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The screw sleeve screw special tapping screw sleeve special wire tap tap M2-M30ST.

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Note:The diameter of the inner teeth of the screw sleeve is *D = Hole depth for installation of steel wire sleeve (unit: mm)
Example: specification: ST3*0.5*3D means the screw M3*0.5 of the screw thread inside the screw sleeve, and the hole depth is 3*3D=9mm
ST6*1*2D indicates that the screw hole with M6*1 pitch installed inside the screw sleeve is 6*2D=12mm deep
Performance of 1. steel wire bolt sleeve
The wire bolt sleeve is a new type of connection fastening technology, which can effectively improve the connection condition and greatly improve the reliability of the screw connection when the screw is connected:
1. The steel wire bolt sleeve is applied to all kinds of low strength materials, which can greatly improve the wear resistance of the screw connection, and avoid the damage of the connecting thread.
2, because the steel thread sleeve has a certain elasticity, the load distribution on each ring of the thread is uniform, the screw pitch and the tooth shape deviation between the screw and the screw hole can be eliminated, and the vibration can be absorbed, so the connection strength and the fatigue resistance of the thread are improved.
3. The locking type steel wire bolt can lock the screw in the thread hole, and the screw is not loosened when the impact vibration occurs, and the process performance is better than the common locking device.
4, compared with the inlaid steel or copper bushing method, under the same strength condition, the smaller size and higher strength screw can be used, so that the volume can be reduced and the weight can be reduced.
5, the hardness of the steel screw sleeve is higher than that of the screw, so the wear is small and can be repeatedly used in the process of screw connection and disassembly. According to the experimental research, the tensile strength of the wire bolt sleeve is more than 7 times of that of the screw, so the screw thread sleeve can not be damaged when the screw is broken.
Application of 2. steel wire screw sleeve
1, strengthen the connection strength and improve the connection condition. The steel wire sleeve can be used to select the low strength materials such as aluminum and magnesium, which can avoid the phenomenon of sliding wire and wrong teeth, and obtain good connection performance.
2, wear resistance. The parts which are often disassembled can greatly improve the service life of the thread.
3. Increase the stress surface. The position required for the strength of the connecting force without increasing the diameter of the screw hole.
4. Anti loosing. Especially for spacecraft and other products requiring high safety factor.
5, easy maintenance. The damaged screw holes are loaded into the steel wire sleeve, and the utility model can be used continuously after the repair, so as to avoid the possibility of the loss of the workpiece.

Specific parameters of steel wire sleeve
Installation method of steel wire screw sleeve
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