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Kindergarten bar PVC soft color bead rubber anti-collision avoidance protection pillar edge thickening

The environmental protection material formaldehyde testing certification is imported environmental protection material, no additives, environmental protection non-toxic, the total factory production quality assurance, anti-collision bar applies to: Kindergarten / school / early education class / dance class / family / hospital / old people's Hospital and other public places. Environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic, tasteless, is a safe choice for kindergarten schools. The length of color is many.

discount 70% in 2018-07-18 to 2018-07-20
price: USD$ 6.72
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:2
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Baby details

product price8 yuan per metre (all the products are priced at one meter)

Product material:PVC rubber soft

Product specification:The width is 30MM*30MM, and the thickness is 4.2MM


Packing:The length can be cut according to the customer's requirement

Product color:Blue, yellow, red, green, white and so on

Uses:softnessPVCThe collision bead for various corners, play a buffer on the corner of collision.supple treatment. With beautiful collision, mainly for schools, kindergartens, hospitals, factories and other large office and factory. This product is made of PVC polymer material. This material has good elasticity, high surface density, strong is not easy to break, easy to install (only with adhesive can be up etc.) is the kindergarten and the hospital to prevent the ideal children rubbing.

               A variety of colors optional


Installation need to know:
1, the first corner surface clean dirt, and ensure the dry wall, if the tile, the need for smooth surface to produce the rough surface grinding.
2, will be pasted at the corner of the glue, generally coated with glue once, in order to prevent the adhesive layer to leave holes, glue should move in one direction, and the glue speed is fast, in order to facilitate the air discharge can improve the quality of bonding.
3, the thinner the general adhesive layer, the less defects, shrinkage, the higher the bonding strength, the adhesive layer should be thin, not thick. Thick easy to trigger dry, sticky can not firmly, blistering and so on.
4, the wall must be aired after airing for a while, air setting time is 20-25 minutes in winter, 5-15 minutes in summer, to be dry layer of adhesive film (i.e. Surface Non Stick Hand) immediately bonding, air setting time should not be too long, so as to avoid the adhesive layer lose stickiness, affect the bond strength. Air temperature should be no less than 15 degrees in winter construction.
5, all-purpose adhesive force, so the bead must stick to the wall to see the opportunity. One location, can not be wrong and then moving back and forth, the adhesive rubber hammer in the bead surface pressing the appropriate air, away, dense layer, improve the quality of viscosity.


6, although the strength of adhesive build speed, but because the maximum strength needs 3-5 days. Therefore, after the construction of the corner, placed a few days to use, the effect will be better.
Installation diagram

 Purchase notes:

This product belongs to customized products, design, price and buyers for reference only, because of the specifications, quantity of factors price changes, the above price is only a symbolic price, the specific price please buyers before making contact with us, we can provide you with the specific content of the design, manufacture. Specific unit price according to size, quantity, material and its thickness, process complexity agreed.

About freight: due to the product for the custom class, specifications, varieties, materials and other different, freight can not be accurately calculated, so all cash on delivery, or first consultation with us.  
Order process: please buyers to provide product artwork or samples, providing specifications, production requirements, etc.. We'll quote you again in time. Order again after negotiation!

Delivery time: products with different materials and different styles of production process and different time is different, but we always believe that our custom time faster than others, because we are using a service, as long as we promised, then you must be on time for your delivery, never delay!