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Guangzhou electric turn over garage door, European style insulation door, l aluminum alloy shutter door, electric shutter door nationwide wholesale

Guangzhou and Foshan city free delivery (Note: to Panyu bell village cultural square as the starting point, more than 30 kilometers, 4 yuan, 1 kilometers). Can Guangzhou, Huadu, Foshan, Shunde, Dongguan, Zengcheng, Qingyuan, Sihui, Conghua, Jiangmen, Heshan, Shenzhen, Zhongshan and other Pearl River Delta region, Xiaolan home installation. Order hotline 15322241990 Deng Sheng

discount 70% in 2018-10-17 to 2018-10-19
price: USD$ 840.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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The store has something to say:

Guys! garage doorBelong to the characteristics of customized products, customized products are the size of each of the doors are not the same, each door price is not the same. So the price of this baby is the unit price (that is, one square meter price, excluding motor)! Do not think that is a door price!Door is special, delivery isLogistics feePayable to pay.

Guangzhou Music CenterProduct features of replica garage door:

1, microcomputer program control, easy to use, according to the remote control handle can be, and the motor comes with automatic delay lights.

2, super quiet, green environmental protection.

3, the power supply emergency lock, switch easy.

4, safe, firm, double color steel plate, door plank total thickness 4-5 centimeters, door body adopt internationally recognized heat insulation and sound insulation material - polyamine ester.

5, beautiful, elegant, simple and generous.

6、Resistance reboundChe Anquan, the guarantor

7, the principle of science, the door built-in torsion spring, torsion and weight, so that the door body in a "zero weight" condition, and in orbit by pulley in operation, the small resistance, low energy consumption, low maintenance, durable. 8, parts disassembly and update convenience, is conducive to maintenance.

       garage doorMotor characteristics

1 、 automatic delay lighting: when the garage door opens or closes, the lights are automatically turned off after 2.5-5 minutes.

2 、 maintenance free DC motor, powerful power, stable operation, minimum voice.

3, ring transformer, energy saving rate of 70%.

4. Planetary gear switch, Holzer element sensing, pulse.

5, program control, easy operation, complete functions.


 Guangzhou heart heart door industry duplicate garage door valuation method:

Door body * unit price + hardware fittings + electric part = total price. (excluding)Freight andTax, if need invoice, please contact customer service! Thank youThe square of the gate is squareAccessories andElectric machineryMatching.

Guangzhou happy heart door hardware fittings:

1, galvanized accessories (1.8 feet thick) 680 yuan / set /7 square

2,Galvanized adjustable accessories (2 feet thick) 800 yuan / set /7 square

3,Spray white accessories (1.8 feet thick) 780 yuan / set /7 square

4,Spray white adjustable accessories (2 feet thick) 900 yuan / set /7 square

5,Aluminum alloy accessories adjustable (5 feet thick) 1500 yuan / set /7 square

6,Stainless steel accessories can be adjusted (2 feet thick) 2300 yuan / set /7 square

7, open the perspective window 150 yuan /

8, open small door 1000 yuan / set

9, the side seal 10 yuan / meter

10, vice rail 50 yuan / meter

     Guangzhou happy heart garage door motor:(host warranty 2 years)

1780 yuan / set800N13 Square)

2,980 yuan / set1000N 16 square meters)

31080 yuan(/ set1200N 18 square meters)

Garage door motor:(host warranty 5 years)

11300 yuan / set (S12/600N8 Square)

2,1800 yuan / set(SX12/600N10 Square)

32100 yuan/ set(SX12/600N15 Square)

42800 yuan/ set(SX20/1500N21 Square)


Appendix, scattered garage door installation and freight calculation:

Electric garage door installation and freight charges 1500 yuan / zetoms, more than 10 square meters of part by 150 yuan / square meter

      Foreign provinces and cities: less quantity, no installation services. (if it is impossible to complete the installation of your customers, please contact with our customer service, we will help you solve the installation problem until the installation is complete, smooth use of our products!)


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