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Beautiful filter element beautiful water purifier, pure water bucket filter element MT-3768765866780785CB package mail

discount 70% in 2018-10-23 to 2018-10-25
price: USD$ 80.50
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 First, the nature of the product

"Beauty factory accessories" quality guaranteed! Please feel free to buy! Acceptance of customer inspection oh!


Water purifier filter MT-3 (765CB/768CB/780CB/785CB)

This series of suits is made up ofFrontActivated carbon filter element 1 post gradient ceramic filter 1

 Attention to filter cleaning:The new activated carbon filter back machine use will have black out is a normal phenomenon, the filter washing method: put down on the net bucket bucket is only this one element (following up, ceramic core or ultrafiltration core not installed) on a tube into a bucket of water net, will be from Blackwater the outflow. It is not necessary to use the water until it is clear. Put on the new filter, the first two barrels of water should be let go, do not use

Activated carbon filter:From China's Hainan production of coconut shell in carefully selected high quality parts as raw materials, after a set of automatic computer control process and activated a porous, huge surface area coconut shell activated carbon particles has strong adsorption capacity, and the physical and chemical has good adsorption properties, adsorption, organic matter and humus heavy metals and other toxic substances in the water, the treated water color, odor, oxygen consumption index is greatly reduced, water taste better; (activated carbon filter: filter cleaning gently up and down for 4-5 minutes and then rinse at the faucet until the Blackwater outflow)

Post gradient ceramic filter:The filter material is 0.1 micron pore gradient ceramic membrane pure diatomite filter material, can effectively remove bacteria and particulate impurities, bacteria removal rate is more than 99.9%. Fine filtration of water, make the water more clear and transparent, healthy, wholesome (ceramic filter before cleaning: to filter on water to soak for 1 hours and then rinse with water after the installation of a new filter element number is two barrels of water before the proposal let go do not drink oh)
Attention to new filter cleaning:

When the new filter is loaded back to the machine, there will be black water outflow is a normal phenomenon, first of all to filter the black water wash out, and then use.

Methods: the water flushing filter barrel down only this one element (following up, ceramic core or ultrafiltration core are not installed on a tube of water) into the net bucket, will black out from underneath. It is not necessary to use the water until it is clear. Put on the new filter, the first two barrels of water should be let go, do not use.






Buyers notice:



First, about choosing the type:All the goods in this shop are completely finished with the American after-sales maintenance networkSimilarly, buyers can go to the maintenance outlets or stores to see the object, and then to the store to buy.As long as you determine the type of water purifier in the back, you can choose the corresponding type of filter element beauty,There are detailed model notes in baby's explanation!

Two, about logistics and receiving goods:



2, the receipt of the package must be completed within 3 days from the date of receipt of inspection, this is also AmoyInspection period stipulated by bao. Please feel free to contact us as soon as you have any questions during this period,I hope you can understand!

Remarks:When the buyer receives the goods, please open your parcel in front of the courier in any case, check it, and leave him without any problems. Once the approval of the ratings for you, the package of goods intact, complete accessories. If you find any problems, please contact us in time. Here's the way we contact.