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Rubber cap, oil cylinder, stopper cap, rubber cap, rubber stopper, rubber stopper cap, rubber thread plug head

Oil cylinder plug, this product is a little soft, plugging hole or thread hole can be!

discount 70% in 2018-09-21 to 2018-09-23
price: USD$ 0.56
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:16
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1. color difference problem:
All products are in kind shooting, shooting is completed, in order to make color deviation, we will try to color the color correction, as far as possible close to the real, but because each buyer's displays are different, there will be physical and color issues, so all the products to the actual date, if buyers can not please accept the color problem, after careful consideration in the film!
2. dimension problem:
Please carefully examine the product size and instructions, if you can not confirm the consultation, you can ask your home carpentry or personally measure the size you need, so it is not easy to buy wrong goods, such as the recommended size is not appropriate to produce a replacement, postage buyers self care!
3. quality problems: each product is sent at the same time, our shipment will be carefully checked, but sometimes busy because there will inevitably be some omissions, so if you are out in good packaging, there is a quality problem please put this product with a camera, immediately contact our customer service, we must will handle, until you are satisfied!
4. delivery time:
Buyers of 17 points on the day before the order we will be issued the same day, the baby shop shelves are spot (do not rule out the store sales temporarily out of stock phenomenon), we have to arrange in the warehouse for your goods, if there is out of stock, we will contact you in time, arrange a refund or replacement at your will next, library staff will be receiving your payment orders immediately after the inspection of goods quality for your goods. Buyers in the evening after 9 in the purchase of the baby to inquire whether their goods are issued, and through the above marked express number to express website can query the real time situation of goods!
5, exchange questions:
Products have any problems, please promptly put forward, if there is quality problems in our shop, refund, we will be responsible for postage back and forth. There are quality problems replacement, change the owner of the same charge back and forth postage, if you change the style number, the seller and the buyer are responsible for postage. If it is because the buyer's own reason to be returned, the postage is responsible for the buyer responsible for the round-trip!
Replacement operation: please contact the customer service for a replacement address, and in the package additional exchange reasons, as well as your name, address, contact phone, please be sure to write clearly, after receiving the goods, we will accept as soon as possible!
6. express issue:
The default STO express, because the city is different, the speed of transportation is also different. Especially in bad weather and statutory holidays, there are delays and delays. In addition, the courier company each dot network salesman quality is different, the middle may appear individual network salesman bad attitude or package damage, some sellers can not predict the unexpected factors. In short, what is not pleasant, please contact us, we will actively communicate with courier companies to solve.
Please sign must be accompanied by courier. The inspection items and the amount, if it is found that the parcel tape or cartons are destroyed or torn, fracture, unpacking traces, please refuse to sign and contact us immediately, if the package is not checked on the receipt of goods occurred, or lack of shortage caused by transportation accidents, we are to assume responsibility, buyers want to be able to understand. If it is security or on behalf of the sign, please inform them in advance proof package goods, once the receipt, on behalf of you have been recognized, and then find the problem to find courier company claims, they will not deal with us!
7. postage instructions:
Because the weight of the product is different, the freight difference is great, please contact the buyer after the goods photographed, we will modify the price according to the actual freight!
8. evaluation issues:
Receive your photographed products, if you are satisfied with the products and services of the store, so please give a praise and Wuxing, your praise is our continuous efforts will power, thank you for your support! The objective evaluation is hard for us to give the affirmation! If the product has any problem please contact customer service. We believe that without negotiation, we will do our best to satisfy you. Refusal to say hello, color difference, self imagination, express delay is directly given the difference between the assessment, such a habit of buyers, please take a detour!
9. payment methods:
We recommend the use of Alipay; the other way through direct remittance, agricultural bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, please contact our customer service
Shop owner tips:
Because the size of the product is different, each weight is different, there is no freight, photographed according to the actual to the place to modify the freight, please rest assured!
This product is suitable for stainless steel tube, aluminum tube, iron pipe, galvanized pipe, square pass, copper tube and so on. If buyers are used for other purposes, please exchange with the owner before purchasing! Don't accept any unreasonable comment!
The specification of this product is equal to the outer diameter of the steel pipe. Please purchase the pipe according to the outer diameter!
For example: your pipe diameter is 25mm, then buy 25mm tube plug! Tube wall thickness 0.8-1.2MM is more appropriate, above the wall thickness can be cut into, or consulting customer service and clap Oh, thank you for your cooperation!