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Taiwan Deli GREEN green card 316-23 gun type pneumatic riveter / cushion cover sealing ring

discount 70% in 2018-09-21 to 2018-09-23
price: USD$ 7.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:2
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Supply of pneumatic tool accessories accessories complete

Postage instructions:

1:river/Zhejiang/Shanghai Express: first weight1Kg.7.00Yuan, continued weight1Kg.1.00element

2.First fee of other region express fee10~15Element, per increase1KGcharge an additional10Yuan, if there is a large batch of shipments, it can be shipped on behalf of the shipment. Freight transport freight.

3.All non - area forwardingEMSCost recalculation

4.Because the weight of each product is different,Buyers can be taken first, and the seller said good freight after the payment, thank you for cooperation!

1. Use of instructions
Before using the tools, please read the instructions in detail to ensure the use of security.
The pneumatic tools should usually be in5—7Kg.Work under pressure. When working, the capacity of the tool should be shown as a tool instruction. However, when many tools are used at the same time, the air compressor for the air compressor needs more than the total amount of air.A lot of gas is consumed. In general, the amount of air allocated to the tool should be 20% more than the total gas consumption.About。
Before use, there are no anomalies, air pressure is normal, tube winding.
It is strictly forbidden to change the structure and design of its own tools and accessories.
When operating tools, maintenance tools, or replacement parts, please wear resistant eye mask and mask at any time (face protection equipment). When you do not work, please turn off the air source and pull out the joint of the tool and the air source.
Please keep the distance between the rotating shaft and accessories, do not wear jewelry and loose clothing to use tools, and wear long hair, scarves, neckties and other entangled things.
When operating, please take good labor protection equipment and clothing.
In the operation, keep the body in a balanced position and a safe foothold.
Please do not aim at yourself or others.
Two. Maintenance and maintenance
The source of the supply tool must be treated to ensure clean and dry.
Please use the oil to lubricate the tool, and the adjustment of flow per minute3-4If the injector is not used, it is necessary to inject lubricating oil from the pipe joint every day3-4Drop. Please use the special lubricating oil of the company. After the injection, please turn the oil first, and use the oil liquid part to lubricate and use a part of the impurities.
Note: please do not use high viscosity oil or oil instead, which will cause the tool to turn abnormal or even damage.
The parts of the pneumatic tool are all processed in a piece of precision, so the throwing, falling or rough operation are strictly prohibited.
If the tool needs maintenance, please contact our company.

Buyer must read:

Purchase instructions:Ask buyers to buy goodsandThe store owner communicates the number of certain types of goods, and whether the ticket needs to be opened, and the exact delivery address is required. The entity and the synchronous online sale, sometimes out of stock, so it is necessary to ask in advance.

The tool sold in our shop is a brand new product. The store owner will try every tool personally before the delivery, and there is no problem in general. In addition to the quality of the tool itself, we will not accept it.DislikeorDifferent from imaginationSuch as a variety of private reasons for the return. If the color difference caused by the discrepancy of the display, please consult the shopkeeper first and consider the purchase again.

Due to the reasons of shooting, display or product itself, part of the online product photos may be different from the physical objects (especially the surface polished products such as spray guns).

Harvest notes:BuyersIf you find the outer package is damaged or squashed or something like that when you receive the goods, please refuse to sign it, and contact us in time, otherwise you will not be able to find the responsibility of the logistics company.When the buyer receives the goods, please check the package for the delivery. If the spot is wrong, or the object is damaged, please refuse to sign on the face. If you find the above problem after signing, we will not be liable for it. Because the owner of the store will check the goods carefully before shipment.

After-sale service:Every purchase of our products, allInternational ProtectionIt is required to enjoy the warranty service. If the warranty is over or the product is not within the warranty, we only charge the cost of the spare parts.