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Plastic four angle hinge, nylon hinge door cabinet hinge hinge 40*4050*5046*6062*65

discount 70% in 2018-10-21 to 2018-10-23
price: USD$ 3.92
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:3
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Reminder:Please contact us Pro before the baby photographed, our store is also engaged in shipping, sometimes lead to inconsistent quantity and display, and display the number but actually in the shop sold out or lack, so please contact us after the shoot, do not contact the photographed baby arising out of stock or for other reasons, we are not responsible for, please Pro understanding, thank you!

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1.Because the specifications and types of hardware products are various, please buyers must say clearly specific requirements! Different specifications, different prices!

2.No specific specifications of the baby are not the actual price price, the specific price please contact customer service inquiry, can bargain, thank you

3. The freight is generally calculated according to the weight of the product, because the postage is different, the product weight is different, please contact the seller before the photo, in order to modify the price.

4.Exchange of goods. If the store error caused by the wrong number of goods, the quality of the product itself, we are responsible for return the postage. If it is because of their own reasons, the cost is to be responsible for their own, the product must return to ensure that the product packaging without damage, there is no shortage of accessories. Otherwise, we have the right to refuse returns. 

5.Acceptance of goods. After receipt of the goods, please check first, and then express to the company for acceptance. If there is a problem, you can choose to refuse to sign, or timely contact with the owner negotiated settlement. After the receipt of the goods, the number of goods appears. No. no problem. Without responsibility, if you have any objection, please pat it carefully!
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About invoice:

1.This shop can open (machine ticket) plus5%Personal tax point,17%VAT invoices can be accumulated10000Yuan kai.

2.If necessary, we can provide regular receipts. When ordering, please inform customer service.

About delivery:

Normally,12Payment before arrival, delivery on the same day,12After the point of payment, does not guarantee the delivery of goods that day, the goods will be in48Within hours (two working days) issued, if the buyer is more urgent, you can send SF express, the cost is relatively high. Holidays need to be postponed.

Specification standard:Screw diameter:The diameter of the general screw is only the thickness of the threaded part,In production and national standards,There is a tolerance below the thickness,as11.7MM 11.8MM 11.75MM 11.5MM All belong to12MMScrew,9.7MM 9.75MM 9.68MMAnd so on10MMScrew.And so on.

Screw length:Flat head,Countersunk head screws are calculated according to the length of the master screw,The other six horns, Round,The length of the inner six corners is not connected to the head,That is, according to the length of the screw to calculate.Screw specifications:How many times is the number of times in the store?,asM10*25 that is10MMcrude,25MMLong screw.

Dimensions of cushion pads for gaskets:Whichever is the thickness of the screw.

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