is an electric car manufacturernameFor example, Dongmu 760, yulung small turtle king, big ring Jufeng etc.; another is named plastic parts factory, usually in the car door or bucket seat toolbox with plastic parts factory name, telephone and vehicle (such as a large ring of A8, people without 600 Gold King tortoise, Wanhua), you can take the picture original the car directly to Taobao pictures. If we do not provide models, we only need to search for a picture on the Internet, say something similar or look the same, we refuse to deliver the goods. If the buyer insists, we refuse to refund the refund according to the picture delivery. So before the delivery, please buy housework to take pictures of the original car or good model, in time to communicate with us Oh!
3: about the color
EachThe color of the paint factory can't be exactly the same. The color difference is absolutely unavoidable.If you want to make any color, you must confirm it. If you ask for a little color difference with your car, please consider that it is good to take photos. Our shop does not accept unnecessary problems caused by chromatic aberration, or accept the mid difference commentary due to chromatic aberration.
4: on the decals
After-sale parts of electric vehicleIt doesn't mean that there's no stickerCustomers can also communicate with us when they need applique. We randomly choose the usual patterns, which are different from the original car applique patterns. The choosy customers can not post. The customers you need please explain to the seller that we will help you to make the internal applique (the interior applique does not fade, not fall off).
5: before taking the first confirmation
There are thousands of electric cars, except for 30%. Most of them need to be ordered, and some of the old ones have been shut down. Please contact the store before you take photos, so as to confirm the source of the goods, so as not to waste your time and energy.
6: delivery time
Delivery default time:No lacquer within 3 days of delivery; need to paint, delivery time of 4-7 days. Please do not take the goods in 3 days to rush the goods, in addition, if the seller of special goods delivery time is delayed, the seller will explain to the buyer beforehand. Please cooperate!
7: receipt of goods for inspection
Our goods are packed, if the arrival of damaged packaging, please carefully check the goods, if damaged, you can refuse to sign or you can call us at the time of communication, if the package is damaged you sign and I will refuse to give you the customer service processing, (please don't take me, the guard, family, colleagues, the company sign) and other reasons, not as you sign an excuse. If the outer packing is not damaged, the goods inside are damaged, please take photos to me, I will give you the proper handling!
7: a screw card
If you need to screw and clip please indicate Oh, because the shipping volume, does not indicate no oh, if we are to indicate the screw screw ordinary screws, special screws of the shop no, impossible for a suite with all full, can only say that a part, do not accept not give bad review does not note the buyer, if you can not accept, please bypass, thank you for your understanding.
8: on Evaluation
(1) after each transaction, both buyers and sellers have an evaluation opportunity, and the shopkeeper attaches great importance to every evaluation.
(2) if there is any dissatisfaction after the receipt of the goods, please contact the owner of the store first. The owner will solve it properly. Be sure to reevaluate it after it is solved.
(3) there is any dissatisfaction after the receipt of the goods, and the owner does not contact the shop owner to solve it. Don't speak to contact the difference in evaluation of the buyers, where unpopular
9: about logistics
The choice of the shop is rhyme, if you do not ask customers to provide specific logistics channels. Depending on the size of the goods (Jiangsu express freight in 15 yuan, other regions as the size, courier fees in 15-200 yuan / piece range that courier expensive not cost-effective, convenient logistics delivery can send ordinary logistics, logistics to send postal logistics with flat surface, usually in the mail 3-20 day,We do not accept the slow, slow logistics, the poor evaluation of the store.We do things with our heart, and we sincerely hope to thank you.

Our goal is to establish a cooperative relationship with you for a long time and serve you with your heart!