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CSTKUPS power supply 3C15KSUPS uninterruptible power supply 15KVA/12KW online external battery host

The environmental output power factor (0.8) is suitable for the development trend of load and realizes stronger carrying capacity. The efficiency of up to 90%, reduce the power loss of UPS, using the technology of active power factor correction (PFC), input power factor close to 1, with China grid design requirements, provide the wide input voltage range; input frequency range of excellent UPS can adapt to different generators and other power supply equipment. Sales Tel; 18518552120

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Brand: CSTK

Model: 3C15KS external battery (three single host)

Warranty: National warranty 6KVA above type of three years door-to-door service

technical parameter
  • Application environment: office room | | industrial environment
  • Input and output: three single
  • Power: 20KVA
  • The castle series C6K (S) ~ 3C20KS is a product with strong adaptability and flexible configuration. The advanced DSP digital control technology can effectively improve the performance and reliability of the system, and realize the integration and miniaturization of higher power density. At the same time, in order to fully meet the user's personalized needs, the castle series C6K (S) ~3C20KS provides a very rich scalable function, users can flexibly configure according to need.

    Adapting to China's power grid environment
    The output power is 0.8 - suitable for the development trend of load to achieve stronger carrying capacity.
    The efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 90%, the power loss of UPS is reduced, and the user's cost is saved.
    Adopting active power factor correction (PFC) technology, the input power factor is close to 1, which greatly reduces the pollution to the city power grid.
    To deal with the Chinese grid design requirements, provide the wide input voltage range, canadapt to the bad power grid;
    The excellent input frequency range enables the UPS to adapt to different power supply equipment such as generator.

Flexible configuration, because of the need to change
Rich expansion function, fully meet customer needs.
Online maintenance function: can maintain online maintenance under the condition of continuous load power supply.
Remote power interruption function (EPO): when the emergency happens, it can turn off the UPS. quickly
Parallel components: parallel capacity expansion and parallel redundancy function, to provide users with power planning flexibility and more secure protection.
Dust proof components: enhance the dust rating of products in industrial environment.
Isolation transformer: provide isolation protection for users.
* specific configuration, please contact CSTK company branch business personnel

Miniaturization, low noise
Using advanced control technology and manufacturing process, greatly enhance the power density of the products, reduce product area, in today's land office space, save valuable space for you. At the same time, the machine is running low noise, maintain your quiet working environment.

intelligent management
Intelligent battery management: the use of advanced intelligent charging control mode, according to the battery type and battery use state to choose the best charging mode, so that the battery life can be extended, and regularly automatic charge and discharge management of the battery. And the battery voltage (192V or 240V) can be freely selected according to the requirement.
Users can query and set the corresponding UPS control parameters according to their requirements, and realize the intelligent management of UPS.
Automatically identify and adapt to the 50/60Hz power system, meet the requirements of different power systems.
Perfect fault protection and alarm function: provide input and output over-voltage or undervoltage, battery overcharge or low voltage, overload, short circuit and other complete fault protection and clear alarm, fault warning function.

high reliability
Adopting advanced DSP digital control technology, the product performance is better, the quality is more stable and reliable.
The load and overload capacity is strong, and the load compatibility is good, and it can be applied to various types of load.
Strong anti-interference ability, in line with the strict requirements of IEC61000-4 for electromagnetic interference, to provide a clean power environment for your equipment.

Technical parameter list

Product specification
Machine modelC6KC6KSC10KC10KS3C10KS3C15KS3C20KS
Size (width, depth, height, height) mm248×500×616240×500×460248×500×616240×500×460248×500×616
Net weight (Kg)571867.520273535
Apparent power (KVA)6KVA6KVA10KVA10KVA10KVA15KVA20KVA
Active power (KW)4.8KW4.8KW8KW8KW8KW12KW16KW
AC input
Input modeSingle phase grounding
Voltage range120VAC~275VAC±5V
Bypass voltage80VAC×(1±5%)~285VAC(1±5%)
Current *33A.max37A.max55A.max59A.max86A.max112A.max
frequency range46Hz~54Hz
power factor0.990.95
Output modeSingle phase grounding
Voltage220VAC * (1 + 1%) inverter output
Electric current27A45A68A91A
frequency46Hz ~ 54Hz (city power mode, followed by city power), 50Hz * (1 + 0.1%) (battery mode)
power factor0.8
Overload capacity105%125%1Bypass after 15 minutes;125%150%30Bypass after seconds,1Break output after min.;>150%,0.5Posterior bypass
Peak factor3:01
Distortion degreeTHD<2% (linear load)
Battery (battery used at high temperature, life will decline sharply)
Battery voltageStandard 192VDC (customized for 240V)
Battery capacity x quantity12VDC x 16 section (can be customized for 20 sections)
Backup time4Minute/The full loadDepends on the capacity of the external battery3Minute/The full loadDepends on the capacity of the external battery
Charging time7 hours charge to 90%Depends on the capacity of the external battery7Hourly charge90%Depends on the capacity of the external battery
Communication and monitoring function
RS232 (can turn 485), dry nodes, smart slot (scalable SNMP, SMS and other monitoring methods)