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Shanghai Shanghai Engineering valve -BJ45W DC insulation stop valve jacket insulation stop valve DN15-DN125

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DC insulation stop valveThe heat insulation jacket of BJ45W is welded between the two flanges of the valve, and the two sides of the valve are provided with the thermal insulation jacket at the side and the bottom of the valve. DC insulation stop valve is especially suitable for the pipeline of chemical industry and chemical fertilizer industry. The inner steam of the jacket can prevent the crystallization of medium. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical and other systems to transport high viscosity medium at room temperature.

Design and manufacture according to GB12234-89GB12234-89;

The length of the structure is GB12221-89GB12221-89;

Flange size is JB/T79-94JB/779-94;

Valve inspection and test according to GB13927.

Insulating stop valveMain performance specifications
Chief Property And Specification


Nominal pressure PN (MPa)
The test pressure is PS (MPa)
Test Pressure
Operating temperature (DEG)
Working Temperature
Applicable medium
Applicable Medium
Working steam pressure
Work steam Pressure
Shell ShellSealed Seal
BJ45(H.W.Y)-25P2.53.752.75≤200Urea, nitric acid Ureophil, NitricAcid≤1.3
BJ45(H.W.Y)-64P6.49.06.6Urea, acetic acid, Ureophil, AcetrcAcid


Insulating stop valveMaterial of main parts
Material for main parts


Part name
Patr Name
Valve body and valve cover
BJ45(H.W.Y)-25P、BJ45W-40P、 BJ45W-64PChromium nickel titanium valve Cr.Ni.TISteelChromium nickel titanium valve + hard alloy Cr.Ni.TISteel+CarbideAlloyPolytetrafluoroethylene Polytetrafluoroethylene
BJ45(H.W.Y)-25R、BJ45W-40R、 BJ45W-64RChromium nickel molybdenum titanium valve Cr.Ni.Mo.TISteelChromium nickel molybdenum titanium valve + hard alloy Cr.Ni.Mo.TISteel+CarbideAlloyPolytetrafluoroethylene Polytetrafluoroethylene


Insulating stop valveMain dimensions and connecting dimensions (mm)
Main external and connecting dinensions(mm)


Nominal pressure PN (MPa)
Nominal Pressure
Nominal diameter DN (mm)
Nominal Diameter
Size (mm)



151701057555358416513/8 250262120
201901158565428416583/8 292308140
2521013510078508418663/8 340375160
3223014511085608418761/2 338375160
40260160125100728420881/2 360386160
503001801451209484221101/2 410450240
6534019516013510584221211/2 440485240
80380230190160128114.5241501/2 540600280
100430270220188154114.5281761/2 560625320
125490300250218182114.5302041/2 625737360
150550330280248212114.532 1/2 720790360
          6.42523516012582508422 1/2 340375160
3226016512588608424 1/2 358383160
50300200160130  4261101/2 410450240
65340210170140  4301211/2 485510240
100430270220188154114.536 1/2 610470400
100415300250218  4.5321501/2 610670400


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