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Cap PVC plug plastic plug PVCU water pipe fittings 637590110125160mm

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Product parameter
Hongyuan pipe industry

[brand]: Hongyuan brand products

[product name]: UPVC water supply pipe cap pipe plug plastic plug pipe bonding

[product performance]: implementation of national standard GB/T10002.2-2003

[product color]: gray

[product material]: PVC

[product specification]: 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm, 125mm

[product use]: UPVC water pipe irrigation pipe fittings connection, using PVC water supply glue installation, convenient and reliable.
[product performance]:
Adopt national standard production.
No poison, no smell, smooth inner wall.
Vinyl chloride resin.
It has good chemical resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance and long service life.

Warm prompt: because of shooting reasons or display different, some color difference is a normal phenomenon, with the actual object as the standard.
Product details
Hongyuan pipe industry

Special note: PVC water supply pipe specifications refer to the inner diameter of each pipe is marked with a white spot size for easy identification, traces of fittings, pipe fittings of non flaw, injection mold using multimode design, post mold material branch connected to separate fittings with scissors to cut off the branches on the pipe material, will leave traces of white scissors after.

Product characteristics: smooth inner and outer pipes, low fluid resistance. Effective injection molding. Vinyl chloride resin. It has good chemical resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance and long service life.

Installation effect
Hongyuan pipe industry


Installation steps
Hongyuan pipe industry

Adhesive bonding
It is the two ends of the flat pipe end connected by PVC viscose water supply pipe. The gluing makes the bonding between the spigot and socket close, the socket connection is also not removable, and the interface strength and tightness are good:

(1) scrub. Alcohol or acetone is applied on the outer wall of the socket and the inner wall of the pipe to remove impurities and scrub the net interface.

(2) gluing. The upper outer wall and inner wall of the pipe are respectively coated with thin and even PVC water supply special adhesive.

(3) plug in. Then insert the socket into the enough depth of the socket and connect the socket tightly.

(4) static discharge. After the fittings are connected properly, the water can be put into water for 24 hours. In order to ensure the water leakage of the connection, please wait patiently.


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Company introduction
Hebei Hongyuan Pipe Industry Group Co., Ltd. is a professional production of plastic pipe and tap water, farmland water-saving with matching materials professional manufacturers, with a registered capital of 80 million 800 thousand yuan, can provide tap water, farmland irrigation, drip irrigation, pipe irrigation, long-distance water supply pipe engineering and facilities for you. Company is located at the foot of Yanshan County Yutian color Pavilion Bridge Development zone. Now has a variety of specifications of plastic pipe production line 26. Annual output of propylene propylene (PP), ethylene (PE) U (PVC) pipe, pipe fittings of more than 8000 tons. Production of "Hongyuan" brand of propylene, ethylene, vinyl chloride series of hard tubing by vacuum sizing process, the production process of the pipe with wall tube, mass density, compressive strength and strong point. It can produce diameter 20- 400mm and 0.25Mpa-1.6Mpa pipe fittings.
Our company produces a series of water supply pipe products with good steel, cold resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, anti ultraviolet radiation, impact resistance, pressure resistance, long service life, easy installation, low cost and many other points.
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  • Postal Code: 064107
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