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Image electronic THC15A microcomputer time control street lamp timing switch time controller electronic timer 220V

Image electronic THC15A microcomputer time control street lamp timing switch time controller electronic timer 220V

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Wholesale timer THC15A, a normally open a normally closed switching control.


For example, "at 6:30 in the morning power, at 7:30 in the morning power cut; 11 noon point electricity, 12 noon power cut; night 6 points electricity, 12 o'clock in the evening power cut."." Such settings, you can set up to 17 times the switch program. Minimum control is 1 minutes, maximum control is 168 hours. It can be cycle by day or week.

Default shipment 220V

Operating voltage: 220V/50-60Hz
Custom voltage: 12V, 24V, 48V, 110380V/50-60Hz DC
Control output: 16A (direct), can also expand the use of control
Set times: 17 switch (day / week)
Set time: 1 to 168 hours
Travel time error: 1s/24h
Power failure memory: 60 days (built-in 1.2V rechargeable battery)
Exterior size: same as DZ47/2P, 80x56x36mm
Mounting mode: 35MM guide rail
Product applications: advertising light boxes, street lamps, ovens, radio equipment and other electrical appliances

1Calibration of Beijing time
Press the "clock" key at the same time, according to "sub", "time", "week" button to adjust the Beijing time.
2, timing settings
A, click the "timing" button, the left bottom of the display screen "1ON" word (indicating the first opening time). Then press the "minute", "time", "week" key, enter the required opening time.
B, click the "timing" button, the left bottom of the screen shows "1OFF" word (indicating the first closing time). Then press the "minute", "time", "week" key, enter the required closing time.
C, continue to press the "timing" key, the screen left bottom will be displayed in turn (2ON, 2OFF)... 17ON, 17OFF) the switching time of each step after the reference steps A and B are set. If you only need to set a turn on or off, you must press the cancel / restore button to cancel the time set behind them.
D, click "Settings" button, then click "week" button, can set the same every day, every day, Monday to Friday, Monday to Saturday, Saturday to Sunday, the same or different circulation mode.
Fault inquiry:
1, if the switch set the opening time is not open, or after opening to the closing time is not closed, check the "week" is correct, otherwise, please readjust.
2, if confirmed "on" and "off" time is exactly right, but this does not open the switch in time, or the closing time off, please check the switching time of several groups of excess is eliminated, if not please refer to "the time settings" (Note: the elimination of switch time display "--:--" that eliminated, do not think that "00:00" means to eliminate)
3, if the above two are all correct, and the switch is still abnormal action, please check whether it is located in the automatic position.
Matters needing attention:
1, in order to prevent electric shock and heating under high current, the product is used for electrical equipment and power supply contact firmly.
2, the switch into the line can only meet the specified voltage power supply, do not connect to other power supply. The damage of wrong wiring is not a quality problem (for special specification voltage, please order).
3, for those which could be deadly accident or have a significant impact on the society due to the time error control switch equipment (such as medical equipment and other large equipment), please do not use this control switch
4, the switch should work in no moisture, corrosion and heavy metal content in the gas environment, please do not be contaminated with oil or water

Micro computer timing controller timing control switch rail mounted computer chip, liquid crystal display, accurate, simple operation, high precision, strong anti-interference, industrial grade chip.
Large screen LCD display and operation prompt function can prevent false touch small flip
Built in rechargeable battery, no reset power.
Copper optimized structure, longer life mode, switch function at any time, normally open normally closed switch
Small, portable, compact, easy to place size, same as 2p breaker size