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First, please carefully confirm the product description before purchasing, and ask questions before purchasing. Two: after the payment of products3Shipment will be made within one working day. If there are special circumstances, we will explain to the buyer. Three: we are determined to become the world's leading valve manufacturers, distributors, our achievements to let customers tell you. Four: the company's production and sales of products, models, specifications, materials are all unified price, not the pen hold, welcomed the consultation. Mobile phone:15901687301 National toll free telephone:4006607301     Mailbox: ,Shanghai Wishart Valve Manufacturing Co. LtdShanghai valvetotalSales center.Shanghai fire valve Sales OfficeShanghai Wishart valve sales center

Heating type self regulating temperature control valve is a kind of energy saving control device without external driving energy, depending on the heat of the medium itself as the power source and the temperature change of the medium, according to the preset setting value. It has many functions, such as detecting, controlling and executing. It is a self-contained control system.

Structure characteristics

The product is composed of low flow resistance (single seat valve, sleeve) composition, temperature and equilibrium temperature setting mechanism, its characteristics are: 1, without additional energy saving control system of power equipment, low cost, suitable for explosive environment; 2, simple structure, small maintenance workload, set point can be 3; adjustable wide range, convenient for the user to adjust continuously in the range of set value; 4, a temperature overload protection device, safe and reliable; the pressure balancing mechanism 5, the valve, the valve is sensitive and accurate control, allowing a large pressure difference. The product has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, less maintenance work, etc. because of no need of external energy, it is especially suitable for urban heating, heating, and without power supply, gas supply and the need to control liquid and gas occasions. According to foreign reports, the city heating, heating system using the product, energy efficiency improved 30%-40% than before, the effect is remarkable.

Material of main parts

valve bodyZG230—45ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti
valve seatZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2TiCr18Ni12Mo2Ti
Corrugated pipe sleeve1Cr18Ni9TiCr18Ni12Mo2Ti
Balanced Bellows1Cr18Ni9Ti 
Temperature packageH621Cr18Ni9Ti

Main technical parameters and performance indexes

Nominal diameter DN (mm)1520253240506580100125150200250
Nominal pressure PN (Mpa)1.6 4.0
Rated flow coefficient (KV)Single seat5711203048751201903004807601100
Two seater  12223353531322093305288361210
Sleeve  11203048751201903004807601100
Rated travel (mm) 6810142035
Allowable maximum pressure difference (Mpa)
Range of temperature regulation (degree C)0~70、50~120、100~170、150~220、200~270
Adjustment accuracy (%)±5
Allowable overload value (degree C)The upper limit of temperature range is 50
Using ambient temperature (degree C)-40~+80
Installation joint (M)G1”
Capillary length (M)3、5
Allowable leakageHard seal (1/h)Two seat and sleeve: 5 x 10-3 x valve rated capacity (II class) single seat: 10-4 x valve rated capacity (IV)
Soft sealing (m1/min)

Nominal diameter (mm)1520253240506580100125150200250
Flange end face distance (L)150160180200230290310350400480600730
Total height (H)50054058064070075082095011001280
Warm pack insertion depth (T)235 430430 6301000
Exposure height of warm pack (H)350
Temperature package diameter (d)25 (sheath diameter 28)
Weight (kg)8101315183035607585110150