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Industrial salt salt salt salt particles boiler softened water treatment water softener salt water softener salt

And the new and old customer feedback, 3M Qinyuan beauty Honeywell binte'er Hans Hill necowater en Emmett could polant Paragon Kang Li times world love Nicks Stern AO. Smith Ermeier blue floating type soft water machine!!! Welcome middleman wholesale!!! 10 kg / bag

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High end soft water salt is suitable for all kindsSoftener water softening equipmentHigh end soft water salt with less salt, high quality of softened water and favorable price.Welcome middleman wholesale

High quality ball type water softener regeneration agent this product through special processing, can effectively remove the water hardness (calcium, magnesium and other impurities in the water some water base), reduction of resin regeneration, so that your water is more clean and clear, keep the water supply pipeline smooth, non scale long-term, no residue after use, without any the smell, in the same conditions as any recycling agent, applicable to all kinds of soft water machine. Different from other soft water salts: pure white, no impurities, sodium content in line with national standards.

Implementation criteria: Q/GMH008

Health permit number: (2005) No. DS005.

High quality spherical softener recycling agent and other soft water salt difference: pure white, no impurities, sodium content in line with national standards.

Characteristics of soft water salt:
1, special salt for softener, can effectively prolong the life of resin in water softener.
2, the purity of salt up to 99.5% (national test report)
3, soft material, stolen goods and sediment make soft water machine scaling,
4, soft water salt shape consistent, no bypass, not lump, to ensure the quality and efficiency of soft water:
5, add food grade high efficiency heavy metal ion scavenger, extend the life of ion exchange resin; removal of stolen goods and impurities capacity is two times of ordinary salt, iron removal ability is 6 times of ordinary salt; high efficiency protection equipment.
6, the use of environmental protection, convenient packaging, easy to use, packaging after special moistureproof treatment, avoid wetting caused regeneration agent failure;
7, through special formula preparation, performance is better than any other soft water salt, can make the water softener efficiency increase, maintenance reduced, life extension.
8, containing cleaner formula, you can remove the gum on the resin and the order of things.
Health Tip: you see at present on the market are mostly refined salt water softener, and bromine content in seawater is the total reserves of 99% of the earth, bromine is toxic, long-term use of bromine salt exceed the standard great harm to human body, there will be carcinogenic risk.
It is recommended that you purchase the quality and safety products from the formal state-owned enterprises!!
Benefits of soft water:
1. boiling water will not scale, electric thermos bottle can be assured;
2. open (water) faucet can directly drink;
3. tea, coffee guaranteed authentic;
4. cooking soup, taste more fragrant;
5. made ice, glittering and translucent, no peculiar smell;
6., without waiting for water delivery, to avoid the two pollution of bottled water;
7. soft water bath, delicate and smooth skin;
8. sprinkler head will never clog, high-grade bathroom luster forever;
9. soft water laundry, soft softener, soft and fluffy;
10. independent heating without fouling, high thermal efficiency, and safe;
11. use soft water in life, save a lot of washing things, save housework time

Common problem:
1 if you are the new machine, after adding salt, add 1-2 liters of tap water into the salt tank, you can help salt melting.
2 normal dosage, the specific amount of how much depends on the capacity of soft water machine salt bucket: 55 cm high machine may add 1-2 bags at a time, 60-70 cm high machine can add 3-4 bags, 70-120 cm high machine can add 5-12 packs at one time,
Split machine can add 5-12 bags at a time, generally add to the salt bucket 2/3-3/4 can be. Of course, one fill up and one package a bag of salt, salt consumption is the same.
3 the consumption of soft water salt and water consumption, soft water index is proportional to, in the summer of three mouth normal month in about 10-20 kilograms, relative population increase, salt amount will increase
4 use soft water machine matters needing attention, soft water machine as long as the continuous salt, power outages will always work.

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